2018 Head Supershape i.Rally Skis 2018 Head Supershape i.Rally Skis

2018 Head Supershape i.Rally Skis

The Supershape i.Rally from Head is a high performance carving ski that uses a slew of advanced technology in its construction. At the core of the ski is Head’s Graphene World Cup construction. This builds a lot of torsional stiffness into the ski, but Graphene is a much lighter material than if it was just pure metal. So, although the i.Rally does use metal, it’s significantly lighter than some comparable carving skis. The have a relatively short, snappy turn radius of 13.7 m at the 170 cm length ski surrounding the skis 76 mm waist width. While Head refers to it as a ski that can go from side stashes to groomers and back again, the 76 mm waist width in our opinion seems most appropriate for use on firmer snow, but let’s find out what our testers thought.

Benny Wax just wrote “Yippeeee!!!!” in big letters across his test form, so we think he liked them. Okay, okay, he wrote more than that, but we really like that response. Benny tested the 170 cm length and described the i.Rally as “quick turning, responsive, and lively.” Benny also gave the ski “5 stars,” which wasn’t a test criteria by any means, just something that he wrote next to “Yippeee!” He thinks it’s a perfect choice for a hard charging, technical skier that loves to ski hard and fast.

Steve Brown definitely thought the i.Rally was most appropriate for use on firm snow, and we agree. It’s hard for us to agree with Head’s description of being a good side stash ski as realistically there are many skis better for that type of terrain (the Head Kore 93 comes to mind as more of a side-stash-capable all mountain ski). On the contrary, it’s a very high performing carving ski when on firm snow, and Steve seemed to share that thought. “At 77 mm underfoot it needs some hard pack snow to get the most out of the ski. Great turn shape, initiates fast and holds its edge very well. Fun ski, but likes to be on harder snow, so I’d call it an ‘on-trail carver.’” Steve was testing the 177 cm ski, the longest available length.

David Wolfgang also skied the 177 cm and agreed that they’re intended for use on groomed slopes, “this ski is for the aggressive frontside carver.” David went on to emphasize that a certain level of aggressiveness is important for skiers looking to pick up a pair of Supershape i.Rally, “The ski wants to be pushed. It’s not for the timid. The more you ask of it, the more it will give back.” Less aggressive skiers may find the energy and responsiveness combined with the relatively short turn radius to be a little too much to handle. Not in a straight line speed sense, however, more in a sense that the ski wants to just keep making turns, and they’re relatively aggressive turns.

Although Marcus Shakun’s 6’5” height is a little tall for the 177 cm ski he was on, even he found them to have solid edge grip. Marcus, like our other testers, referred to the ski as an “all mountain frontside carver.” He further described the feel of the ski saying that “when you need the edge it’s all there.” Marcus found that the i.Rally made “nice short to round medium turns,” which makes a lot of sense considering the 13.7 m turn radius.

Ultimately we think the Supershape i.Rally really is best suited for skiing on groomers and will be most appreciated by relatively aggressive skiers who like to make a lot of carving turns. It’s not a long, drawn out GS turn shape, but rather leans towards a slalom turn shape. For those looking to link endless turns down groomed slopes, it’s tough to say any ski does it better than the i.Rally.


Benny Wax Ski Tester Headshot Image

Benny Wax

Age: 67Height: 5'6"Weight: 190 lbs.

Ski Style: Smooth and creamy, lots of turns

David Wolfgang Ski Tester Headshot Image

David Wolfgang

Age: 65Height: 6'3"Weight: 230 lbs.

Ski Style: Strong, deliberate, and smooth

Kristi Brown Ski Tester Headshot Image

Kristi Brown

Age: 48Height: 5'9"Weight: 136 lbs.

Ski Style: Energetic, precise, very smooth and skis with a lot of finesse

Ali Berlin Ski Tester Headshot Image

Ali Berlin

Age: 40Height: 5'"Weight: 110 lbs.

Ski Style: Fast Frontside Free Spirit

Steve Brown Ski Tester Profile Photo

Steve Brown

Age: 26Height: 6'6"Weight: 235 lbs.

Ski Style: Fast, smooth, and swingy down the fall line

Marcus Shakun Ski Tester Headshot Image

Marcus Shakun

Age: 37Height: 6'5"Weight: 210 lbs.

