2018 Head Kore 93 Skis 2018 Head Kore 93 Skis

2018 Head Kore 93 Skis

The Kore 93 is the narrowest in a brand new Freeski line from Head. These skis are built using a unique combination of graphene, Koroyd, and a Carbon Sandwich Cap Construction technique. At the core of the ski is a super light Karuba wood, and the “Topless Tech” refers to the ski not actually having a top sheet. All of this works together to create a ski that’s impressively lightweight, yet surprisingly strong and powerful. While we generally don’t focus on graphics, we do have to mention that these skis look absolutely amazing with their muted base color and subtle bright highlights. With so many metal all mountain skis it’s interesting to see Head go a different route: as light as possible without major sacrifices. All of our testers on the Kore 93 skied the 180 cm length.

Mike Anglin certainly appreciate the light weight that Head has achieved, commenting that the Kore 93 “felt like feathers on my feet.” Mike scored the Kore 93 5 out of 5 for flotation, playfulness, forgiveness, and overall impression. It’s also important to note that even the categories that didn’t receive a 5 still got high scores, a sure sign that someone really liked a ski. Mike continued to describe the Kore 93 as having a “real playful feel that adapted to the snow as it changed.” Mike thinks that upper intermediate to expert skiers can all enjoy the Kore 93. He thought it “handled all turn shapes well, but excels at medium to long turns.”

Joe Cutts and Bob St. Pierre were both kind of waiting for a highlight to emerge from the Kore 93, but instead they both found it did just about everything well. While it’s easy to look for a standout performance feature of a ski, it’s also very nice to have a ski that’s just well rounded. Joe described it as having a “steady eddy feel,” and he also thought it was “surprisingly burly for such a light construction.” Bob ultimately decided the highlight of the ski was its overall feel, commenting that it “did everything quite nicely, has great graphics, and a great overall feel.”

We think Justin Perry hit the nail on the head when describing the Kore 93. When Head describes the Kore 93 they say it should be able to handle deep snow, tracked snow, bumped up snow, groomed snow, and everything in between. Justin certainly seemed to agree, as he called it “an amazing ski for a one-ski-quiver kind of person. It held great on the hard groomers, yet cut through the cream cheese. It has a smaller turn radius, but can open up at any opportunity you have.” Perhaps this is why Mike felt it excelled at medium to long turns despite Justin accurately pointing out that it does have a turn radius of 16.4 m at the 180 cm length.

We think Head did a great job on the new Kore collection. Skiers looking for something lightweight that still feels supportive will really enjoy these skis. They’re less fatiguing than a heavier ski with metal and although they might not have all the strength and power that comes along with a heavier ski, they have plenty for most skiers. The Kore 93, as Justin mentioned, could easily act as a one-ski-quiver, especially for an eastern skier, or a western skier who doesn’t feel like they’re always skiing powder. After going through the reactions and responses from our testers we can understand why Head claims it handles such a wide range of terrain.


Joe Cutts Ski Tester Headshot Image

Joe Cutts

Age: 54Height: 6'3"Weight: 225 lbs.

Ski Style: Heavy-footed, a little reckless, bumps, trees, beer league

Bob St. Pierre Ski Tester Headshot Image

Bob St. Pierre

Age: 39Height: 6'2"Weight: 215 lbs.

Ski Style: Adaptable, versatile, ex-competitive mogul skier.

Justin Perry Ski Tester Headshot Image

Justin Perry

Age: 27Height: 5'9"Weight: 170 lbs.

Ski Style: Aggressive All Mountain Freeride

Mike Anglin Ski Tester Headshot Image

Mike Anglin

Age: 39Height: 6'"Weight: 190 lbs.

Ski Style: All mountain freeride with a racing background

Steve Sulin Ski Tester Profile Photo

Steve Sulin

Age: 42Height: 5'10"Weight: 235 lbs.

Ski Style: Smooth, precise GS turns

195 Comments on the “2018 Head Kore 93 Skis”

  1. Hey guys I’m 174cm tall, 100kgs, advanced, NZ snow (which sounds like your east coast). Currently on Salomon xdr79, 172 length. What length Kore, 171 or 180? Cheers Joe

  2. Hello SE Folks,

    I just a want to get you opinion on the Kore 93 171cm vs 180cm. I’m; an advanced/expert skier, quick footed, 70% off piste, lots of trees, steeps and big mogul skier. PSIA certified, 5’10, 185#. 59 year old, live in the northern Rockies of Montana. I demoed the 180s and found that is was an excellent ski. Responded well and was able to use the swing weight well (because of being light) in tight trees. Unfortunately most ski shops don’t have the 171’s for demos. I’m thinking that the radius of the 171 @ 15.4m, as opposed the 180’s @16.4m, is going to give me a quicker tighter turn especially in the bumps and tight trees?

    Thanks a bunch, ER

    1. HI Emmett!
      I’d put you on the 180’s based on your size and skill, but if you know you like shorter turns and more maneuverability for bumps and trees, I’m not going to talk you out of the 171. Likely not as stable on-piste at speed, but if that’s a sacrifice you’re cool with, then I’d go for it. Have fun!

  3. Hi I have the kore 93 180cm and I am thinking of changing my bindings tyrolia attack 13 with a touring binding as I want to have the opportunity to go for freeriding out off the border of the ski resort. What I am afraid is that the weight of the ski might come too light and change its performance asi know until now. The snow I usually ski is like the east’ s coast of Usa. Do you think I will have to buy a heavier ski or it will be with the same good performance wit the touring bindings? I was looking for the marker kipling 13.
    Waiting for your comments thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Efthymis!
      As far as touring bindings go, the kingpin is a strong alpine performer. That said, you will lose some of the steering power. That said again, I do not recommend buying a heavier ski to offset the lighter weight of the binding. Weight does not always equate to better performance. Have fun!

      1. Thanks a lot for your help. A last question.do you think it is worth changing them with the Armada tracer 98 19/20 for the use I wrote you above?
        Thanks in advance for your response.

      2. Efthymis,
        That Tracer would be sick for what you’re looking to do. That way you could have your Kore with the alpine binding and the Tracer with the tech. I think that would be a sweet setup. Hope it works out!

  4. hey there,
    I’m 6’1 / 160# currently on nordica burner 84 underfoot and 178 length.

    There’s a great sale on the Kore 93 but only in a 189. Think thats too long for me. Same sale and price for the Kore 99 as well.

  5. Hello! I am a beginner (skiied 3 times) looking for a wider waist for versatility. I’m mostly grommers but want option for powder. I’m 5’11 and 175 lbs. Would this ski be too much for me? How about 180 cm length ? TIA!

    1. Hi Amin!
      I’d go with something more flexible for learning. The Kore is very light, but is quite stiff, and that can hinder improvement. Check out the K2 Pinnacle 85 and the Salomon QST 85 for versatile performance skis that you’ll be able to enjoy for a few years at least. I’d look at the 175ish range for size. Have fun!

  6. I”m 60 y.o., 5-‘7″ 155 lbs. I’ve been skiing on a pair of Blizzard Cochise (108 underfoot, 177 length.) for the past few years and as I’m getting older I just can’t swing these like I used to. Way too much ski. On non-powder days I’ve been now pulling out my old Rossi Zenith Z9’s (162 length) and Ive been having a blast on those. I ski mostly at Mt Bachelor and am attracted to skiing the front of mountain blue runs but always am looking for the powder stashes, ungroomers, soft moguls when I can. I love to make quick technical looking turns and think I might enjoy a lighter ski since my legs just seem to get so tired and I have hip issues. I like to go moderately fast but once I hit 30mph I usually will dial it back.

    Seems like I want to look at either the Head Kor (93 or 99) or Enforcer (93 or 100). And then the size decision? Any help appreciated. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Ken!
      If you keep the Cochise (which I would), I’d recommend the 93’s over the 99/100’s. Of the Kore and the Enforcer, the Enforcer is more of a polished product. It’s traditional construction give it more of a predictable and stable feel while the Kore is lighter and more maneuverable, but also quite stiff. If you’re looking for the lighter ski, the Kore is the way to go. They have a lower speed limit than the Enforcer, which is very stable at speed, but it sounds like you won’t be hitting it anytime soon. So for you, I’d go with the Kore 93 in either the 162 or 171. Sounds like you’re comfortable on the shorter ski, so if that’s true, stick with the shorter one, but if you feel like you want more stability at speed, go ahead and size up. Have fun!

      1. Thanks a ton! I’m going with the Kore 93 171, per your advice. Just ordered the package with the bindings from you guys — incredible price! Can’t wait to ski them.

  7. Hey folks – seriously considering the Kore 93’s @ 180cm. Can I move my Mojo 12 bindings over to these? Or… would you recommend…?


  8. Hi Ski Esentials,

    I’m looking to buy a pair of skis but i’m torn which ones, would you reccomend the Head Kore 93 or the Nordica Enforcer 93?



    1. Hi Cameron,
      I personally prefer the wood core with dual metal laminate construction of the Enforcer 93, but the lightness of the Kore is pretty attractive. The E93 performs better at speed, I’ve found. Hope that helps!

  9. hi i am taking the plunge and getting myself a pair of kore 93’s the only thing i am struggling with is the size ….. i’m 5ft 10 and quite a slim build and don’t know weather to go for the 171 or the 180 i ski fairy aggressively i would sat intermediate and starting to do more and more off piste every year when on piste i do tend to ski quick. i have had a demo on the 180 but that was at my local indoor ski slope so its hard to tell anything and they don’t demo a 171 unfortunately. any advice would be welcome thank you.

    1. Hi Myles!
      Based on your stats and the fact that you ski fairly aggressively, I’d recommend the 180. They’re pretty light (and stable) and I think you might find the 172 a bit jittery. Hope that helps!

  10. Hi, I’m looking for new skis. Piste and off piste is 70/30. I would say I’m advanced level. I will use them in Europe. I want a ski that’s easy to turn even at low speed. I’m looking at the Head Kore 93, the Nordica navigator 85, the k2 pinnacle 95 and the Rustler 9. I’m 183 cm and 80 kg. I was thinking a length 180 would be ok.

    Thank you for your advice!

    1. Hi Mat!
      All great choices! For 70/30 and a good low turn speed, I’d recommend the Pinnacle 95 in the 177 cm length. They have a longer rocker profile so they work great in powder, but underfoot and through the tail, they rip on groomers. Have fun!

  11. I’m and east coast tele skier. Ski pretty aggressively. Any feed back for how ski would be mounted with a tele binding?

    1. Hi Kyle!

      Should be a lot of fun as a tele ski! Stable enough, but also nice and maneuverable. Feels like a great choice for an east coast tele ski!


  12. Hi there, I’m caught between what size of skis to buy. I’m 5’9, 72kg, fairly aggressive skier. Currently own Volkl 100eight in a 181cm. Looking to buy some Head Kore 93 as a resort ski thatIi can tour on (I have touring bindings to put on them). I’ve skied the Kore 105 in a 171 and liked them. Should I get the 171 or the 180? Thinking of getting the shorter length as it will be easier to tour but not sure if I would want the stability of the longer length. Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Iain!
      I think if you liked the 105 in the 171, you’ll like the 93 in the same length. They’re pretty stable, so I don’t think you need the longer one. Have fun!

  13. Wow – lots of comments here.
    Just to add to the positives — I ski about 4-5 days a year (I know not much) and exclusively out West (CO & UT).
    I rented these and absolutely loved them. As a shorter stockier guy, these things were absolutely AMAZING on packed powder, great in deeper powder, and (as prepped) saved my rear end on ice.
    They’re also really quick – I was able to give my level 4 son a lot of “leash” to head down the mountain, then catch up in a blink.
    I would buy these in a second.
    (Note: bindings were Tyrolia SP10 – somewhat dopey rental combo, but worked great)

  14. Hi,
    I’m debating between the 171 and 180 cm. I’m a 6’1, 155lb athletic Intermediate skier. My goal with these skis is to venture more into moguls and harder bumpy runs. Which do you recommend?
    Thanks Alex

    1. Hi Alex!

      I just replied to your Enforcer 93 questions. If you wanted a ski that’s a little lighter and quicker on your feet than the Enforcer, the Kore 93 would work well for you too. It doesn’t have the same smooth feel as the Enforcer and not as much vibration damping or stability at speed, but it does feel a little quicker. Plenty of rocker in the Kore 93, and due to that light swing weight, I don’t expect you’d have any problems on the 180 cm length.


