2018 Dynastar Legend X 96 2018 Dynastar Legend X 96

2018 Dynastar Legend X 96 Skis

The Legend X 96 is a brand new ski for 2018 and is part of a brand new collection from Dynastar. These skis have been designed to blend the all mountain and freeride categories. The Legend X 96 is the second widest ski in the category and is extremely versatile thanks to its 96 mm waist width, 5 point sidecut seen in all the Legend skis, and its construction made up of a light wood core, carbon fiber, and titanal. Dynastar’s skis are designed with “Powerdrive” technology, a range of core profiles that are designed to offer specific flex and feel for specific applications. The Legend series uses the “Powerdrive Free” core, which offers full length shock-absorption and superb versatility. While Dynastar recommends this ski for “off trail” use, we think it has solid ability around the entire mountain, including groomed slopes.

Joe Cutts thought the ski had excellent maneuverability and playfulness thanks to its relative light weight and early tapered tips and tails (5 point sidecut). He commented that they are “among the more playful types in the category, but there’s some beef there too.” Joe was benefiting from the added stability of the carbon, and although they’re lightweight, they’re certainly no slouch. He also felt that the Legend X 96 was impressively balanced. Joe is a big guy and a relatively powerful skier. He was skiing a 178 cm ski, and probably would’ve been better off on the 186 cm, but he used this as an example in his reaction to the ski: “Really well balanced. I was able to ski the 178 cm without feeling like there was a big loss of stability.” Joe also thought the ski was very predictable and relatively quiet, commenting that they were “very well behaved whether I was pushing hard or laying back.”

Steve Sulin and Bob St. Pierre both skied the 178 cm and both focused on the ski’s maneuverability and quickness. There are other skis within the Legend collection that use heavier materials, but the Legend X 96 uses construction that is meant to be light and quick. Steve Sulin went as far as saying it’s “not a large turner”, which we can understand as the ski has a relatively small 17 m radius and is quite light. It prefers to make short, quick, energetic turns. Bob St. Pierre agreed that this is where the Legend X 96 really shines, saying “the key is to take these 5 point skis into the woods.” While you certainly don’t have to ski them in the woods, they really do perform incredibly well there. Skiers that like skiing tight trees should definitely consider picking up a pair of Legend X 96 skis.

Mike Anglin had a great response to the ski. While it wasn’t his favorite of the test, he did give it a high score for overall impression and we think his response does a great job summarizing the ski and who it’s going to be best for. Mike may have been better off on a longer ski himself as he too tested the 178 cm length. Mike said, “I really loved the first three dimensions of the 5 (point sidecut). They initiated great and loved to arc a turn, but lacked the pop in the tail I was looking for. Loved different turn shapes and loved the corn bumps. Intermediates to experts can all enjoy it.” Because of the rockered and early tapered tail shape and the fact that the ski does not use metal you’re not going to get explosive energy out of the tail of the ski. If you’re looking for something that really rockets you out of a turn and into the next you should look for something with less early taper and less tail rocker. That being said, the 5 point sidecut and maneuverability of the Legend X 96 make it an absolute dream in tight terrain where you have to make quick adjustments and also makes it much more approachable for less aggressive skiers.


Joe Cutts Ski Tester Headshot Image

Joe Cutts

Age: 54Height: 6'3"Weight: 225 lbs.

Ski Style: Heavy-footed, a little reckless, bumps, trees, beer league

Bob St. Pierre Ski Tester Headshot Image

Bob St. Pierre

Age: 39Height: 6'2"Weight: 215 lbs.

Ski Style: Adaptable, versatile, ex-competitive mogul skier.

Mike Anglin Ski Tester Headshot Image

Mike Anglin

Age: 39Height: 6'"Weight: 190 lbs.

Ski Style: All mountain freeride with a racing background

Steve Sulin Ski Tester Profile Photo

Steve Sulin

Age: 42Height: 5'10"Weight: 235 lbs.