Ski Style: Powerful, but playful with the terrain

64 Comments on the “2018 Head Supershape i.Rally Skis”

  1. Hi my son is a freshman at BU and he is on the BU ski race team club. They follow Uscsa guidelines, but don’t require any specific kinds of skis. He wanted a slalom 165 racing ski, but our local shop said that these would be great (170) 2018 model for his purposes. What do you think?

    1. Hi Judith!
      It depends if he’s doing any actual races or just using them for training and free skiing. I’d hesitate to put these skis in an actual slalom course, but will be suitable for training and normal skiing. I’d ask the coach for a recommendation and what their main use will be. Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Bjorn!
      The i.Rally is much more carving/on-trail oriented. The Atomic is a great carving ski to be sure, but it doesn’t have the same prowess as the Head. The Head’s tips and tails are wide and flat so you get a true tip to tail carve whereas the Vantage 80 has some tip rocker so it doesn’t auto-engage like the Head. If you’re off-piste at all, go for the Vantage, but if you never leave the groomers and love to carve serious turns, it’s hard to beat that i.Rally. Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks for your answer!

        I’m 176 pounds and 5’9″. I’m a strong intermediate – advanced skier, I like when it is going fast on groomers. I’m now using an Atomic Vantage X 80 CTI 173 cm and really like it. I want a second pair of skis for the morning hours on groomed and sometimes icy surfaces. I think that the Head Supershape Rally could be a good choise. Should I go for the 170 cm or the 177 cm?

      2. Hi Bjorn!
        I think you’d be in the market for a 170 in that ski. I think the 177 would be on the long side. Hope that helps!

      3. Thanks for your answer!

        I like to go fast on groomers, at my short home pist I normally go 45-52 mph.

        Since the 170 cm has such a short turn radius, would it be better for me to go for the 177 cm? Can the 170 cm be unstable when in long radius turns at 45-50 mph?

      4. Hi Bjorn!
        Short answer is no, the 170 will not be as stable at those speeds, especially with the shorter turning radius. If you’re going that fast, I’d go with the 177. Have fun!

      5. The choice between 170 cm and 177 cm is difficult …

        I am a strong intermediate – advanced skier and want to improve my carve technique. At the same time, I really like to do some “straight line blasting” on blues and not so difficult reds. I reach 45-52 mph in shorter distances. My weight is 176 and length 5 9. Does the 177 cm have any disadvantages for me compared to 170 cm? Could it be unnecessarily difficult for me to maneuver and initiate turns? More difficult for me to learn a good carvin technique?

      6. Hi Bjorn!
        On-piste, at speed, you’ll like the longer length more. The longer radius allows you to achieve higher speeds and won’t be as reactive as the 170. That said, you will lose a bit of maneuverability, but it sounds like you’re looking more for performance at speed, and given your size, I’d go with the 177. Hope that helps!

  2. Hello SE – I’ve read the reviews and comments on the super shape i.rally and appreciate your feedback to others so thought I’d ask your advice as well. I tried the 2018 ones today (163) on super hard pack/icy conditions today in VT (where I mostly ski). Very responsive and fun turns. I’m looking for a responsive carving ski with a short turn radius to cover the other end of east coast skiing. I own men’s Atomic vantage 90s 169 that are fantastic powder, spring crud, all mountain. I’m 5’8” and weigh 140 and am an advanced intermediate skier really focusing on good form. Would this (or the 2019) version cover the other end that the vantage 90s are not as good for? Or any other head recs? Thank you.

    1. Hi Diana!
      There’s no significant changes from 2019-2018 in that model, and if you liked one year, you’ll like the other. They carve some unbelievably clean turns, right? Most skis in that waist width are fairly adept and the Head is at the top of the class, and a great second pair to your vantages. Have fun!

  3. I am 59 years old and I am 6’0” and weigh 260 lbs. I am a strong advanced carving skier that skis mainly in Michigan on hard pack. I demo’d the Head Super Shape iRally At 170 cm and really liked the ski. Would the 170 cm version be better suited to my size. I currently ski on a pair of Fischer Hybrid 8.0’s at 175 cm length and have been happy with them.