  15. Hi there.

    I need your help! I am an intermediate plus to advanced skier and I like to explore the whole mountain (50% on/off) ! I am looking to buy a new pair of skis and based on your reviews I am between the Kore 93 and the Rustler 9. I am 5 ft 9 and 160lib. I would like to know your opinions on what ski and what size is best for me.

    Thanks for this great review!

    1. Hi KS!

      Both are great skis. I put them both in the 50/50 on trail/off trail category. They essentially accomplish the same thing, but have different feels. The Kore 93 is lighter and very responsive. Super quick to throw side to side. The Rustler 9 has more vibration damping and is a little more stable at speed. Not quite as quick to throw around, but still very maneuverable. So, it just comes down to whether you prefer a lighter, quicker ski, or a heavier, damper, more stable ski. They’re actually pretty similar overall, but that’s where I see the difference.

      Hope that helps!


      1. Hi KS,
        I think either would be fine. If you’re more aggressive, size up, less aggressive, size down. Hope that helps!

  16. Hello! I really like your detailed reviews on new skis. They are so helpful. I also have a length question. Normally I know which length to go for. But now I am not sure because I would like to get a core 93 for my wife. She is 167cm tall and only 50 kg. So she is a pretty lightweight female skier. She skis an old k2 burin luv in 153, radius 12 m. She is skiing pretty good. Likes to carve on groomers and likes to improve her out of bounds powder skiing. So which lengths will be better …161cm or 170cm? Going from 153 k2 to 170cm feels a lot to me. What do you think?

    1. Hi Chris!

      I would go with the 161 cm. I agree, 153 to 170 feels like too big of a jump up in length. 161 cm should feel relatively approachable for her as the extra rocker profile compared to the Burnin Luv makes it ski a little shorter. I think 161 cm is a perfectly reasonable length for her, especially considering she’s relatively lightweight. Should be a heck of a lot more fun for her in out of bounds terrain and really any soft snow conditions.

      Hope that helps!


  17. I understand the general trade off between them but which one is better in moguls? Enforcer 93 (177) or Kore 93 (180)..and at 5’10” (175 lbs expert skier) are those the right sizes for me? Thanks

    1. Hi Paulie!

      I think most skiers would prefer the Kore 93 in moguls simply because of its lighter swing weight. It’s a little easier to throw side to side. A really aggressive skier, like ex-World Cup athlete, might prefer the vibration damping of the Enforcer 93 in moguls as they ski really direct lines down the fall line and really aren’t moving their skis side to side very much, but I think that’s a significant outlier. That said, they both handle moguls quite well, I’d just give the Kore 93 the edge because of the difference in swing weight.

  18. I’m about to pull the trigger on Head Kore 93 as a travel friendly quiver of one. I will mount a Shift binding and have Atomic Hawx XTD 130s with an extra race liner for inbounfs. I expect 50/50 touring and resort use. I am torn for size and would appreciate your advice. I am 50yo 5’7 and 154lbs. I am advanced, more so on piste than off and do weekly slalom race training. My other ski’s are FIS SL in 165, FIS GS in 183 and Dynafit Beast 98 in 170 with tech fittings. With the Kore I’m thinking my ideal size would be right in between the 171 and the 180. For touring use I would tend to shorter yet I also want that stability at speed on piste. Unfortunately I cannot demo both lengths before buying. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Daniel!

      I’d go 171 cm. I’m a little taller, but about your weight. It’s not a soft-flexing ski, so really doesn’t lack stability at speed, even in the shorter lengths, especially for people our size. I think you’ll appreciate having a little more maneuverability out of the 171 cm for off-piste terrain. 180 cm feels unnecessarily long for your size. Could you ski it? Of course. Would you be getting the most appropriate performance? I don’t think so. 171 cm feels more appropriate.


      1. Thanks for your excellent advice. I will go with that 171cm. Interesingly though I contacted Head customer support and the guy recommended 180cm for a good skier. I guess the question is whether it ski’s short due to the amount of tip and tail rocker. From what I have seen the rocker seems quite small

      2. Hi Daniel!

        The 180 cm is 10 cm taller than you. To be honest, that feels really long. I just threw the scenario out to some of my coworkers and we all agree, 180 cm feels really long for your height. I’d go 171 cm. That’s about as tall as you, which is totally reasonable in the Kore 93.


      3. Really appreciate the candid advice here!. I had a call wit lh a custom ski designer and he came to the same conclusion for this type of ski. On another subject, I came across the DPS Phantom base coating on your website, as a DIY ski tech it sounds like a game changer. Would you recommend this treatment for my Kore 93”s?

      4. Hi Daniel!
        Yes. We’ve had some great feedback so far, and as this is our first year as a certified cure station, we’re still learning as well! You can still wax over the treatment if that’s important to you. Have fun and ski fast!

  19. deciding between the Kore 93 and Enforcer 93..I spend equal time making fast GS turns on groomers and also hitting moguls on east coast along with quick turns on groomers. Get out west annually and get to ski deeper snow and more off piste..I know the enforcer is heavier and likely more stable at higher speeds, but intrigued by the core and the lighter weight and agility..just unsure about the sacrifice of stability..Do you have any opinions to help my decision as I have never skied either. Thanks

    1. Hi Paul!

      If you’re a fairly aggressive skier and ski fast I think you’ll probably prefer the Enforcer 93. The Kore 93 isn’t specifically unstable, but it doesn’t have quite the vibration damping of the Enforcer 93. So, if you’re really driving a ski and pushing its limits on firm snow, you might value that extra stability and the smooth, powerful feel. If you feel like you value quickness and maneuverability more than stability and vibration damping, go Kore.

      Hope that helps!


  20. I asked a question earlier. A beginner looking to go intermideate this year and looking at Kore 93. I am 5’7″ and 160. What length would you recommend for the Kore or any other ski you may recommend?

    1. Hi Cyrus!
      While the Kore 93 does not have any metal in it, it is still a pretty stiff ski. In that ski I’d recommend the 162 length in that ski. Also check out the Blizzard Bushwacker and the Volkl Kanjo for other skis that are great for Intermediate skiers. Have fun!

  21. Hello, I am very interested in these skis. I am 5’10, 210lb, aggressive cruiser / intermediate. Last season I fell in love with Meier Quick draws 176, and almost pulled the trigger, those skis made me feel like a superstar, super light and versatile… Now I am torn…and have been reading reviews of the Core 93 and Core 100. I am an east coast skier, and looking for one ski for occasional power, crud and boiler plate. What should I consider ..pros and cons of 93 to 100 ….and recommended length…..should I look at . 180 ? Thanks !

    1. Hi Paul!
      I think you’re referring to the Kore 99? I’d stay with the 93 in the 180. For the powder we get here in the East, it doesn’t seem to last very long. You’ll appreciate the versatility of the 93 more than the 99. Have fun!

  22. Hi I’m very interested in the Kore 93’s, trying to decide between the 162’s and 171’s. I’m 5’10 and weigh about 140 so I’m a light guy. My current Ski’s are 160’s (I’ve had them since I was a teenager). My skill level is intermediate to advanced, and I like to ski pretty much all terrains. Looking for something nimble! but also solid at speed. Let me know. Thanks for you time.

    1. Hey Patrick!
      I wouldn’t hesitate to bump up to the 171. They’re pretty light, so I don’t think you’d lose a lot in terms of maneuverability. Your height definitely puts you in the 171 size, and If you’re teetering on the advanced level, you’ll probably appreciate the extra stability. Hope that helps!

  23. Hi,
    I am looking to head to Canada for a ski holiday – for about five weeks.
    I am looking the reviews of the Kore 93, and think they will be loads of fun.
    Just wondering size wise. I am 5 ft 6 and weigh just under 200lb, I am an aggressive all round skier (used to race), with previously spending more time on piste, however I’m looking to head off more over the holiday.
    Would the 171 or 180cm be a better fit for me?

    1. Hi Lucy!
      The Kore 93 is a great ski! It’s a bit tough that there’s a 9cm gap between sizes for sure. Keep in mind that they’re pretty stiff for how light they are. If you’re on the aggressive side, as you say, go ahead with the 180. You might feel a bit of an over the handlebar feeling with the 171. Hope that helps!

  24. Hi, I am a intermediate-advance skier who likes to ski on every type of snow and condition (even in moguls) my weight is 159lb and I’m 5’10” tall. I’m right in the middle between the 171 and 180 models. Which one would you recommend me? Thank you!

    1. Hi J.Rhee!
      Yup you’re right in the middle! I’d say it depends on your level of aggressiveness. If you’re bombing down the hill and smashing moguls, I’d size up. If you’re looking for more maneuverability and skiing at slower speeds, then the 171 would be the right size. I don’t think either one is incorrect for you, just depends on how hard you ski. Keep in mind that although they’re light, they’re also quite stiff. Happy skiing!

  25. I am interested in a pair of Kore 93s but am not sure what to do for length. I really don’t like the feel of longer skis in general even though I am 6’4 195lbs. I am upper-intermediate/advanced and like to mess around in all conditions. I like to go fast but not all the time. Looking for a nice, low effort overall ski.

    Are 180s a viable option for someone my height/weight or am i pretty much stuck with 189s?


    1. Do not lose hope, Matt!
      The Kore 93 is a pretty stiff ski, so I don’t think the 180 will be too short. If you weighed a lot more, then you might find yourself going over the handlebars, but I think you’ll be fine, especially since you’re fond of shorter skis. You could ski the 189, but there’s nothing saying you have to. Do what’s good for you and have fun!

  26. Hey guys, I am buying my first set of ski and would like some advice. I am a 6’7″ (200 cm), 200 lbs (90 kg), Intermediate/advanced skier from New Jersey. I would say I’m 70/30 on piste/off but want to go in the trees more.

    This season I have bought the Drifter Pass (Peak Pass) and plan on hitting Hunter as much as I can in addition to a week or two in VT skiing Okemo and Mount Snow, during my winter break in college. I’ll be hitting other mountains around the ice coast as well. (Mountains in my area like Hunter/Camelback/etc. can get pretty icy so I do want a ski that has good edges). I am looking for a ski that is mainly geared towards the hardpack but will also allow me to go off into the trees/glades when I feel like it. I’m going to buy last year’s demos to make it easier on my wallet. I have been looking at:

    Head Kore 93 189 cm

    Nordica Enforcer 93/193 cm

    Blizzard Brahma 88mm/187 cm

    Rossi Experience 88HD/188 cm

    Armada Invictus 89ti/187 cm

    1. Great list Tyler!
      Relative to your list, the Brahma has the best on-trail performance. It’s stiff, burly, and needs to go fast. You’ll be rewarded on the ice with tremendous edge grip and performance. The Enforcer 93 is the most versatile. You’ll get good float for if/when it snows, and the tip and tail rocker make it super-fun in the trees and moguls. The Kore 93 has the highest combination of stiffness to weight. They are incredibly light for how stiff they are. You can turn them on a dime, and with the 93 mm waist and some moderate tip and tail taper, you can float through the fluff. The Experience 88 is a great on-trail ski, but can get locked into its own turn shape because of the lack of taper in the tips and tails. You’ll get a clean carve out of them for sure, but not a ton else. The Armada is the wild card of the list. They’re light, stiff, and responsive, but I didn’t find much of a character or personality about it that leads me to define it one way or the other. The good news is that they’re all great skis and all have their positives. The 193 in the Enforcer 93 might be your ticket based on your size. Have fun!