Ski Style: Smooth, precise GS turns

Justin Perry Ski Tester Headshot Image

Justin Perry

Age: 27Height: 5'9"Weight: 170 lbs.

Ski Style: Aggressive All Mountain Freeride

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  1. Thanks for the write ups. Looking at either the Dynastar Legend 96 171’s or the Salomon QST 99 174’s for this year. I have been skiing K2 Aftershock 174’s for a few years now, have lots more time to ski now that we live up here. My skiing will be on and off piste in Wyo / Idaho. I am an advanced skier, 60, 5’11, 200 lbs. I like short quick turns, moderate bumps and trees as well as some steep/deep. Blue groomers are ok for easy “social” skiing.Thoughts/comments???

    1. Hi Ron!
      When you say short turns, I lean to the Dynastar. Their five-point sidecut is right up your alley, allowing you to make shorter and quicker turns, but still have a wider ski for soft snow. The QST 99 is a great ski, with more of a traditional shape. Both feature rather interesting constructions, with different materials used to create different performance. The Dynastar uses a thicker/wider sidewall that makes the ski super-damp, and the QST uses flax and basalt as their amplitude reduction material. So instead of metal, these skis use lighter constructions to achieve a stable ski. Sizing sounds about right on those models!

  2. Wondering if I could get some advice on my next ski. I’m an advanced skier, 61 yo, 5’6” weighing 153 lbs. I currently ski the Dynastar Outland 80 Pro, which is only 80mm underfoot in a 172cm length, and ski primarily in CO and UT. I really enjoyed this ski over the years. Found them to be fast and stable, easy to turn, a little tough in powder, and not quick or poppy in the bumps. For my next ski I want something wider underfoot that skis well on the front and backside. With that said I’m looking at the Dynastar Legend X96 and the Salomon QST 96. What would you recommend, and what length.

    1. Hi Anthony!
      The Salomon QST comes in either a 92 or a 99. I’d err on the narrower side in that model as the 99 is a bit stiffer and heavier. The Legend prefers shorter turns and is very maneuverable for a ski it’s size. I think you’ll love the overall versatility of the Legend 96. If you’re comfortable on the 172 that you currently own, I’d go with the 171. Have fun!

  3. Skiing a Dynestar Cham HM 97 in 172cm. I am an intermediate skier, 62 years old, 185lb. Would I notice much difference moving to the X96, or should I just save my money? I spend a little time in the bumps, but mostly on piste. I do enjoy a quick, maneuverable ski, tho. Any other recommendations? Enforcer 100s and Rustler 10s also have my attention. I’m at the age where I don’t worry about improving. I’m just trying to keep what I got! Thanks.

    1. Hi Mark!
      The downhill performance of the X96 will be markedly better than the HM 97, which is more of a touring/backcountry ski. That said, they will be heavier but also more stable. The Rustler is a great option if you’re looking for a quick, maneuverable, and versatile ski, while the Enforcer 100 falls into the heavier and more stable category as well. Check out the K2 Pinnacle 95 for another great all-mountain maneuverable option. Have fun!

  4. I’ve skied the Dynastar x96 in the 178 length and absolutely loved it, I’m 6”1” and weigh 189 . I’m an advanced skier that like big cruisy turns . What length would you suggest 178 or 186 ?

    1. Hi Steve!
      If you loved the 178, I don’t see any reason to press you to the longer length! Have fun!

  5. Hello. I selected 3 ski’s that I think would be good for me.Could you please help me choose one
    1Head kore 99,
    2Dynastar legend 96,
    3.Nordica enforcer100
    What do you think about these 3 or maybe you have a better one for me. I just started skiing off piste. I ski in Europe. Thanks

    1. Hi Ovidiu!
      The Dynastar will be the most forgiving and easiest to turn. They have a 5-point sidecut that shortens the turn radius in relation to the length. As a result, they’ll give you the most control over your turns. The Kore 99 is the stiffest of the three, and although they are very light, prefer to be pushed at higher speeds. The Enforcer 100 is the most versatile–it is capable of carving great turns on-piste, and the rocker profile and shape make it the best floater of the three in powder. At the end of the day, they’re all very good skis, it just depends on what you like!