    1. Hi Mike!
      If you demoed the 170 and liked it, I see no reason to talk you up to the 177 unless you’re super aggressive and want to go really fast, at which point, I would recommend the 177. Hope that helps!

  4. I am 6 ft 2 in 185 and 45 years old, and am looking for a fast ( 45-60 mph) stable groomer ski. I have a pair of nordica Enforcer 100 skis and they are AMAZING in the stability department. Like nothing i have ever skied. I clocked 54 mph on them and they were super solid stable. I would like to add a pair of groomers that offered great stability at speeds but great at the carve. Snappy feel, quick and responsive. But when i open up the throttle i want them to stick with me and not start to wonder. What are your thoughts on this ski offering the stable feel at the 55-65 speeds? I don’t ski that fast very often, but when i do, i need them solid.

    1. Hi Brandon!
      Sounds like you’re a fast skier! The only issue I see with the i.Rally going that fast is its sidecut/turn radius. They definitely want to be on edge, so when you get moving at speeds like that, they can be hooky from time to time. If you’re only hitting those speeds from time to time, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but if you’re looking for a fast and stable groomer ski, there’s a lot of GS skis out there with longer turn radii that will probably suit that need a bit better. Have fun!

  5. I’m an advanced skier, 6’1″, 192 lbs, 60 years old. I’m doing virtually no off-piste, a fair amount of steep black on-piste with my (much faster!) son. There aren’t any moguls in the resort. Currently skiing on old and battered 176cm Salomon Scream Hots: they’re great in long turns, iffy in shorter turns and ice, and I’m beginning to find them way too wobbly at speed. Considering the i.Rally: does this look a good choice, and if so, what length? Or should I look at the i.Magnum or even a Slalom race ski?

    1. Hi David!

      At your size, you can easily justify the 177 cm i.Rally. Considering everything you’ve said, the Rally feels like a great choice for you. It’s super responsive and I think you’ll find it’s very confidence-inspiring on really firm snow and at higher speeds. Very stable, excellent edge grip. I prefer the Rally over the Magnum, although it’s really just a matter of which width you like most. That said, you really can’t go wrong with the Rally.

      Hope that helps!


      1. Great, thank you. In the end, I went for 170cm (for my height, I have relatively short legs to long torso), and they’re everything you say – super responsive indeed. I did succeed in getting them to go unstable in testing, but only by skiing at way above my normal speed on a steep black. In all other respects, they’ve been wonderful. By the way, great website, guys – if I’d been in the US and not in Europe, I’d have bought from you…

  6. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your time providing excellent comments making the choices easier for us. I am 5′ 11″, intermediate to expert skier primarily skiing in Utah, Deer Valley Resort with my family. 80% groomers and 20% off-piste. Have been skiing with 2015 Elan Amphibio 88 XTI 176 for the past 4 years and find them difficult to respond to my turns for the past year. Want something more responsive on the turns both short and long yet giving me the speed that I crave. Here are the 3 choices that I have narrowed it down and your expert opinion will enable me to make the desicion:
    Head SuperShape i Rally 170 or 177
    Head SuperShape i Tital 170 or 177
    Head Power Instinct SW Ti Pro 170 or 177

    Appreciate the feedback

    1. Hi Vasco!

      I’d go with the Supershape i Rally in the 177 cm length. The Supershapes are fantastic skis overall, but because the Rally is a little narrower than the Titan, it’s going to feel quicker and more responsive. I think part of what you’re feeling in the Amphibio is that 88 mm width, which starts to get a little slower edge to edge and doesn’t feel quite as responsive. The Rally is a really fun ski. Quick edge to edge, you can make different turn shapes on it, and it feels stable at high speeds. I have a lot of fun skiing it, and I think you will too.

      Hope that helps!


      1. Thanks SE, your choice for i Rally 177eEven with the Utah, powder days in groomed runs. I feel the i Titan will be the middle gound between the i Rally and my Amphibios?

        Thanks again for making the desicion easier for all of us.


      2. You don’t get enough extra powder performance out of the Titan to justify it, in my opinion. It would be better to get the Rally and then maybe demo a big, wide, super rockered powder ski if you get a big dump of snow.

        Happy to help!


    1. Hi Neil,

      Unfortunately we’re sold out of the 2018 Supershape i.Rally, so wouldn’t be able to match or beat that.