  27. Hello,

    Looking to finally take the plunge on getting new skis after renting the past several seasons. I ski mostly groomed around copper, alta and locally in the northeast. My kids are getting older and soon enough they’ll be begging to do more than groomers so i want to have something versatile for the next few years. Do you think the kore 93 fits that bill? I’m 5’7″ @160lbs, athletic and have been skiing for about 15 years (nothing ever crazy). I like quick to moderate turns with the occasional speed run. Generally i have rented in the 160cm range. I cant remember all the skis i’ved tried over the years but do recall NOT liking the Kendo because of the heavy weight.

    Any advice whether the Kore 93 is something that might fit the bill or any others recommended? also what height might be best?


    1. Hey Thomas!
      I think you’re right on track with the Kore 93. They are much lighter and more user-friendly than the Kendo, so you’re right about that one. The lengths jump from 162 to 171, so there’s a decision to be made there. I’d recommend the 171. They’re light and easy to maneuver, so they won’t seem so long when you’re skiing, and I think you’d appreciate the extra stability with the longer length. I feel like you’d be going over the handlebars on the 162. Happy skiing!

  28. Hi
    In January I’m about to undertake an 11 week ski instructor course in Whistler, and need to find myself an all-mountain ski to handle the on-piste and off-piste sections of the course. I’ve done a lot of research and the Head Kore seem to come out on top. I would say I’m currently an intermediate skier but will progress quickly through the course. I like a ski which isn’t too demanding and is playful, do you reckon the head is my best option? I’m 185 cm and 80kgs.
    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Max!
      The Kore 93 is a great ski for what you’re looking to use it for. They are light and very responsive, so you’ll be able to handle them quite nicely. They are very versatile and will be able to achieve your on/off-piste ratio just fine. I’d recommend the 180 cm length. Have fun!

  29. I am 5’10 inch 75 kilo’s and have skied a Head Monster i300 170 cm for last dozen years or so (I think the waist is around 7cm) around 10 days a year (Rockies or Japan) – I like skiing straight with long turns and relatively fast as well as fresh snow (on and off piste) – I will actively avoid moguls and or ice and will continue to avoid (I am over 60) – definitely like much of what read on the Kore 93 @ 180. Although I am guessing the ski won’t feel as stable and without a steel edge wonder how will they hold as they wear – I must admit I can’t remember when I last (if ever) had my edges sharpened, thanks

    1. Hi Vince!
      As long as you’re taking reasonable care of your skis, we usually don’t see any reason that they won’t hold up. The Kore 93 is a great ski–light, stiff, and stable. Sounds like the 171 would be a good length for you! Have fun!

  30. Kia ora from New Zealand
    I am looking at buying a pair of Head Kore skiis in end of season sales here as fields close next weekend. I demo’d these skiis yesterday and loved them – just wondering about size. I am 5’10” talk and weigh 85kg. Would I be ok on 171cm length rather than 180cm? Their other dimensions are 130mm, 91mm, 112mm. I ski on and off piste, powder, crud the lot.
    Thanks Chris

    1. Hey Chris!
      I’d recommend the 180 based on your height, weight, and what you ski. They’re pretty light, as I’m sure you know, so the longer size shouldn’t weigh you down. Ultimately, you’d probably find the 171 will lack stability in the long run. Hope that helps, and happy skiing!

  31. Hi!
    How would you compare the head kore 93 to the Blizzard rustler 9 – i’m just about sold on the rustler 9 bur still pretty torn / cant decide. I consider myself advanced intermediate plus. east cost mostly on groomers but like to ability to ski some powder / off trail if and when I can.

    1. Hi Kevin!

      The Rustler 9 is more stable at speed due to the metal in its construction. In my opinion it also has greater torsional stiffness, so holds an edge a little better on groomers. Considering you spend most of your time on groomers I’d probably go with the Rustler 9. The Kore 93 likes being off-piste. It performs well on groomers too, but not quite Rustler-9-level performance on firm snow.

      Hope that helps!


      1. Thanks for the feedback! The Rustler 9 should also perform well off-piste as well right? close to the Kore 93?
        Also – one last question…Bindings. you have any recommendations for bindings on the rustler 9? Aside from Marker Griffon? I wanted to try something different and was leaning toward the 2019 Look pivot 12 – though I’m not sure if that’s a good fit?
        Thanks again,

      2. Hi Kevin!
        The Rustler 9 has more of a turned-up tail than the Kore, and has more of a soft/stiff/soft flex pattern due to the construction. The Kore 93 is pretty much the same from tip to tail, so they each have their own little styles to them. As far as bindings go, I’ve always been a fan of the pivots, but that’s just me. The Tyrolia Attack 13 is a great comparison to the Griffon, with an easier step-in and more consistent release values. Keep in mind that you cannot change the brake width as easily on the Pivot as other bindings, so if you ever want to swap bindings/skis, you’ll have to think ahead in terms of width. Good luck, you have some great options!

      3. Hi Kevin!

        Yes, the Rustler 9 is really fun off-piste. The first time I skied it was in pretty deep snow and I had a blast on it. The rocker and early taper works together really well, resulting in a smooth, catch-free feel.

        The Pivot is a great binding and will definitely work really well on the Rustler 9. If you’re looking to try something new and have never skied a Pivot, go for it! A few of our staff members absolutely love the Pivot.


  32. I’m looking for the magical one quiver ski and wondered what you would recommend, as I’m looking to buy my own. I’ve been skiing for about 4 years, only spending 4-5 days a year in the French Alps. I reckon I’ve progressed well, comfortable on all but difficult black runs and I’m just beginning to carve, though in the early stages. I’ve done some off-piste and want to continue doing some off-piste with my more advanced buddies, so want a ski that will help me progress on the slopes and develop my carving technique, but will work well when I dive off-piste. Been looking at skis such as the Rossignol Experience 88, Salamon XDR 88, Head Kore 93. Should I stick below 90mm or are there any skis above 90mm that would fit the above criteria? I’m 43 yrs old, 172cm and around 77kg.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Mark,
      There’s a lot to like about modern skis in the ~90mm waist width category. You’ve hit some of the key models already and any of those will meet your needs. If you’re interested in skis wider than 90, check out the K2 Pinnacle 95 and the Salomon QST 92. These are great all-mountain skis that carve as well as float. Try to find something that comes in that 170-175 size range based on your height, weight, and ability level. You have lots of good options here! Happy skiing!

  33. Hi
    I’m a northeast skier, consider myself a upper intermediate. I stick to the groomers 95% of the time. Not a speed demon but do pick up the pace on occasion.I’m 53 in ehhh shape and weigh 205lbs. Currently I’m skiing Volkl RTM 75is. Love the skis on the icy hardpack northeast is famous for, but when things warm up & snow gets a lil heavy I find myself fighting the skis and just all around miserable. So I’m thinking of adding to or replacing my skis. I’m looking at the Head Kore & the Brahma CA. Got any input ? Also won’t rule out a different brand altogether…. you thoughts would be appreciated. Many Thanks. A.J

    1. Hi AJ!

      Considering you stick to groomers 95% of the time I think the Brahma CA (turns into the Bushwacker for 2019) would be more appropriate for you. Part of the focus of the Kore 93 is its performance in un-groomed terrain. It uses quite a lot of rocker and early taper, which gives it a very maneuverable feel when off groomers, but sacrifices some edge grip and torsional stiffness on groomers. The Brahma Ca feels quite a bit lighter than what you’ve been skiing and will still perform well on that icy hard pack snow. When you’re in softer snow conditions the extra width will really help you. The Nordica Navigator 90 also comes to mind. Excellent groomer performance, while still handling softer snow conditions well too.

      Hope that helps!


  34. Hello. Can you help me please. I like the kore 93 skis but i have a movement player 86 now. Are they different? I just started doing some freeridind. Thank you

    1. Hi Florian!

      It’s a little bit different than your Player 86, but I think it’s a great ski for you if you’re getting into more freeride style skiing. It’s wider, obviously, and is quite lightweight. The turn radius is longer than the Player, but most skiers prefer a slightly longer turn radius in a freeride all mountain ski. While they’re different, it’s not drastically wider or a drastically different shape, so you should adapt to them very quickly.


      1. Thank you for your time. Should I wait for the kore 99? Do you think those would be better for me. I heard they are stiffer than the 93. I am 1.73 cm long. How long skis should I buy ?I want one ski that I can use on and off. Thanks again

      2. Depends how much time you plan on skiing soft snow conditions. The Kore 99 has better float, as its wider, but its also a bit stiffer than the 93. Less forgiving, a bit more powerful, but overall pretty similar. Definitely a ski that you can use on and off-piste, but I think the Kore 93 falls into that category as well. Think about the snow conditions you’re typically skiing, be realistic about how much time you spend in soft snow, and it should point you towards the right ski.

        Let me know what you think!


      3. Thank you. It’s a hard decision to take. I would like to ski only in soft snow but this is quite impossible . I also considered the wolkl 98 but I think that head has the upper hand. What size do you think that it’s ok for me? I’m 173 cm. My current skis are 176

      4. They’re a bit different, the Kore 99 and Volkl 90Eight. The Kore 99 is a little more powerful, and I think its shape gives it a slightly more versatile feel overall.

        I would go with the 171 cm Kore 99 if you go that route. The 180 cm would be unneccesarily long in my opinion. 171 cm should perform really well for you.


      5. I’d probably stick with the 171 cm. I don’t think you need the extra stability, power, etc of the 180 cm. Instead it would just be more demanding, harder to maneuver, etc.

  35. Read all the comments and somewhat curious the ski length for off size folks like me 5’4″, 175lb with intermediate skills favoring the groom and the occasional strays. I’m currently on the 156cm K2. I see there is a 153cm and it jumped to 162cm (almost reaching the crown of my head). Not sure what is best suited? How different will the 2019 Kore be vs 2018?

    1. Hi AK,

      Because the Kore is quite lightweight and uses a relatively pronounced rocker profile (especially in the tip) you should be able to ski the 162 cm . What model K2 are you skiing on? If it’s all or mostly camber I think you’ll find it to be an easy adjustment going to the 162 cm. Nothing wrong with a ski that’s as tall as you, especially one that uses quite a bit of rocker. If the Kore was a heavier, stiffer ski I might not feel the same way considering your intermediate ability level, but the Kore is pretty user-friendly. In my opinion 162 cm is the way to go, but let me know what model K2 you’re on and I’ll see if it changes my opinion.


    2. I am have been skiing the Head Venturi 95 and am on my second pair. Best ski I ever had .That ski has been discontinued now and I’m told by Head the KORE 93 is it’s replacement. I have read nothing that indicates the KORE 93 is remotely close in pertormance the HEAD VENTURI. Can you tell me specifically what are the primary differences I these 2 skis and what ski you would recumbent as a replacement to the EAD VENTURI 95?


      1. Hi Rob!

        The Venturi 95 is a cool ski! While the Kore 93 is a replacement so to speak, it is quite different. The Venturi uses a more traditional sandwich construction with a wood core. It did have some unique materials, like rubber, but a more traditional construction overall. The Kore series uses some quite innovative construction: Koroyd, Graphene, carbon, and a super-light Karuba wood core. It also uses more pronounced rocker, especially in the tip, and more early taper. The tips and tails of the Venturi are wider, while on the Kore 93 they taper off to narrower widths sooner. The Kore 93 is designed to be super maneuverable, but it does have a shorter effective edge than the Venturi. Have you skied it? You might actually find you love it. The Venturi focused on being light and maneuverable, which is essentially exactly what the Kore 93 is focusing on, it just accomplishes it in different ways.

        If you’re just not into the Kore 93, which is totally fine, and can’t find a Venturi, check out the Salomon QST 92 or 99. That ski has relatively similar performance to the Venturi and a similar shape.

        Hope that helps!