      1. Wow.!!!I tested the 99 kore skis this weekend and they are pretty stiff. Too stiff for my knees since I have a ligament surgery. I think the 93 would be better for me. I didn’t have the opportunity to test the legend 96 yet. Wich would you recommend and in what size. I’m 1.76cm and 85kg.

      2. Hi Ovidiu!

        Yeah, the Kore 99 is definitely a stiff ski! The stiffness combined with the width can make things hard on knees. It requires a lot of leverage to manipulate the ski. I agree the Kore 93 would be better for you. A little softer, and it’s narrower, so should feel much easier. I would worry a little bit that you might feel the same on the Legend 96 as you did on the Kore 99, although it’s not quite as stiff. My guess is you’ll prefer the Kore 93, however. What length did you try in the 99? You could either go 171 or 180 depending on your skiing style.


      3. You have so many ski’s on your website. Considering my knee surgery do you have any suggestions for me. I would like a ski that is OK on and off. Something under 100 under foot. A ski that doesn’t wibrate and kan hold an edge. Rocker, camber, rocker, not to stiff. Thank you.

      4. Hi Ovidiu!

        I would try to get on both the Kore 93 and Enforcer 93. I think that shape is going to work really well for you and you’ll be able to see which construction works better for you first-hand. Similar skis, but a different overall feel from their different construction techniques.

        Hope that helps!


    2. Hi. I looked at some of your reviews. After this weekend I think I need to go lighter and softer(ski’s). Enforcer 93 or wolkl98. I think I need to test some more ski’s. Thank you so much for your time!!!

    1. Hey Kev!
      Black Diamond makes an Ascension Nylon STS skin that you can purchase and trim to fit your skis. If you haven’t cut skins to fit skis before, you should definitely find someone (a reputable ski shop) who knows how to do it. Make sure that whatever skin you purchase, they measure wider than the waist width of the skis. Happy skinning!

  6. Hello, I am a 56 year old adv/exp 175 lb, 6’1″ skier. Typically skiing 25 days @ Mammoth CA. Currently on 179 Dynastar Powertrack 89’s. From what I have read the Legend X 96 seems like a contender for my next ski. I am kinda brand loyal to Dynastar since my old Legend Sultan 85’s. Compared to the Powertrack I’m looking for a ski with a little less stiffness and a little more float and platform for those approximate 5 days of powder. With still having the pop in the bumps and GS carving on the wind buff. Do you feel the X 96 would be a good fit for me? And if so, what length?

    1. Hey Steve!

      I think you’ll like the Legend X 96. It’s pretty much exactly how you describe what you’re looking for compared to your Powertrack 89. It’s a little softer flexing overall, has better float, and is definitely more appropriate for softer snow conditions. You can still lay down turns on groomers on them, or as you mention GS turns through wind buffed. I would expect you’ll find the 178 cm length is best for you. I don’t think you need to bump up to the 186 cm. That’s getting pretty long and you’re already going to have more surface area on the 178 cm compared to your current skis.

      Hope that helps!


      1. Thank you SE!
        I have narrowed down my choices to Dynastar X 96 vs Blizzard Rustler 10. Both skis seem somewhat similar ???. The Rustler 10 seem to have a leg up on the X 96 based on the online reviews I have read. I will be going with a 2 ski quiver with my current Powertracks as my groomer/frontside ski. I like the idea of going to a wider 100+ mm for a not so deep powder/crud ski without going to wide. Any thoughts on X 96 vs Rustler 10 for my intended usage?
        Thanks again

      2. Hi Steve!

        I do think the Rustler 10 does a little bit better than the Legend X 96 in softer snow. Probably a better compliment to your Powertracks if you’re really going for a soft snow ski to round out your quiver. To me the Legend X 96 is a little bit more versatile, but since you already have the Powertracks I think you could make the argument that you don’t necessarily need the versatility, you more need performance to compliment your existing skis.