  7. Hi, I am considering these as a groomer ski to improve my carving. Advanced intermediate, mostly skiing out west. At 5-11” but only 150lbs, would the 163cm be sufficient for me?

    1. Hi Lutz!
      The i.Rally is a great groomer ski! Keep in mind that as you go down in length, the turn radius gets shorter as well. For your size, at 163 cm length, you’ll be making a lot of turns. I’d advise you size up to the 170–you’ll gain a bit over a meter in turn radius and thus making more appropriately sized turns for your size and ability. But if that’s what you want to do, then by all means! Have fun!

  8. Hi there,
    Thanks for the helpful reviews. I am 6’00” advanced skier doing mostly mid-turns – carving ski. I am looking to buy a new pair o skis (currently on a Fischer RX Ti 2008) and I am between the Head Supershape iRally (170) and the Fischer Curv DTX 17/18 (171).
    Any views on which I should go for and why?

    1. Hi Angelos!

      I really like the feel of the iRally. It’s one of those skis that seems to always get positive feedback from everyone who skis it. It’s a little bit wider than the Curv DTX, which I like personally, but if you really value quickness edge to edge the Fischer will be a touch quicker. You could look at the Supershape i.Speed too, that’s a little closer in width to the Fischer.


  9. Hi
    I am 185 pounds 60 years and 5-11 tall and strong intermediate skier. Looking for a ski that can do groomers and also handle new snow up in Vermont and end of day new snow crud. Vacillating between a wider supershape titan and the supershape irally, and between 163 or170 length. Is the irally a little thin for like 6-8 inches ftesh kicked up snow? Thoughts, thanks

    1. Hi Art!

      I think the Titan does do a little bit better in that end of the day crud and softer snow conditions just because it’s a little wider. It’s not a huge difference, but it does have a slight effect on performance. I think 170 cm is a perfectly acceptable length whichever ski you decide to go with. I think 163 cm would feel a bit unstable at times if you were skiing faster through choppy snow, etc.

      Hope that helps!


    1. The Rally is a little bit wider, so in my opinion handles softer snow conditions a little better. Head says the Magnum is more versatile, but I actually think it’s the other way around. Largely, however, they are very similar skis.


  10. I am 59 years old, 6’0″ and 200 lbs. I finally made a decision to have more than one pair of skis. I have 2017 Head Flight Series Venturi 95 at 171 cm for an all mountain ski. I also bought the 2018 i.rally skis at 177 cm. because I wanted carving skis (my favorite way to ski). My friend who is a racer clocked me on a groomer at 52 mph. The ski was solid and no chatter. Inspires confidence on hard pack and groomers and at high speeds. I do love both pair of skis. I was just wondering, given my height and weight and advanced intermediate to low-level expert, do you agree with the 177 length (thoughts on length in general)? As a side note, I do want to get a slalom ski (on my wishlist). Can you make any slalom ski suggestions (I love the Head products, but not necessarily wedded to them)? Thank you and I appreciate all your feedback and roadtesting. It helps.

    1. Hey John!

      Yeah, I think at your size the 177 cm is a perfectly reasonably length. Ski length is quite subjective, there’s not necessarily a right or wrong when choosing ski length. I think considering you like to ski fast you made a good choice getting the 177 cm length, especially if you’re considering picking up a slalom ski as well. Then the slalom ski can be more of your short turn ski and the i.Rally can be the ski that you open it up and ski faster on, if that makes sense. For a slalom ski I would basically get a race ski. Most brands have “consumer” versions of their SL and GS skis with different turn radius and lengths than what is required by FIS regulations. I would choose one of those, and they’re largely similar between brands, so certainly nothing wrong with sticking with Head if you like their products.

      Hope that helps!


  11. I am 173 pounds and 5’9″. I can ski very aggressive and fast when feeling strong but most of the time I am coaching my 10 year old daughter racing u12 and doing drills. I am torn between 170 and 163’s. I tested the 163 and they seem fine. What should i be asking myself to see if the 170 would be a better choice?