      2. Rob, I am in EXACTLY the same situation. I WANT THE VENTURI BACK!!!! I can’t ski anything else now as a casual everyday everywhere ski. And impossible to source a pair. The Kore is nowhere like the Venturi, nowhere as fun, gets bounced around more, not as aggressive on hard snow, doesn’t float as much etc.
        I can’t believe how underrated the Venturi is/was. Nobody seem to know about it, yet it seems that every person who tried it totally falls in love. Probably down to the very uninspired top sheet.
        I am even thinking about going the custom route to get something similar.
        This pair has a very similar shape, and apparently great feedback, but very boutique:

      3. Hey Bruno and Rob,
        It’s hard to tell why certain skis never gain traction, and it sounds like the Venturi fits that bill. Outside of Head, the Volkl M5 Mantra, Liberty Origin 96, and Blizzard Rustler 9 all fit into that high-performance yet playful, all-mountain, mid-90’s underfoot category. Thanks for the feedback!

  36. I am an advanced skier, 5ft 11in, and 185lbs.
    I’m trying to decide between the Head Kore 93 and the Nordica Enforcer 93.
    Do you have a recommendation between them or another ski with a similar goal profile?

    1. Hi Don!

      The Kore 93 is significantly lighter as it doesn’t use any metal in its construction. The Enforcer 93 uses two sheets of metal, so it’s heavier, but it also is a little more powerful, has better vibration damping, etc. The Kore, on the other hand, feels quicker on your feet and easier to throw around. So, if you value quickness or ski a lot in tight terrain at slower speeds I would go Kore. If you value stability at speed or ski really fast in open terrain I would go Enforcer 93. That’s just meant to be a guide. Of course you could be a skier who values a combination of the two, but hopefully that helps you choose. They’re both fantastic all mountain skis, just a different feel.

      Hope that helps!


  37. I’m considering purchasing the head kore 93 as a one-ski quiver but stuck on which length would be the best. I’m 6’2 200lbs and an strong intermediate-advanced skiier. Any help would be much appreciated.

    1. Hi Adam!

      Hmmm… what lengths have you skied in the past? Do you consider yourself an aggressive skier? Like to ski fast or at more moderate speeds?

      I think you’ll definitely want at least the 180 cm length at your size. If you’re an aggressive skier that likes to ski fast you could bump up to the 189 cm length, but keep in mind that is going to be a little taller than you, which sometimes can be a bit overwhelming. Do you value quickness or stability more? That would also play into my recommendation. Without knowing more I would say probably the 180 cm, but maybe the 189 cm if you’re as I described.


  38. Hi all of Se,

    thank you so much for your very informative page! I am 187 cm and 165 lbs, 56 years old. I´am skiing in the Alpes only for one or two weeks a year but I want to learn more in off piste conditions, while my friends are preferring groomed slopes. I´am an advanced Skier in soft snow conditions, with difficulties on very hard or icy slopes (fearing too much speed, and lacking of carving technique in icy-morning-snow…), and a beginner in powder or off piste. I tried this year a rented Rosignol bandit 86 (about 4 years old), an loved them in 3 inches powder and in slushy afternoon-snow while missing grip in the morning on hard or icy slopes. So I did not use bei own Fisher progressor 800, 176 cm (that followed a Stoeckli rotor, 184 cm, which was too stiff for me and lacking of forgiveness), because I was missing stability in the springtime snow. Now my question: When I’am reading your comments, I’am thinking about two different types of Skis wondering between Salomon XDR 84 Ti 178 cm or Kore 93 180 cm.
    With which of them I will have either fun with my friends ripping the slopes and learning more off-piste? Will I loose too much on-piste-fun with the Kore comparing with the XDR, because there ist ad difference of 9 mm width? Will the XDR 84 works worth in off-pste than the bandit? Will the Kore give a signifikant learning effect off-piste comparing with the XDR? Please note that in the first days of skiing I’am missing power and fitness, so I need an easy turning Ski with forgiveness.

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Axel!

      I think you could actually split the difference between the two and go with the XDR 88! My thought process is that the XDR construction and performance will help you progress your ability on firm snow (carving, etc.) more so than the Kore 93. While the Kore 93 is definitely a little easier off piste, I think it’s important for a skier to build those fundamental skills on firm snow. For instance, the ability to carve on firm snow definitely translates to ability in powder. It’s tough to do it the other way around.

      That said, 84 is a little narrow for soft snow. The XDR series in general does really well in soft snow and off-piste terrain, especially considering its performance on groomers, but I think it would be worth bumping up to the wider model, the XDR 88 in the 179 cm length. The Kore would give you an easier time in soft snow, but I don’t think it’s going to help you build your skills as much as the XDR will.

      What do you think? Does that make sense?


  39. Has anyone had issues with Damage on these HEAD KORE 93s? From quick scraping to damage edges and even my top layer ripping up after a NOT SO HARD fall. I’ve contacted Head about the damage, but is anyone else experiencing what seems like a not so durable ski?


    1. Hi Dan!

      We’ve seen a couple Kores come back for warranty, but not an exceptionally high amount. If you’re having a de-lamination problem it should fall under warranty as long as there’s no impact damage, etc. Did you buy the skis through us? We’re happy to help with the process if you did.


      1. I have the same problems, edge damages at the tails. Its delaminating after 5 days of skiing. Two friends om my have the same issues. They will get another pair of skis, my skis are at the shop (bought them somewhere else) and i’m waiting till HEAD Benelux had decided about it.
        HEAD Austria has seen a lot of troubles about this skis, so hopefully HEAD Benelux will take over that advice to swop the skis for a new pair.

  40. Hi all at SE,

    Thoroughly enjoyed your recent and comprehensive reviews! Very helpful. Was hoping to get some advice…

    I haven’t skied in three years (very much missing it), but last time I did, I skied on a pair of Head Monster 88s bought when I did a season in Val d’Isere back in 2008. Skied with them a few more years, but now looking for an upgrade (hopefully in the sales!). Not read great reviews about the most recent Monster 88, but thanks to your reviews, now torn between the Kore 93 and one of Salomon’s XDR (thinking the 88). Wondering if you had any thoughts on a direct comparison between the two skis? Straight shoot out, which wins?

    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Dom!

      Hard to compare those two skis in a “straight shoot out,” as they’re somewhat different. The Kore 93 is more of an all mountain ski in my opinion. It handles softer snow conditions and off-piste terrain better than the XDR 88. The XDR is a great ski, but is more like a wide, versatile carving ski in my opinion. The Kore 93 is lighter, quicker to maneuver in off-piste terrain, etc. The XDR has more power, better edge grip on ice, slightly better vibration damping, but isn’t quite as capable in softer snow conditions.

      So, if you’re on groomers most of the time I would go XDR. If you spend a lot of time off-piste or in softer snow conditions I would go Kore 93. To me that’s the biggest difference between those two skis. Both are great, however!


  41. Hi SE!

    I left you a Q on the Enforcer 93 page, but then read about the Kore 93s. Seems like these might be better for me, as an intermediate to advanced intermediate. Lighter, easier to control perhaps.

    I won’t repeat everything from the other post, but I’m 60 yrs. old, not great form, like to go sort of fast (at least I think I’m going fast, but the good skiers pass me pretty easily!). Ski in Utah on trails, want to improve a little next couple of years.

    My buddies are all very advanced to expert, and they just got the Kores a month or so ago and love them. Of course I figured they were too much ski for me, even though they encouraged me that they were pretty easy to ski on.

    So now I am thinking that they might work well for me, maybe in the 180 length. I’ve been skiing the Elan Ripstick 86 in 176 L I believe, which have been ok. I’m 6’2″, 195 lbs. Even though my size would indicate 189 probably, I’m afraid it would be a little more than I could handle. And re: bindings, what should I be thinking about?

    What would your sage-like counsel be? Can you tell I don’t know much about this stuff?

    Thanks a bunch for your time and assistance.


    1. Hi Scott!

      I just replied to your question on the Enforcer 93 page.

      Yes, the Kore is lighter and is a little easier to maneuver than the Enforcer 93 just because of it’s weight. Overall easier to ski than the Enforcer 93, but that being said the Enforcer 93 isn’t necessarily challenging if you get an appropriate length. One of the characteristics that’s made it so popular is the fact that it’s relatively user-friendly for being such a stable, damp, high performance ski.

      If you decide to go Kore 93, yes I would go with the 180 cm length, but take some time to think about it before you make your decision.

      The benefits of the Kore 93 are that it’s lightweight and easy to maneuver. The benefits of the Enforcer 93 are its quiet, damp feel and stability at higher speeds. Both performance characteristics can help someone like yourself who is working on improving their technique and ability, so ask yourself which you value more before you make a purchase. Both are fantastic skis and I am confident you could ski both of them.

      For bindings we mount a lot of Tyrolia Attack 13s and Marker Griffons on the Enforcers and Kores. Both are great bindings: low stand height, nice wide platform, proven performance and safety.


  42. I have been demoing the Atomic Vantage CTI 90 176cm; the Blizzard Bonafide 173cm with 98 mm under foot and the Blizzard Brahmas 173 cm which I believe are 85mm under foot. I enjoyed skiing on them all and found the Atomics to be the best all mountain ski of the three. I am 5ft 10” and 190 lbs I would consider myself and intermediate to advanced skier who likes to turn his skis. On piste conditions I enjoy s bit of speed and carve GS turns on off piste conditions , I do enjoy the soft moguls and skiing the calf to lower knee depth powder. I usually ski on Whistler/ Blackcomb on the west coast.
    I was not able to demo the Kore 93 but have read a lot about it and the reviews here make me think I need to try them out before a make my mind up on which new ski to buy..
    Would you recommend me trying the 180cm length Kore 93?
    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Mike!

      I would say if you can get on a Kore 93 easily it would be worth trying before you make a decision. It’s performance is definitely closer to the Vantage than either of those Blizzards (the Brahma is 88 mm BTW). The Brahma and Bonafide are pretty demanding with their two full sheets of metal and relatively stiff flex. They’re also pretty heavy. The Kore 93 is exceptionally lightweight, yet is still a high performance ski. Similar to the Vantage 90 CTI in that sense, although the Kore feels even lighter. I would say the Kore does even better than the Vantage in softer snow conditions, although the Vantage has slightly more energy, torsional stiffness, and is a little more responsive on firm snow.

      Hope that helps!


  43. Thank you Jeff for your really great YouTube videos! Wish you had an in-depth one on the Kore 93. If you have one, please let me know where to find it.

    Same thing for Kastle skis. Especially the MX84. Also, how does the Kore 93 compare against Kastle (any of them)? Any insight on that? Thank you!

    1. Hi Reza,

      We don’t currently have an in-depth video review of the Kore 93. We will likely be doing one relatively soon on one of the Kores, but I’m thinking it will most likely be the 2019 Kore 99. The Kore 93 is lighter and uses much more rocker and early taper than the MX 84. In Kastle’s line it would probably compare best with the FX 95 (non-HP), but even in that comparison the Kore uses much more pronounced rocker. The Kore 93 really is impressively lightweight, which is one of its most defining characteristics. Much different construction than any Kastle too. Gives it some stability without the weight of metal. So, without discussing individual models within the Kastle line, I’ll just say that the Kore 93 is fairly significantly different than anything Kastle makes.