  7. Thank you for your time. I just red about the kore 99 and i think that this one is perfect for me. The 93 it’s a little bit narrow and the 105 it’s to wide heaving in mind that i have the Movement Player for piste skiing. What do you think ? The 180 or the 171 ? I’m 174 . Thank you

    1. Hi Ovi!

      The Kore 99 is really cool. We just spent some time testing it at Stowe last week during our 2019 Ski Test. I would think the 171 cm length would work well for you, unless you consider yourself an exceptionally aggressive skier and like to ski really fast all the time. That’s the only situation where I think it would be worth bumping up to the 180 cm, but unless you’re in that upper-echelon of aggressiveness I think 171 cm will be just fine.


      1. No, I don’t think it will be too stiff for you. Slightly stiffer than the 105 and 93, but not a drastic difference in my opinion.

  8. Hello. I have a pair of movement player ski with 86 under foot, a front rocker, kamber and a flat tail. I have 1.74 cm and the skis are 1.77cm and i am a freeride beginner(this year was my first time).I really like the head legend series. What would you recommend me to buy? The 97 or the 106 and in what size? I am an advanced skier on the slopes and i have a bad left knee. I have two surgeries(meniscus and ligaments). Hope you can help me.

    1. I assume you mean Dynastar Legend? Let’s go with yes.

      How much of a powder ski do you want these new skis to be? Or rather, how often do you ski powder? I think that should point you towards either the 96 or 106. They both are fantastic skis, but I feel like that 106 mm width is more appropriate if you’re skiing fairly deep snow fairly often. If you go 96 the 178 cm feels like the right length, although if you decide to go wider you could make the argument that you could go shorter as well as you’re getting more surface area overall.

      Hope that helps!


      1. Sorry !!! Of course dynastar. I wanted to chose between the head kore 93 and the dynastar legend 96 and i guess I put them together. I.m just starting freeridind but I love it. I ski as often as I can. I think the 96 it’s better for me because I have 2 surgeries . Or do you think that the head kore it’s better because they are lighter?

      2. Ah, that makes sense. Between the Kore and the Legend 96 I think the Kore is actually going to be slightly easier on your knee. Both skis perform at a high level, but the light weight and maneuverability of the Kore 93, in my opinion, will be easier for you. It’s a toss up. Both skis are great, but as someone who has also had multiple knee surgeries I am thinking Kore 93 would be slightly easier.


  9. Hi, I am a fit 51 yo 5’ 8” and 190lb. I live in Northern Ireland and ski in Europe a couple of weeks per year. I would be an advanced competent piste skier but I have been trying to get off piste more when the conditions allow over the last few years and love it.. I ski Rossi Sin 7’s size 172 and I am looking at the X96 in 171. Would these skis help me improve off piste and give more confidence in varied conditions? Would they improve my pace on the groomers and hard pack? Or would I be better to stick with the Rossi’s? If I was to go with the Dynastars should I stick with 171? A lot of questions but unlike some of your readers I don’t have the luxury to test skis or pop up and try out in varied conditions (maybe some day. I can only but dream 😂) I would love to hear your thoughts. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Glenn!

      I wouldn’t say the Legend X 96 will necessarily be better than your Sin 7 off piste, although they will be much more stable. So, in choppy conditions or if you’re skiing fast through off piste terrain, yes, I do think it would be better. A little bit less maneuverable, but definitely more powerful and stable. I definitely think it will give you more confidence to ski faster both on piste and off. On groomers you’ll definitely notice they are much quieter and much more stable. I think it’s a pretty good upgrade from the Sin 7, just as long as you’re away they won’t be quite as maneuverable (just slightly heavier).

      Hope that helps!


