2018 Fischer Ranger W 89 Women's Skis 2018 Fischer Ranger W 89 Women's Skis

2018 Fischer Ranger W 89 Women’s Skis

Fischer describes the Ranger W 89 as light, stable, and ideal for varied terrain. On paper that sure seems to hold true. The Ranger W 89 is built using Fischer’s Carbon Nose and AirTec Ti technology. It is designed to provide the ski with the necessary stability and torsional stiffness for relatively aggressive, high speed skiing, but at a drastically reduced weight compared to skis with more traditional, heavier construction. The 88 mm waist width and rocker/camber/rocker profile should make this ski quite versatile indeed. We expect it to be able to lay down relatively powerful carving turns, but it should also be rather maneuverable thanks to its light overall weight and substantial rocker.

Carly Monahan tested the 172 cm length and described them as “burly without feeling heavy or planky.” This was a bit of a theme across all the Ranger skis we tested; most were quite impressed by how powerful, stable, and “burly” the skis felt, especially considering how light they are. Carly also commented that the Ranger W 89 “still felt poppy and playful and not too damp.” The carbon in the Ranger W 89 seems to give it a nice snappy energy in and out of a turn. Carly thought it would be “good for an aggressive skier who still wants to be able to take it down a notch to mellower turns at times.” Carly commented that they had a great mix of responsiveness and forgiveness, ending his feedback by saying it “won’t tire you out skiing all day, but you do have to stay alert.”

Laura McLaughlin scored the Ranger W 89 5 out of 5 for stability, quickness, playfulness, versatility, and overall impression… so we think she liked it. Laura also skied the 172 cm and described it as “very quick edge to edge.” She did find that it had “a little chatter in the tip,” but also assured us that “it had no effect on the edge hold of the ski.” Laura thought it “played well in soft snow on the side of the trail. It bounced all over in a very fun way.” She found that the Ranger W 89 “did what I wanted it to but never felt sloppy. It stayed rigid and was ready for the next turn.”

Chloe Wexler was another tester to comment on the impressive combination of stability and the ski’s light weight. Chloe’s first comment about the Ranger W 89 was that it felt “light and quick, but stable.” Chloe gave the Ranger W 89 high scores across the board and found them to have relatively even performance characteristics across a wide range of snow conditions and terrain, something that the ski is intended to provide. She commented that it makes “all turn shapes,” but still has the ability to be “laid out on edge” for longer radius, more powerful, high speed turns. Just like Laura and Carly, Chloe commented that the Ranger W 89 is “bouncy and playful, but still has good dampening and a great connection to the snow.” Unlike Laura and Carly, Chloe actually tested the 157 cm ski.

We’re impressed by the feedback of our testers on all the Fischer Ranger skis, and the Ranger W 89 is certainly no exception. They have a unique combination of being lightweight and still plenty stable. The Ranger W 89 can really ski any terrain and doesn’t have any major drawbacks, or really any drawbacks at all from our tester’s reactions. We suppose someone who wants less rocker or the tippy top notch of stability that only two sheets of metal seems to provide might want more ski, but we think that’s going to be pretty rare.


Katrine Wolfgang Ski Tester Headshot Image

Katrine Wolfgang

Age: 53Height: 5'5.5"Weight: 168 lbs.

Ski Style: Smooth carving

Carly Monahan Ski Tester Headshot Image

Carly Monahan

Age: 32Height: 5'4"Weight: 130 lbs.

Ski Style: Athletic and active, but laid back

Chloe Wexler Ski Tester Headshot Image

Chloe Wexler

Age: 26Height: 5'4"Weight: 115 lbs.

Ski Style: Ripping mogul skier, very precise, hard to keep up with

Laura McLaughlin Ski Tester Headshot Image

Laura McLaughlin

Age: 36Height: 5'5"Weight: 170 lbs.

Ski Style: Short radius turns on the side of the trail