  44. Thank You so much for your input, yes I have tried a lot of skis, so a informed no bias opinion is what I really needed, Love your reviews, real people of natural different sizes, will follow up later and let you know my final decision between the 2, kind of leaning towards the Blizzard, but will do my check list between the 2. AGAIN THANK YOU,

  45. Need help replacing Fischer Motive 95ti 180, I’m 53, 5’11, 210lbs, Advance Skier, like to carve a lot, not overly aggressive not a charger, want a solid ski I can ski mid day thru the junk, crud and tracked out without being thrown around or working hard at my local mountain Whitetail, PA and take 4-5 trips a year out to Colorado with, my knees are now bad so I don’t want a ski where I have to work hard, Motive 95 Skis very light but awful in powder and you have to tune a lot, demo this year Kore 93 waited hours on it and find out the rep only brought 171 so I couldn’t wait to get off it 1 run, every 1 at my local shops rave about the ski, the Enforcer 93 in 177 was nice, little more solid than the Motive but wait was about the same weight and field like I needed more ski under me rep didn’t bring 185, new Mantra M5 held on ice superbly little lighter, Brahma woke my knees up or Rustler 9 based on your reviews this could be it. Any input appreciated. Thanks Kendall

    1. Hi Kendall!

      Sounds like you’ve tried a lot of skis! 171 cm Kore 93 is definitely too small for you, I would say you should be on at least the 180 cm length. In the Enforcer 93 I would probably put you on the 185 cm. It’s a ski that a lot of people find they can size up on. In my opinion either the Enforcer 93 or the Rustler 9 will likely work best for you. They have that stability you’re looking for to get through crud and tracked out snow, the rocker profile gives them a nice maneuverable feel in soft snow, but they can both still rip turns on groomers. The Rustler 9 feels a little quicker and more playful because the tips and tails are lighter, while the Enforcer 93 in the 185 cm would feel very, very smooth. A touch less maneuverable, but a little more stable and smooth.

      Hope that helps!


  46. I fell in love with the Kore 93’s on my mid season demo day. I am trying to figure out what the best binding to put on my new ski’s will be. I have always been partial to Marker and see the you put the Griffon’s on them. Are there other bindings I should consider for someone getting 30+ days a year and skiing everything from the best groomed blue runs to the powder filled double blacks? What size break will I need to get to fit these skis just right?

    1. Hi Scott!

      The Griffon is a great all mountain binding. The Tyrolia Attack 13 has emerged as another option and we sell a lot of both of them. The 90 mm Griffon break actually fits nicely around the Kore 93, that’s what we’ve been doing recently. The 110 sticks too far out.


  47. What a great site! Looking at the Kore 93…want to replace my Nordica top fuels which have a lot of miles on them but really like them still. The 178 Nordica TF are 78 underfoot and looking for a bit more and the Kore 93 look like a good balance….I am 5’10 175 lbs and ski at least 100 days/yr – Mt Hood, Tahoe, Cal, ID. looking at the 180’s…

    Never skied anything wider than 78 nor a rocker….probs 70/30 on piste v off…I tend to be super deep carver and really like to load up and accelerate out of the turn..and would like your input on this ski for me…


    1. Hey Dan Man!

      I think the Kore 93 would be a great choice for you! It’s a really fun all mountain ski and will handle the terrain you ski really well. Mt. Hood, Tahoe, California, Idaho, etc… all those areas tend to have a lot of variety in snow conditions because they receive so much natural snowfall. It’s not the most powerful carving ski out there, but I think you’ll enjoy its performance. That 93 mm waist width gives you a nice mix of performance characteristics: carve turns on firm snow, play around in trees and moguls and other tight terrain, and you even get some float for powder (much moreso than your current Nordicas!). 180 cm should work perfectly for you. I’m a similar size and really like that length.

      Hope that helps!


  48. SE team,
    You guys seeing any problems with the Kore 93’s ?

    I bought a pair of kore 93, had tyrolia attack 13 demo binding mounted. Ski was fantastic! Quick in turns, very easy to ski, very comfortable in all the condition I skied. Day 5, only a couple hours in and the ski failed/broke. Just forward of the front binding the ski delaminates and the top layer split. Didn’t hit anything that I remember. Just noticed one of the skis feeling like a brake was dragging. Was skiing the groomed runs in Vails Blue Sky Basin down big rock park when it failed.

    So, ski is ruined and I will need to rent a set of skis for the rest of my week.

    I’m 6’2”, 210#, 60 years old. Not aggressive. Don’t do bumps or jumps anymore. Tend to prefer carving on blue/black runs.

    Have never had to deal with warranty issues on any set of skis before. Any advice?


    1. Hi Mark!

      I wouldn’t say we’re consistently seeing problems, but we have seen a few top sheet related issues like you’re describing. I’m pretty confident Head will be easy to work with on a warranty as it definitely sounds like you didn’t do anything wrong; should fall into manufacturer defect.

      Did you buy the skis through us? We’re more than happy to help with the warranty process if you did. If you didn’t you should go through the shop you bought them from ideally, that usually works best with warranties.

      Sorry about your skis 🙁 Hope you get another pair quickly!!


  49. Hi there – did you have any female testers, or any comparison to some of the Joy series skis? I’m 5’6″ 160lb and currently ski on the 163cm Total Joys in the west. I started skiing on the Joys when I was an intermediate, but I’m more intermediate/advanced now after a few seasons on them. I’m getting off the groomers and into the trees more and more these days, and I was curious about how the Kores would compare. I assume I’d be looking at the 162cm length. Thanks!

    1. Hi Melanie!

      We didn’t officially have any female testers on the Kore 93, but it could definitely be a great ski for a woman! It’s really pretty similar to the Joy collection in construction, but quite a bit different in terms of shape. It has more rocker and early taper in the tips and tails than any of the Joys, which makes it more maneuverable in un-groomed terrain. I would say considering you’re looking to get off the groomers a little more it would be a fantastic choice for you, and I agree the 162 cm is probably the way to go, 171 cm feels a little long for you.

      Hope that helps!


  50. Hey guys. Iv’e been skiing 1 year. I am 5’8 and 190 lbs. I have been skiing atomic vantage 75 in a 156. I feel very sluggish on the skis so I am looking to upgrade. I really enjoyed demoing the Rossignol Experience 88 in a 172cm. I also demo the Volkl rtm 81 and found them to be a lot of work. Was wondering if the Head Kore 93 skid more like the Volkl or Rossi’s. I am looking for advice. To give you an idea of my ability, today I skiid all blues and did my first black diamond with no trouble. Any help would be great. Also has anyone bought skis from the skiessential website and if so do you recommend. Yhanks

    1. Hi Brian!

      The Kore 93 is a bit of a different animal than both those skis, although I would say it’s more similar to the Experience 88. The Kore 93 is impressively lightweight and actually more versatile than the Experience 88. It still does well on firm snow, but is definitely easier to ski and performs better in soft snow, un-groomed terrain, etc. The rocker profile just makes it easier to maneuver, which is supported by the light swing weight. I think it would probably be a great ski for you and should really help you progress, especially in un-groomed terrain. If you’re planning on sticking on groomers mostly, the Experience 88 may be more appropriate.

      I suppose I’ll let someone else answer about buying skis from us. That said, we are a relatively small company made up of passionate skiers, so I feel strongly that you should feel confident buying from us.


      1. Thanks. What are your feelings on the Nordica Enforcer over the Kore 93. I ski mostly in the east on groomers and am progressing quick. I would Love to find that 1 ski i can grow with. The Nordica navigator 90 also has popped up on my radar.

      2. Hi again Brian,

        The Enforcer 93 uses two full sheets of metal and a poplar and beech wood core. It’s heavier, stiffer, and more demanding than the Kore 93. I think it’s a bit much for you as you’ve only been skiing one year. The Navigator 90 would be more appropriate. Less metal, lighter weight, less fatiguing, but not quite as versatile as the Kore 93. The Navi 90 is more of a wide carving ski that can handle some softer snow conditions. The Kore 93 does better in un-groomed terrain as it’s more maneuverable.


  51. Hi Guys,

    I’m a beginner-intermediate skier 5’11” 170lbs, progressing somewhat quickly. Lately I’ve been renting Salomon QST 92s @ 169 and have been liking them, turns keep improving. Tried my friend’s Line Supernatural 92s @ 179 and found them just a little too much, probably the metal, weight and extra length, had some trouble turning on my non dominant leg. I also demoed QST 99s @ 174 and did well with them, easier time than the Lines. How do the Kore 93 compare to the QST 92? I really seem to prefer a lighter ski at this point and feel like I could do well on the Kores @ 171, progress with them over the next couple of seasons. Skiing mostly groomers now at Wolf Creek usually, but my friends ski all over the mountain (maybe 60/40 on/off) and I would like venture out with them more. Kores @ 171 seem like a good choice? Any other suggestions?

    1. Hi Christopher!

      The Kore 93 is going to have overall pretty similar performance to the QST 92, although I think it’s a little but more versatile. The tip and tail rocker is a little bit more pronounces, which helps in softer snow conditions. Its construction, however, retains plenty of torsional stiffness for the groomers event hough it’s so lightweight. I think the Kore 93 in a 171 cm is a great choice for you and I agree it should allow you to progress with them. Not too demanding at first, but as your ability approves you’ll start getting more and more out of the ski.

      Hope that helps!


  52. Hey Guys,

    I saw in reply to an earlier post Jeff mentioned he’s 5/10 150lbs and liked the 180cm. I’m basically exactly that size but I like to spend most of my time on bumps or in the trees in southern VT (So i like making quick turns), do you still recommend the 180? Or should I size down to the 171? 171 is short, especially since i do spend some time on the harder, steeper, groomed stuff but im okay giving up a little stability for maneuverability in the trees if that makes sense.


    1. Hey Andrew!

      5’10” 150 lbs Jeff here. Yup, go with the 180 cm. I tested it solely at Stowe, so fairly similar terrain to what you’ll be skiing. Super quick, easy to maneuver. I think you’d lose some stability on the 171 cm. I didn’t actually test that length, but if someone told me I had to either get a 189 or a 171 I would get the 189. Does that make sense? I’m not saying the 189 is the right length for me (180 is), just trying to emphasize that I think a 171 cm would feel short.

      SE (Jeff)

  53. Hi SE team,
    On the Kore 93, would you recommend them as an option for a female skier? My wife is a technical, advanced skier who likes to mix it up on and off piste. Around 5’ 5” 130 lb. Thoughts? For myself 5’11” 190lb, advanced skier, I’m thinking 180cm.

    1. Hey Rob!

      I definitely don’t think there’s any reason why a women couldn’t ski the Kore 93. In fact, it would probably be great for her as an advanced skier that likes to ski a bit of everything. I’m thinking 162 cm would probably work well for her. Should be plenty maneuverable, but will still have the stability needed if she’s skiing faster, more challenging terrain, etc. I agree that 180 cm should be a good length for you.

      Hope that helps!


  54. Thanks for this great review.
    I had the opportunity to test a Head Kore 93 a couple of weeks ago and I loved it, so I am seriously considering buying them.
    Not too sure about the size I should buy.
    I am 190cm (6.2), 85kg (187 lb), 45 years old, confirmed skier, spending 75% of my time on the slopes / 25% outside.
    I tested the 180cm, and was positively surprised: despite its size and weight, it’s very sharp and stable on the slopes. I hadn’t the opportunity to test it outside of the slopes.
    For my size, the recommendation is to buy the 189cm, but I am afraid they would be less playfull and more difficult to drive. On the other side, stability woud be better…
    What would be your recommendation – if any?

    1. Hello!

      Hmm… somewhat of a toss up, I would agree with you. That being said, the Kore 93 is exceptionally light and quite maneuverable, so I don’t necessarily think the 189 cm would be too hard to maneuver or would be too challenging for you. On the other hand, you’ve tried the 180 cm and liked it. When you were skiing the 180 cm did you ever try to imagine what it would feel like off the groomed slopes? I think that’s really where the 189 cm would give you better performance as it would be more stable through choppy snow and would float better in deep snow. A little bit less quick in tight terrain, but again the Kore is such a lightweight ski that I don’t foresee that being an issue.

      What do you think?


  55. Hello,
    Comparing the Kore 93 to the enforcer 93, which ski would be a better choice for smaller mountains in the northern Midwest in your opinion? I like to ski fast and somewhat aggressive but I also like to play around some as well. We don’t get the powder like out west in my area but we do see some nice storms come through also. I’m 5’10 175lbs so the enforcer is a little intimidating jumping up to a 184 for the smaller terrain I’ll mainly be skiing. I’m having a hard time deciding here! Any help you can provide is much appreciated…love your site and all the communication! Thank you!