      1. Thanks SE for taking the time to reply and for the advice. What about size? I ski on a 172 on the Sin 7’s Would I benefit from to a 178 or should I stick to what I know? Thanks again Glenn

      2. Hi Glenn!

        I would stick with the 171 cm length. The Legend X 96 is already more stable and more powerful than the Sin, so I don’t think you need to bump up in length.


  10. I am not sure where you are getting your information from but the Dynastar Website literature shows the x96 as having metal in it. Your review above suggested otherwise.

    1. Hey Peter!

      Sorry for the confusion and any mis-information on our end. We were trying to point out that other skis within the Legend collection use heavier materials. You are correct that the 96 uses metal.



  11. Hi – your site/reviews are great – i read all the comments here and sounds like this could maybe be used as a skis-for-trees thread?…
    30yo 170cm 150lb expert, mainly tahoe with trips all around northwest and canada. I have 2017 mantras in 170 that i love everywhere except the trees (they simply get exhausting at the speed i want to ski them in there and the tails get hooky on me if theres some newer snow) I’ll probably keep them for certain days and moods tho.
    So I’m in the market for a 93-106 ish more playful ski that sacrifices some mantra speed-limitless-ness for more play and maneuverability. I dont really care about smaller low speed finesse carving and go for trail edge jumps or long turn/straight bombing if i have to leave the trees. The focus is on being better in trees than mantra but, understanding there are always sacrifices, I dont want a TOTAL noodle thats miserable anywhere else. Vertical poppiness/quickness over carving. For reference i’ve heard the 93 called ‘not that quick’ and i found it 93 very quick in trees and super fun. Also I just bought some K2 Catamarans cheap (havnt skied them yet) but basically plan to find the minimum amount of new snow needed for those and take them every day it makes sense.
    So my questions:
    1) Did you guys get on the legend 106 also and can you speak to those compared to the 96? Do they lose a lot of maneuverability?
    2) is there a ski that comes to mind as the best for even bad sticky maybe wet old snow in super tight trees where nobodys even bothered skiing? Often i’d rather even be there than groomers
    3) Given the qualities i’m looking for and the fact i had a blast everywhere on the enforcer 93 in 169 at whistler in a few inches of new snow, can you think of anything i should ADD/REMOVE from my list to try to demo?:

    shortlist: enforcer 100 (and 177 93&100), legend 96 and/or 106, mantra M5, bent chetler 100, marksman, 90eight
    on the fence but havent ridden: 2018 bonafide, jskis masterblaster/the metal, moment deathwish/meridian, on3p kartel 98/108.

    ELIMINATED: rustler 10, QSTs, fischer ranger ti’s, head kores, ripsticks, 100eight, pinnacles, rossignol soul /super/sky, tahoe, supernaturals, francis bacon, brahmas, kendos, 2017 atomic vantage
    Thanks again for all your great ski evaluations!

    1. Hi Jeff!

      Answers to your questions:
      1. No, you don’t really lose any maneuverability from the 96 to 106 in my opinion. It’s a little more ski, a touch heavier swing weight, but a pretty similar feel overall.
      2. Basically all the skis you listed below your questions fall into that category in my opinion, but I think there are some that stick out more than others, which I’ll get to below.
      3. I think you can probably remove the Marksman, 90Eight, and probably even the Bentchetler from your list, mostly because of your feedback about the Enforcer 93, which brings me to my personal conclusion:

      I think you’d love an Enforcer 100. It basically takes the stability and power of the Mantra but repackages it in a way more forgiving and maneuverable shape. Does that make sense? The three skis I told you to drop in my opinion focus more on those super playful, slower speed turns that you said you don’t make very often. The Enforcer 100 definitely handles longer turns better than those skis. The M5 Mantra and the Legend could work too, but considering you liked the feel of the Enforcer 93 you kind of already know you’re going to like the 100, and in my opinion the 100 mm width matches the terrain and snow conditions you’re going to ski more than the 93 mm width.

      What do you think?