    1. Hey Wiley!

      It basically comes down to whether or not you want metal in your ski. The Enforcer 93 is heavier, but it’s also more stable, has better vibration damping, and feels more powerful. The Kore 93 is lighter, feels more energetic, and is more maneuverable as it feels a little quicker on your feet. In the grand scheme of things, however, they’re quite similar. Both do well in a variety of terrain and are both exceptionally versatile skis. So, in my opinion it comes down to how aggressive you are, how fast you ski, and how much you value stability vs maneuverability. From how you describe yourself it sounds like you’re fairly aggressive, which makes me lean towards the Enforcer 93, but at the same time it’s not like the Kore is exceptionally unstable. You also wouldn’t necessarily need the 185 cm Enforcer if that’s the direction you decide to go in. So, I would kind of take a moment to think about your skiing and whether you think you need the extra stability of two sheets of metal. If you don’t think you do, go Kore.


      1. Thanks SE! I really appreciate the feedback. Theoretically, I would most likely go with the shorter enforcer, but how about the 180 Kore? Is this a tad much of a ski for these parts or am I overthinking this? I’ve never skied anything longer than a 175 but I’ve also never skied anything with that sort of shape either. Most of the shops around here keep putting me on skis in the 170 range but I also haven’t hopped on any ‘freeski’ types either. I guess I just feel like a tweener on sizes and need some justification. It’d sure be nice to be able to hop on some and figure it out but unfortunately, that’s not an option.

      2. Hey Wiley!

        Yeah, I think a 180 cm Kore 93 is a perfectly acceptable decision. No, I don’t think it’s too much ski for where you are. It’s really not that wide in the grand scheme of things and isn’t a totally crazy shape. Perfectly reasonable performance on normal groomed slopes, but so much more versatile if you get some snow, go on a trip, etc. A 180 cm Kore 93 likely won’t actually feel much longer than the 175 cm skis you’ve been on because of the rocker and early taper. I feel totally confident that you can ski a 180 cm Kore 93. I’m not surprised shops are pointing you towards 170 cm lengths as I’m guessing those skis are narrower and mostly camber.


  56. Hi SE,
    I started skiing three years ago, so am still a relative beginner but keen to progress skill-wise. This would be my first pair of skis, but I don’t want to have to get another pair of skis too soon down the line – I want to get a pair that my abilities can grow with.
    I weigh about 75kg and am 5’11” and ski mostly on-piste but would like to venture off-piste as I improve. Would you recommend these skis for someone like me? I am thinking that a 171cm length may be the most manageable for my height and weight? Am I going to find the HEAD Kore 93’s too stiff?
    Any advice is welcome.

    1. Hi John!

      I don’t expect you’ll find the Kore 93 too stiff, no. In my opinion it’s a pretty approachable ski for less experienced skiers because it’s pretty lightweight and uses quite a bit of rocker. Sure, it’s probably a little much at first, but I don’t think it will be overwhelming and I definitely think it’s a ski you can kind of grow into. It also handles off-piste terrain really well. 171 cm should be a good length too. A little longer might be too challenging at first and I think 171 cm will still be enough ski for you as your ability improves.

      Hope that helps!


  57. hi SE, thanks so much for the great site, all the feedback and reviews. Sorry for the book below in advance… :-p

    Like a lot of the other comments, I have been looking for something in the 90-100 range to fill in east coast duty, but also be a 2nd ski when I travel out west the the tide is low.

    I have come down to 2 skis of most interest and demoed them last week (Enforcer 100 (177) & Kore 93 (171). Wanted to ask for any insight you could provide to further help my decision. For background, I am 5’8″ 155 lbs, 46 yrs, old, fall somewhere between advance to expert with HS racing background and ski 20-25 days per year, most out west. My other skis are 108+ (K2 Annex 108 & Wailer 112) so missing something in the 100 range. Also formerly rode Cham 97s, not a fan anymore

    I enjoyed riding both the Enforcer 100 and Kore 93, but the Enforcer felt most stable overall and I found the Kore 93 could chatter or skip sometimes during the faster runs, when I pushed it the most. To be fair, conditions were horrible though where it was raining all day and the groomers were very hard to soft ice with some slushy snow. I want to blame the skipping of the Kore 93 on my form, but didn’t experience that at all on the Enforcer 100 or my Annex 108s (178) and I am a descent skier. Also tried the new Bent Chetler 100 without chatter/skipping. There was not a lot of skipping/chatter with the Kore nor was it the full run, but it did make me feel like I was skiing the very back of the heat on a well skied out, rutted up giant slalom course at times with the Kore. It seems obvious I should just go with the Enforcer, but reading so many reviews that say the Kore is the way to go. Wanted to ask if you thought the issue was stemming from riding a 171cm Kore and if a 180cm would address the chatter/skip issue?

    thank you for any thoughts here

    1. Hey Ryan!

      I think deep down inside you already know what ski you should buy. I think I do, at least.

      As soon as you said race background I started thinking Enforcer 100. If you have experience racing you have experience driving a ski and also know the benefit of having metal in your ski. What you felt on the Kore 93 is not from your lack of technique, it’s from the difference in Head’s construction and the power and vibration damping two sheets of metal in the Enforcer 100 provides. Where are you seeing all the reviews saying to go Kore over Enforcer? In my opinion they’re pretty different skis, pretty hard to objectively say one is better than the other, but subjectively I think for you the Enforcer 100 is the way to go.

      Hope that helps!


      1. thanks SE, really appreciate your insight and your right, I think I already know the answer as you said, nice call out 🙂

        Just have read and heard so many great reviews on the Kore, I felt it should be the right one and was hoping that the 171cm demo was just too short and a 180 might help smooth it out. I could not find any direct head to head comparisons saying go with Kore, just many reviews stating how great the Kore was. I am guessing if conditions were a bit softer I would have had a much smoother demo and I can see where the quicker Kore could be more fun on softer snow.

        What I liked about the Kore before I tried was the light weight, while the Enforcer is a bit on the heavier side. I find myself bootpacking when out west quite a bit, which is why the Kore was interesting, in addition to all the strong reviews.

        Thanks again for all the great info here and on the site – good stuff. Will give you guys a call soon.

      2. Hey again Ryan,

        The Kore is definitely a great ski, don’t get me wrong, I’m just expecting you’ll appreciate having the Enforcer feel and stability. Heavier for hiking, that’s for sure, but if you’re shouldering your skis it’s not as noticeable in my opinion as when you’re touring, and then you get that extra power and stability for the descent.

        Happy to chat more about it if you want to give us a call


  58. If it helps others I’m 5’9” 180 lbs. I’ve been skiing Vokyl RTM 84’s which I found too heavy and stiff for fresh snow and bumps.

    The last two times out with fresh snow I demoed the Kores 93 in 171 cm among others Nordica Enforcer, Rossi, and Volkyl (think was Mantra) also tried going up to 180 (in the Rossi and Endorcer).

    Found the Kores at 171 to float on the fresh snow and very light, and easy to manage on the skied off, icy bumps which would have really been a challenge and would have been intimidating with my heavier/less flexible RTM’s.

  59. I am having such a hard time! Seems like there is another perfect ski for me every day. I love your straight forward reviews. I am 49, 6’1″, 180 lb advanced skier. I ski mainly Gore, Whiteface, Stratton,Okemo…you know the conditions. There is more ice in NY though. I also ski out west once or twice a year. Currently I am on a 2015? 177c Experience 84. I love these skis for playing on the groomers, they cut and hold an edge great and seem to match my more finesse oriented style, and have a lot of pop. I am not a very powerful guy, but I try 🙂 They are NOT great in crud and are pretty horrid if the snow gets deeper than a few inches. Completely underwhelming in 20″ of Utah powder. I tend to ski at a controlled pace on diamonds, bomb blues. I haven’t figured out skiing icey glades and bumps YET.

    Looking for something wider for the soft stuff, that initiates a turn easily, that I don’t have to be super aggressive with but will still stick an edge on the ice/hard pack like a razor. I am still an advancing skiier though so I don’t want to be held back by my gear. So based on the reviews I am reading I really don’t know which way to go. These all seem like fantastic skis for someone like me.
    Currently I am about 90% on groomers, but I am looking to get that to 60-70% in the next couple years. If you could help me narrow the field that would be great!

    In my current rating order:

    Head Kore 93
    K2 Pinnacle 95
    Nordica Enforcer 93
    Blizzard Brahma CA
    Fischer Pro Mtn 95 Ti
    Atomic Vantage 95

    1. Hi TNM!

      I think the first three skis you’ve picked are all great choices for what you’re looking to do. They lean a little more towards off-piste performance than the other three skis you listed, and I think considering you’re looking to go to somewhere around 60-70% groomer skiing those are the more appropriate choices. Then it kind of just comes down to what performance and feel you’re going to like best. The Enforcer 93 is the stiffest, more powerful, and has the best vibration damping out of those three skis. It’s still nice and maneuverable, but it’s definitely the heaviest. The Kore 93 feels exceptionally light, quick, and playful and can still hold an edge on groomers impressively well for how light it is. It also has really good vibration damping (not in the same league as the Enforcer, but again considering how light and quick it feels it’s pretty darn impressive). The Pinnacle, in my opinion, is somewhat in between the Enforcer 93 and Kore 93. It’s very smooth, pretty easy to ski, and has a nice mix of performance characteristics. It’s not full sheets of metal, so not quite as stable and powerful as the Enforcer, but a touch more stability than the Kore.

      Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.


  60. As others have mentioned, thanks for all the info and recommendations! Great site.

    Although other people have made reference to mounting non-Head/Tyrolia bindings on these skis, Head’s website has the following disclaimer: “Please note that the selected HEAD ski can only be used in combination with certain HEAD or Tyrolia bindings, which need to be mounted, adjusted and serviced by an authorized sporting goods retailer or authorized technician. Warranties will be void if the bindings are not mounted, adjusted and serviced accordingly.” What’s your take on mounting other bindings on these? I don’t shop for new skis often, but I’ve never seen anything like this (other than maybe skis with plates). I’d like to mount CAST touring plates and P18s, but this disclaimer is giving me second thoughts. If I have a warranty issue (maybe delam or something?) and send in a pair of skis with a different hole pattern, am I out of luck?

    Second question–I demo’ed a pair of these earlier this year in a 180 since they didn’t have anything longer. I found them to be a little squirrely and noticed some chatter, although I only skied one or two runs on them. The rep thought I wouldn’t notice those issues with the 189s, but at 6’4/230 lbs and skiing aggressively, is 189 even enough? My current skis are 193 and 195 (~2005ish full camber), and even though it’s only a few cm, I’m skeptical of going <190.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Nate

      You should be able to mount any binding on the Kore 93 without voiding warranty. Did you see that notice specifically on the Kore page? I would imagine that certain Head/Tyrolia ski and binding systems would void warranty if you tried to use a different binding on their plate, or something along those lines, but you should have no problem with the CAST system and P18s.

      I do think the 189 cm will perform a lot better for you. It’s hard to know for sure if it will be enough ski, but realistically there’s not a huge difference between 189 and 193 cm. One way to think about it is you’re losing 2 cm in front of you and 2 behind you, which shouldn’t amount to a huge change in performance.

      Hope that helps.


  61. Great site, I have been looking for info on length for the Kore 93 and this is the first detailed information I have found.
    I am wavering back and forth between the 180 and 188.
    Im 57 advanced skier, skiing for over 40 years mostly racing equipment, although I have a pair of 180 Head Motorhead Rock n Roll that I really like. 6’1″ 195 lbs.
    Im thinking 188 because of the rocker but not sure.

    1. Hello!

      Thanks! Glad you’re finding the site helpful. I would say if you like the feel of your 180 cm Rock n Rolls you’ll probably like the feel of the 189 cm Kore 93, and I don’t think that’s unnecessarily long for your size by any means. Definitely more tip and tail rocker than your current skis and because they’re relatively lightweight they’re typically quite manageable for most skiers in longer lengths.,

      Hope that helps!


  62. Great reviews and lots of good feedback. I too am looking to go for the Kore 93’s. I currently have Salomon Rocker 2 90’s (177) which have been fun skis but I’ve probably progressed past them now and thinking a stiffer ski would be the way forward. As I ‘ll be skiing a lot with my children, primarily skiing on piste but off piste when we get the chance, I’m looking for a ski that will be fine for cruising the blues/reds but have the capability, when I get the occasional chance, to open them up a bit. I’m really stuck with the length though, I’ve skied Rossi Soul 7’s in 180 and although great fun off piste, felt like barges when on piste, I’m thinking the 180 Kores may be a little long (I’m 5’8″/172cm and 165lbs/75kg) so wondering if the 171’s would be the ones to go for without compromising too much the speed and float?

    1. Hello!

      Sounds like you’ll really enjoy the Kore 93. It’s definitely a step up from your Rocker2s in terms of overall performance. Carves turns well, impressive vibration damping for how light they are, and super fun and maneuverable in softer snow conditions. The Soul 7 HD is definitely a bit much for skiing groomers. It just feels cumbersome sometimes as it’s pretty wide and has a lot of tip rocker. I think you’ll be happy with the 171 cm Kore 93. I’m sure you could ski the 180 cm too, but 171 cm should be stable enough at speed and will be that much quicker.

      Hope that helps!


    1. Hi Alex!

      I wrote a longer reply over on the Experience 84 page if you’d like to reference that answer.


  63. Hi!
    My last pair of skis were Head Monster Im 72s. I really liked their versatility for everything up to 4-5 inches of powder. Just getting back into it after a 7 year hiatus. My main priority is finding something that excels in the bumps and will float more than the monsters, but that I can still rip that last groomer to the parking lot like the monsters. I’m not married to metal as lightweight is appealing and i’ll still have the monsters lying around.

    I’ve been looking into the enforcer 93/100s and kore 93/105s as the main options. In the past, I’ve skied mostly in the west, but am going to try and ski more in the east going forward. I’m 5/11 and 190lbs. I guess i would say I’m an advanced intermediate skier 🙂 Any comments on ski choice and length?


    1. Hi Jon!

      I would say stick with the narrower of those options, just because it’s going to give you a more even mix of performance characteristics. Whether you’re skiing on the east, in the west, or anywhere in between you’ll have an appropriate ski. You mentioned not being married to metal and the appeal of a lightweight ski. I think because of that you’ll be really happy with the Kore 93. It definitely feels lighter than the Enforcer 93, but still feels stable and has good damping for being so light.

      For length I think 180 cm is probably the way to go, unless you really like and have experience on longer skis.

      Hope that helps!


      1. SE,

        Thanks for the great info! Will you guys be getting the Kore 92s @180 back in stock any time soon? Would love to support you guys.

        Best regards,


      2. Hi Jon!

        Yes, we are getting more of the Kore 93 in the 180 cm length. Right now we’re awaiting shipping confirmation from Head.


      3. Another silly question. I have a pretty wide forefoot (109mm) even before bending and pronation, so my boots (live fits) are pretty chunky. I’ve always wondered if getting flat skis that are under 100mm are really worth it for the extra maneuverability since maybe my boots my come into contact with bumps and sort of deflect my leg/ski. Or does that make no sense?1? 🙂

      4. Hey Jon!

        That’s a wide foot! Do you feel your boots coming into the contact with the snow often? Even with a wider boot like that it should still require a pretty aggressive edge angle before you “boot out.” If you do find it happening a lot, yes, a wider ski will give you more of a platform underfoot and will reduce the amount your boot is making contact. The wider the ski, the more of an edge angle you need to achieve before before your boot makes contact. The other solution, which would be for narrower, more carving oriented skis, would be mounting the binding on a plate to pick you up higher off the ski.


  64. I’ve been reading through the comments and I have not seen a comparison to the Dynastar Legend X88 . I’m a long time VT skier and I like to ski all parts of the mountain in all conditions…the messier the better…bumps, trees, etc. I have heard so much good stuff about the Head Kore 93, that I feel it’s time for a change. I still try to keep up with my son who raced for a university, however, that’s only one part of my ski day I’m on a Dynastar Contact 10 Limited now. Am I heading down the right path with the Head Kore 93? Any recommendations?
    Thanks, Ed

    1. Hi Ed!

      The Kore 93 is definitely a great ski for here in Vermont (we’re in Stowe). It’s quick and easy to throw around, but still can hold an edge well on firm snow and lay down some nice carves when there’s no fresh snow to be had. Comparing it directly to the Legend X 88, the Dynastar uses 2 sheets of metal, where the Kore uses Head’s new combination of graphene, koroyd, etc to achieve its stability and damping. The Kore 93 definitely feels lighter and more maneuverable. Head’s construction doesn’t quite match the vibration damping of metal, but it’s impressively close and definitely a quicker ski, which can be a welcome performance characteristic for our tight moguls, trees, etc.

      Hope that helps!


  65. Hi there,

    Thanks for sharing all these advices.
    I’m strongly considering the Head Kore 93.

    I want to fit them for AT and add skins, although I will realistically spend the majority of my time on chairlifts and on Trails, so i’m Looking for relatively light weight but do want to compromise too much on descent.
    I ski East, spend most of my days in bumps and trees, or seeking variable snow on the side of groomed trails, in a resort where most trails are not groomed, although I sometimes really enjoy on-piste carving.
    I guess I am an advanced to expert skier, aggressive in moguls, but also like smoother rides on mixed terrains with my kids (and i’m not as fit as in my 30s..)
    I’m 180 lbs, 1.75m (almost 5ft9)

    Do you think the Kore 93 would be a good choice ? Which length would you recommend ? I’m worried 180 cm would be a bit long in trees and moguls.
    I also checked the Scott Superguide 95 and others.. any suggestions?

    Note: I still ski an old pair of salomon X-scream series in 179, which I used to really enjoy and love, great in moguls, powder and piste.

    Thanks !

    1. Hi Oliver!

      I think the Kore 93 would be a great choice. It’s definitely light enough to use as an AT ski, but you’re really not sacrificing any downhill performance at all. Head’s new construction is really impressive. Super light, but still stable and responsive on descents. Carves well too considering the amount of rocker and how light it is. You can really lay it over when you want to.

      I’m about your height, but lighter, and found the 180 cm to be the perfect length. It definitely feels maneuverable, is easy to throw around, but I felt like that length gave me the downhill performance I was after and you sound like you value similar performance characteristics to myself.

      The Fischer Ranger series is another that keeps coming up as a great AT option in this all mountain category. It’s a bit wider, but the Ranger 98 Ti came to mind when you were asking about other skis. Good downhill performance, but definitely light enough to use as an AT ski. Fischer even includes a skin attachment point on the tail as a non to its potential AT use.

      Hope that helps!


  66. Hi There,

    Thanks for all the great feedback on the reviews and to inquiries! I am debating between the Kore 93 and the Nordica Enforcer 93. I have a current pair of 2005 K2 apache crossfires (115-68-99) and 17M radius at my 181 length. I am 6″2″” and 240. I generally ski with a normal separation stance, not skiis locked together. I ski aggressively at the advanced intermediate level and like to go fast down the groomers and venture off piste a little; however, the narrow width had really limited me off piste because I just cannot seem to get up on top the snow at all and the skis want to carve vice float. I mainly ski out west. I am looking to do some more of this , but probably not deep moguls much- figure 80/20 on groomers vs off piste with new skiis. The Kore 93’s seem like they would be great with the narrow turn radius, but I am concerned if 189 is going to be too long and if the considerable rocker in the tail (20% vs 5% in enforcer 93) is going to make the ski less springy and lively transitioning from turn to turn. I tend to unweight and weight quite a bit- for good or for bad. Thoughts? Also, would the lighter Kore 93 make it easier for edge to edge transition and swinging the ski around easier compared to an Enforcer 93 even know it would be longer than my target 185 length in the enforcer 93? I just don’t know if the weight difference would be noticeable.

    So bottom line, looking for your assessment of the right pick here given my comments and my inclination to become a better off piste skier and venture there with new skis while still being able to carve down the groomers well at speed with a lively ski. Also, with either of these two skiis, would you recommend the heavier marker griffon binding or go with something a little lighter? Thanks!!

    1. Hey Scott,

      Both the Kore 93 and Enforcer 93 could potentially give you what you’re looking for: “become a better off piste skier and venture there with new skis while still being able to carve down the groomers well at speed with a lively ski.”

      There definitely is a noticeable weight difference between the two. The Kore 93 does feel very light when you ski it. It has a distinctly light swing weight, which does make it a little easier for quick pivoting turns than the Enforcer 93. The Enforcer 93 with its two sheets of metal is the more powerful ski and is a little bit quieter and damper through variable snow or chopped up conditions. I think they’re similarly energetic in and out of a turn. They both have a nice feel when entering and exiting carving turns. If you’re skiing at really high speeds the Enforcer 93 does outperform the Kore ever so slightly, but for more moderate speed carving turns they feel relatively similar. So, to summarize, and a good way to think about the two skis: the Enforcer 93 is more powerful, quieter, and smoother, while the Kore 93 is lighter, quicker in tight terrain, and maybe a touch softer flexing.

      I think at your size the Griffon is a pretty appropriate binding. I wouldn’t really recommend going with a lighter weight binding as I think you can easily justify needing the stronger materials and construction of a binding like the Griffon.

      You should be able to handle the 189 cm Kore 93 just fine!

      Hope that helps


  67. Just because I feel there aren’t near enough independent ski reviews out there I want to give my initial review of my 180cm Kore 93’s with Marker Griffon binding mounted on recommended line. I skied first part of the day on my 2018 Soul 7 HD’s then jumped on the Kore 93. I have to say I’m not sure where all this super light is coming from. Yes they are light but I have skied and own other skis that are just as light or lighter than the Kore 93. In comparison to metal skis yes but non metal or carbon ski construction from other manufactures are just as light or lighter. Light yes, but not all the super lite hype in my mind dangling from chairs or skiing. First run on the Kore left me a little puzzled. I was expecting snappy light energetic like my Blizzard Bushwackers but wasn’t there, almost felt a touch lethargic coming out of the turns. I kept waiting for some energy out of the tail but wasn’t there. YES it pulls you into the turn hard and holds an incredible carve and then rolls you into the next carve with precision but not the rebound I was expecting. It is a stiff ski and I feel it’s the same stiffness throughout the ski, so not the launch at the finish of the turn. Don’t get me wrong you can dance, play, rip off short arcs, long arcs, and whatever you need it to do just not the snap of some other skis. Very playful in moguls big and small, wide tip does well in deeper soft snow but the stiffness can tank and therefore just plow through versus trying to stay on top. Kore does love speed and inspires confidence while laying over deep trenches. I really love the ski but am a little puzzled at the super lite marketing hype and want more time to figure out if the lack of energy out of the tail is just me or the ski. I ski last years Soul 7 HD a ton and have been playing with this years Soul 7 HD as well and jumping on the Kore in between. I will never part with last years Soul 7 HD but on the fence if I think the Kore 93 was worth the money to replace my old Bushwacker as my narrower mogul and groomed snow playful ski. Yes it’s a blast but not sure YET if it’s all the hype.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience! The Bushwacker probably does have a stiffer tail than the Kore 93, so if you’re really loading up the tail of the ski and looking for that energetic snap and pop out of a carve I can understand why you’re feeling like it’s not there. It definitely has more tail rocker than a ski like the Bushwacker too, which plays into that feel as well. Instead of loading up the tail think about skiing it more balanced and getting the whole ski to flex in and out of a carve. I think the Kore 93 likes to be skied with a lot of lateral input as opposed to forward/aft movements.

      Does that make sense? Definitely let us know what you think as you have more days on them.


    2. I’m also curious what binding you had on it? Was it a full demo binding? Sometimes those are quite heavy. We genuinely thought it was one of the lightest feeling skis we’ve been on, especially in terms of swing weight and the pivoting feel when skiing a flatter ski.