      1. Oh I missed this reply a few days ago, thanks! I got out on some demos before even reading this and you were spot on – top of list is E100 in 169 now. I’ll share my observations:
        At Kirkwood the other day (50+ degrees but found some great steep soft dry snow tree runs in the shade) i rode the following back to back: 2018 Bonafide 173, Enforcer 100 169, my 2017 mantras 170, enforcer 93 177.
        – You or someone mentioned E100 would actually be more maneuverable off piste out west as itd stay floating better – totally agree and eliminated E93.
        – The bonafide was incredible on piste and i would highly recommend that for anyone that mostly stays on the trail. Not that its bad off piste, just E100 was better for me there. Really i’m sad i can’t own a bonafide plus another 100ish ski.
        – The E100 was drastically more maneuverable and less tiring in the trees than bonafides and my mantras. I do still really appreciate mantras for their all around versatility but given how much i/m into tree skiing and making short quick turns i’d rather spend most full days on the E100 than the mantra or bonafide.
        – I think you’re totally right i’ll eliminate the bentchetler 100 and marksman because i’d want more top end from them and the days i’d like them most i’m taking Catamarans anyways

        1) Curious why you suggest 90Eight be eliminated? If i remember right, the Volkl engineers themselves called M5 ‘a beefier 90eight’
        2) Given your predictions have been right on for me, have you ridden The Metal or Kartel 108 or Deathwish? I dont think ive gotten on anything even close to them

        I’m actually demoing your 177 M5 tomorrow from the pinnacle shop at Stowe. 177s too long for me which makes it tricky, however a potential Bonafide feeling but quicker becomes very interesting to me if thats what M5 is…Also will try to get on some legends. Thanks again!

      2. Hi again Jeff!

        Totally agree with your thoughts on the Bonafide. It absolutely rips on trail, but turns into a bit of a handful off trail sometimes. It’s amazing how much more maneuverable the E100 feels considering the construction is so similar. Answers to new questions:

        1. In my opinion a skier that likes the feel of the Enforcer will find the 90Eight too light and not “enough ski.” It’s a great ski, but it gets deflected a lot more than a ski like the Enforcer (93 or 100). So, just because you had such a positive experience on the Enforcer in my opinion was enough reason to exclude the 90Eight. Just a much different feel overall.

        2. I haven’t skied The Metal (although I’m sure we could get on a pair because J Skis is close), but I have skied the Kartel 108 and Deathwish. In my opinion those are pretty drastically different skis than the Enforcer, M5, Bonafide, etc. They draw a lot more influence from freestyle, or park skis. Softer flex, more of a bi-directional (twin tip) shape, etc.

        Did you ski the M5 Mantras as Stowe today? Spring skiing in February! Not your typical testing conditions, but if you got out early there was some firm stuff to get on and certainly plenty of soft! Let me know what you thought of it.


      3. oh one more point/question to add before you post reply – have/will you guys be riding the 2018 Armada Invictus ti 99? Got any comparisons of it to the E100 to throw out there?
        I had a blast on the 2017 version and it might be my favorite ski i’ve ridden – is it fair to say its very similar to the E100 but likes to pop off everything more? (i skied them months apart and in wildly different conditions so hard to tell)

      4. Hey sorry I didn’t see this comment before replying to the others. I skied the 2019 Invictus 99 Ti at Stratton a couple weeks ago. Overall pretty similar to the E100 actually, but yeah I think it is a touch more playful where the Enforcer 100 is a little smoother, quieter, damper, etc. I feel like all of Armada’s skis have a little bit of playfulness in them (perhaps a nod to or influence from the fact they started as a park ski/freeride company).


      5. yup! 65 degree slush skiing on M5s before the downpour all afternoon. Fast and damp and an excellent ski but, like the Bonafide, too ‘all business’ to be what i’m looking for. Got on the Armada Tracer 98 too which was an impressive surprise and definitely my favorite non metal ski i’ve ridden – and another playful Armada. Looking for a deal/used E100 in 169, or might go with next year’s Invictus 99 or tracer 98, and still want to try the Legend 96.