      1. Oh no, I own them. Marker Griffon Sole ID, can’t get any lighter :). I also figured out that right away about loading the tail. It likes a balanced approach and maybe a little forward pressure to really engage it. They like to roll from turn to turn and are quite fun doing it. Just not the snap of many other stiff lightweight Skis.

  68. Has anyone put any skins on the Head 93 yet. I am an amputee and just started skinning with my watea 96 with Salomon guardian bindings. I found them to be heavy while skiing and skinning with my prothesis was worse. I put a marker King pin on the Head and love the light weight set up. I’m looking for skins, any thoughts?

    1. I don’t believe anyone within our staff has setup a Kore 93 as a touring ski just yet, but it’s definitely going to be a great AT setup! It’s so light, yet performs great on the descents. A lot of use Black Diamond skins with great success. If you don’t already have a personal preference they’ve always been an industry leader for climbing skins and make great products across the board.

  69. I see that many of you guys are 6-footers and 200 pounds like me. Would any of you opt for the 189 over the 180 tester if buying?



    1. Hey Ray!

      In one word: yes.

      I just checked with some of our bigger testers who skied the Kore 93 and most your size (some slightly bigger) did think that they would prefer the 189 cm if they were buying a pair. I can also add that as a 5’10” 150 lbs skier the 180 cm feels just about perfect, so I personally can imagine wanting the 189 cm if I were your size.

      Hope that helps!


  70. Hi. First of all I’d like to thank you for all the information and tests, quite useful !!

    I’m a 1,86cm 95kg skier. I’d say intermediate to advance, moving from on piste to off. Right now I have a Vokl Tigershark 10ft and I want to buy something more versatile.

    I ski more on-piste, but not super fast (max around 70/80 km/h). But my intention is going more and more off-piste. I live in Spain and use to ski in Pyrenees and Alps.

    My initial choices would be:

    – K2 Pinnacle 93 184cm. Doubting between 2017 and 2018 versions.
    – Head Kore 93. In here I doubt between 180cm and 188cm (Do you know which is the turn radius of the 188cm versión? On internet I only find the 180cm one)
    – Atomic Vantage 90.

    I tried last year the Pinnacle 93 2017 and they were great, both on and off. Actually my doubt on them would be to choose between 2017 and 2018.

    My second option is the Kore, but I’m not sure if they are more off-piste. In here I have doubts between 180 and 188. The turn radius of the 180 is quite impressive, but I don’t know what’s the 188 one.

    On the Atomic, I tried the 2017 Vantage 90 and I was comfortable. Not sure which are the differences with the CTI.

    I’d be very grateful If you guys could give me some advise on this.

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Borja!

      You’re looking at three great skis for starting to ski more off piste terrain. I would say the Vantage 90 leans the most towards use on-piste out of those three, while the Kore leans more towards off-piste and the Pinnacle is kind of right in the middle.

      The difference between the 17 and 18 Pinnacle is the amount of metal and what it does to the ski. The 2018 Pinnacle has a little more metal, which makes it a little bit heavier, but also makes it a little bit more powerful. If you liked the feel of the 2017 you certainly could stick with that model year. If you felt like you’d like having a little more stability and damping properties the 2018 is a touch stronger, but it’s pretty marginal. Overall they are very similar.

      The Kore 93 is a great ski. Because the Kore is so light I would probably go with the 188 cm length. It has quite a bit of early taper in the tips and tails, something that’s often seen in more freeride-oriented skis, so does really well off-piste. It’s very maneuverable because of the rocker, early taper, and light swing weight. It still handles groomers quite well, but maybe doesn’t have the damping of the Pinnacle as it doesn’t use metal.

      The CTI version of the Vantage uses “Carbon Tank Mesh.” It’s essentially a woven grid of carbon fiber that increases torsional stiffness, energy, edge grip, etc. It also makes the ski a little bit less forgiving and demands a little bit more skier input. The shape is the same between the 90 and 90 CTI, just the internal construction is different.

      Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.


  71. A follow up to my previous question and comments. Since I grew up in the mountains of Switzerland and Austria some half a century ago my skiing style is quite different from today’s. I ski with my skis close together, with a lot of input on each turn, with clear weighing and un-weighing and bending before and during the turn. I do not just slide my hips from side to side like most people ski these days. I mention this, because the way one skis should most probably have a major impact as to which skis one would prefer. As a reminder I am considering the following skis: the Head Kore 93, the Rossignol Experience 88HD, the Nordica Enforcer 93 and the Blizzard Bushwalker CA. Any comments on your part would be highly appreciated. Also I you think I should consider something else.

    1. Hi Andres!

      Thanks for all the detailed information about your skiing background and what you’re looking for, it really makes it easier for us to make a recommendation. I think the Kore 93 is going to be a great ski for you, and here’s why…

      You mentioned you liked the Bushwacker and it’s more lively feel compared to the Enforcer 93. The construction of the Kore 93 could also be described as much livelier than the Enforcer 93, but the overall shape of the ski is pretty similar. It’s going to be more suitable for off-piste skiing than the Experience 88 and the Brahma CA, while feeling more energetic and snappier than the Enforcer 93. The Experience 88 is a great ski, but its shape is even more geared towards use on firm snow than the Bushwacker and Brahma Ca. I really think the Kore 93 is going to give you the mix of a responsive, lively feel and the ability to handle off-piste conditions and terrain.

      Hope that helps!


  72. I am an advanced to expert 68 year old skier that has been skiing since I am 5 years old. Nowadays I ski out west in Utah, Wyoming, or Banff. The last two years I rented Blizzard Bushwaker and last year the Enforcer 93. I like to ski the front side, but really enjoy back bowls, trees and off-piste. I like very maneuverable and stable skis. I liked both the he skis I rented the last two years, but probably preferred the Blizzard Bushwaker, more lively, although I would prefer something a bit more suitable when I go off-piste. This year I want to purchase my skis and I am considering the BrahmaCA, the Head Kore 93, the Rossignol Experience 88HD and the Enforcer 93. The different articles that I have read make me lean more towards the Rossignol, or the Head. What I enjoy most is making a lot of straight little turns, get in trouble in the trees and lay down some nice eights in the powder and from what I have read the Head and the Rossignol seem more inclined to what I want to do. Would appreciate your comments and input.

  73. Hi SE, loving your reviews! I am looking at the Head Kore 93, but cannot figure out what length to get. I am 37 yo, 5’11”, 155 lbs, advanced skier with racing background (high school and some in college). I mainly carve groomers and find other steeper stuff on piste, sometimes go into the woods. I am thinking of the 171 cm length given my weight. What do you think? 171 or 180 seem to be the two options I should choose from. Thanks!

    1. Hi David!

      If you had just told us your weight I probably would agree that 171 cm would be the best length. However, given your height and your skiing background I actually think the 180 cm might be more appropriate. The Kore 93 is exceptionally light and quite maneuverable, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that side of it. On the other hand I think the 180 cm is going to give you a touch better edge grip when you’re on-piste and of course a little extra stability for higher speeds on any kind of terrain. I (Jeff) am about your size exactly, with a relatively similar skiing background, and prefer the 180 cm ski.

      Hope that helps!


      1. Thanks Jeff, that is helpful. I guess I am afraid I won’t be able to turn the 180 cm ski, but I really have no recent experience with non-racing skis. I am currently still on racing skis, 160 cm Volkl RaceTiger SL’s that I use now for recreational skiing. They are fun and nimble. I have longer 180 cm GS skis that I cant really use for normal skiing because I have to be flying to get them to turn, and if I hit any ruts or crud, I am in trouble.
        You say I will have better edge grip with the 180’s because they are similarly easy to turn compared to the 171, but there will be more edge on the snow? I was assuming jumping up to 180 would make turning significantly more challenging, but like I said, I am in the dark with all-mountain type skis. Hoping to make the right choice and get on some normal skis that I can rip and have real control over. Thanks for the advice!!

      2. I totally understand your concern, but a 180 Kore 93 is night and day compared to a 180 cm GS ski. Yes, the effective edge of the 180 is going to be longer, but consider the fact it’s only about 4 cm of extra ski in front of you and behind you. That’s not actually that much of a difference, not enough to drastically effect maneuverability, but enough that I think it’s going to give you a little bit more stability. You will be blown away by the difference in forgiveness between the Kore 93 and your GS skis. I don’t think you’ll ever feel like you don’t have control over your skis at that length and it’s going to give you that much more stability for those times you want to just point it down the fall line and rip!

        Hope that helps, happy to talk more about it if you’re still on the fence.


  74. I’m an east coast skier, and I’m having trouble deciding between these and the 2018 Brahmas. Can you help clarify which you’d think would be a better ski for typical east coast conditions? Thanks!

    1. Hi Eric,

      They both could be great east coast skis! All of our testers seemed to enjoy both skis at Stowe in some pretty classic east coast conditions. The major difference is in the weight and vibration dampening. The Brahma is heavier as it uses two sheets of metal, but does have a smoother, damper feel. Head did a really good job retaining stability and torsional stiffness in their new lightweight construction seen in the Kore series. Although, while it’s significantly lighter, it doesn’t quite have the damping and torsional stiffness of the Brahma. If you spend more of your time on firm groomers, the Brahma may be the way to go. If you’re always seeking out softer snow conditions and off-piste terrain, I’d go with the Kore 93 as it’s more playful and maneuverable. Your level of aggressiveness is also a factor. If you don’t consider yourself a pretty aggressive skier you may find that the Brahma is a lot of ski for you due to the metal laminates. On the contrary if you really like to ski super fast all the time, you may find the Kore 93 gets deflected or unstable at high speeds due to the light weight.

      Hope that helps!


    2. I just demoed the Brahma, Kore 93 and 3 other pairs in the same category. I went in expecting to purchase the Brahmas because I had demoed them last season and loved them. I purchased the Kore 93 and was blown away by the combination of light weight without sacrificing hold and stability. The Core 93 was just more fun with easier turn initiation and seemingly without a compromise. My only reservation was the length options for the Core 93. I am 5 ft 9, 170lbs and ended up buying the 180 cm length, which was longer than I expected. Two days on the ski and I have not regrets although I’ve skied mostly hard packed thus far. The Core 93 definitely stands out as a category killer.

      1. Hey Ken!

        Thanks for sharing your experience! We’ve had a lot of people comparing the Brahma to the Kore 93. The Nordica Enforcer 93 is another one that’s often thrown into the mix in comparisons. It’s definitely an impressive combination of being lightweight while also feeling stable. We think Head did a great job with these skis and it provides yet another high performing ski with a slightly different feel in an ever growing category of all mountain skis.


  75. Nice review site. Disappointing to see all these testing skiing without helmets. You could use this site to set examples for young skiers.skiing is not just about being dudes…

    1. Hello!

      Thanks! Glad you’re finding the site helpful. We’re big helmet advocates too! All of our staff members wear helmets and we actually have put out a few articles on our Chairlift Chat blog highlighting the importance of helmets:


      Some of our testers were volunteers, and we didn’t specifically require the use of helmets during the test, but we’ll keep your comment in mind when planning the 2019 test.

      Skiing’s definitely not just about being dudes, I think we had some guilty helmet-less females as well. 😉


    2. Get a life! I’d rather give up skiing than wear a helmet, I tried skiing with a helmet and lasted about an hour before I had to take off this instrument of torture, couldn’t hear a damn thing around me (though I did cure this to some extent by cutting holes in the ear covers) hot as hell, itchy, sick of chair lift bars clonking my oversize head. In 32 years of skiing, zero head injuries and one neck injury that would have been worse if wearing a helmet.

      1. So give up skiing, and quit while you have your head. Seriously, I can appreciate your sentiment regarding helmets, but… Just cause it has not happened yet does not mean it can’t/won’t.I had my first head injury after 40 years of skiing. Wait until all the doctors tell you “you just have to wait to see if you improve. We really don’t know what goes on inside your head”. I guarantee it will give you a new perspective. One closed head injury can ruin your whole….life. Wear a helmet.

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