  12. I’ve been searching for my new skis and I think maybe these Legend 96 skis are the one for me: they have been recommended to me by a couple of friends who love them and all the reviews that I have read have them performing great in the areas that I want: quick tight turns, maneuverable in the trees and moguls, ability to carve, and float in the powder. Now I just need help with the length. I am 52 years old, 5’7″ and weigh 170 lbs. I am an advanced skier (probably not really at the expert level – if I am being honest with myself), but I can ski a double black (somewhat tentatively) if I am feeling strong. So with all that, what length should I get?

    1. Hi Fred!

      Because the Legend X 96 uses quite a bit of tip and tail rocker along with corresponding early taper it’s pretty manageable in longer lengths. I am leaning towards the 179 cm length for you. What are your current skis and what length are they? That would give me a good sense of whether or not you’d have to make an adjustment with the 179 cm Legend X 96. On paper, however, that length should work well for you.


  13. Thanks for the great reviews and website. Over a 3 day period in a variery of terrain and snow conditions I demoed a bunch of all mountain skis . I am a 51 year old expert skier 5’i” 165 lbs skiing 80% in the Rockies with occasional weekends in northern Michigan. I skied Blizzard Bonifide, (Rock solid but a bit more work in tight spaces) Head Kore 93 (Lighting quick but surprisingly stable for being so light, more carve than drift,) Elan Ripstick 96, (really,quick and easy) Dynastar Legend X 96, ( incredibly easy and versatile blana e of carve and drift ability) Rossi Soul 7 HD (Too much trade off on high speed, hard snow) and EXP 88 (great groomed carver, not enough float) and Nordica Enforcer 93 & 100. ( both really good and versatile, maybe the 100 a touch better in crud, great balance of Power and User-friendly) Not a bad so in the bunch but the two I liked best were the Dynastar and the Elan, slightly ahead of the Noridicas. In a nutshell all these skis were very versatile but those two were so quick and easy in the trees without giving up too much on fast big turns to the beefier skies like the Blizzard and Nordicas I just felt totally dialed in on them and that they were similar is consistent with your reviews.) My question as I didn’t get to ski them the same day is does the Dynastar have a higher top end? Meaning a bit more stability at high speeds on harder snow and the ability to not get knocked around thru chop up heavier snow at speed. I sensed, while still on the “easy/finesse” side of high performance skis that Dynastar might offer a bit more than the Elan when really pushing it. I’d like to buy one or the other before going out west in a few weeks, probably in the 178 range as they both skied short. Between the Legend and the Ripstick I would be very interest in your thoughts.

    1. Hi Scott!

      I think you hit the nail on the head on your descriptions of all those skis and seems like you’ve narrowed it down to two skis that would likely both be a great choice for you.

      I think the Legend X 96 does feel a touch more stable at higher speeds than the Ripstick 96, but it’s pretty darn close. Dynastar did a good job with their new Powerdrive construction. It feels smooth, maneuverable, and manageable, but still has some stability and grip. Again, I think it’s a really close comparison between the two, but I would say the Legend X 96 probably feels just a touch more stable.


    2. I’ll second that – really nailed these descriptions for everything I’ve ridden here, I thought all the same things. (rode E93, E100, Kore 105, Bonafide, Souls)
      I rode last years Ripstick 106 and hated it but your post means i’ll try a 96 if i encounter one, maybe they fixed things in 2018.

  14. Some of today’s skis have enough rocker that sizing up is recommended/preferred. I skied the 178 in February and thought the ski was so easy to turn that now I am considering the 186…I am 6’0, 220lbs. Your thoughts/recommendations?

    1. Hey John!

      I think at your size and considering you’ve already skied the 178 cm it would be perfectly appropriate for you to go with the 186 cm ski. You’re right; it’s often worth sizing up on a ski like this with significant amounts of rocker and early taper. I think you’ll still find it’s easy to turn even with the 186 cm and you’ll benefit from a slight increase in stability.

      Hope that helps!


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