    1. Hi Danny!

      In my opinion you answered your question with your second sentence when you say you ski very aggressively and fast when you’re feeling strong. I think the 170 cm is the more appropriate length for that type of skiing and to be honest they won’t be much different at slower speeds than the 163 cm you tried and I don’t think it will be overwhelming or challenging when you’re skiing slower and doing drills. That’s my opinion at least, what do you think?


  12. Hi,

    My beloved 165cm RX8 finally gave up after many years of service since 2007 (with a few years gap). Looking for a replacement now. I do mostly on-piste, fast carving 50-60MPH, aggressive style, love to learn new things and to have an option trying things I did not do before . I tested RC4 a few years ago and they worked well for me too. I am 200lbs, 5’11”, strong legs.

    From what I read, Rally would be the best for me (however in dreams I also consider Rebles i.Race). I will be testing Rallies soon.

    At that point my question is about the length – 163 or 170? I would appreciate an insight.


    Best regards,

    1. Hey Andy!

      In my opinion just because you like to ski fast and because you’re not an exceptionally lightweight skier 170 cm seems like the better length for you. If you had said something like 40 mph and you like to link a lot of smaller turns I would be saying 163 cm, but it doesn’t sound like that’s the case. 170 cm should give you the necessary stability to ski aggressively without feeling overwhelming, challenging to ski, etc.

      Hope that helps!


      1. SE,
        Thanks for the insight. I probably overstated that 50-60MPH which I occasionally hit though. My end goals is actually to learn short and very agile linked slalom like turns.

        I tested today P700 and i.Rally both 170cm. While P700 was super nice on what I call it “elegant carving”, it was hard to get them in very tight turns fast like my Fishers RX8. Not sure why, perhaps a lack of technique on my side. They did not slide on a early morning hard-pack whatsoever though, inspiring a lot of confidence going fast.

        i.Rally felt more like RX8 in the initial part of the turn and got effortlessly airborne (as gforces throw you up) a few times, something which RX8 did too when they were new. Did not get that feeling on P700…

        I also loved how i.Rally powers thru the crud at a speed and not perfect slopes closed to the end of the day … Very impressing, RX8 were getting really sketchy in such conditions.

        Best regards,

      2. Awesome Andy!

        Thanks for sharing your experience testing. Sounds like the i.Rally is the right ski for you!


  13. Hello,
    I’m an east coast intermediate getting to the advanced side. I already have an all mountain set but looking for something I can ride on piste groomers only. Really trying tonhow to carve well. I’m 5’7 and about fluctuate between 170-180. Sitting about 180 now. Is the the 163 looks like a good size for me. I tried the Titan in a 170 and they were a rock ship. Too much for what I was looking for at this point. As I said leaning toward tight carving. The 170 seemed a bit big for my ability. Would the Rally feel the same in 170? Or go for the 163 for now ? Would my weigh be an issue? Thanks

    1. Hi Scott!

      The Rally and Titan have a relatively similar flex pattern, so if the 170 Titan felt like a lot of ski for you I would expect a 170 cm Rally to basically feel the same. It does have a slightly tighter turn radius, so is a little more maneuverable in that sense, but overall it’s pretty similar. I don’t expect your weight will be an issue on the 163 cm, since I’m guessing you’re not exceptionally aggressive.

      Hope that helps!


  14. Am 5’8″ and 165lbs advanced/expert skier who skis mainly in Pa but always makes a trip or two to Vermont and this year am taking a month long trip out west if they start to get more snow. Believe in the need for two to possibly three skis. Currently have a Rtm 81 in a 170 length which is my go to ski at Blue Mountain. Am thinking of replacing it with the Head Rally in a 170 to gain a little quickness edge to edge on firm snow which is the usual conditions at Blue. Your thoughts? I do know the Rtm is a bit more versatile but looking for that tighter radius for skiing on a smaller mountain and I do have a ski that is 90 underfoot for more varied conditions.

    1. Hi Charlie!

      What year is your RTM 81? That ski has changed a bit over the years. Either way, I do think the i.Rally will give you the performance you’re looking for. It’s a little more responsive and a little quicker edge to edge. Not quite as versatile, but as you mentioned you already have a wider ski for softer snow conditions so I don’t think versatility should be much of a concern.


  15. Hi there,

    I’m looking for this supershape I.rally for my wife. She’s 5’5″ 105lbs. She’s a entry level instructor, confident in black runs but not aggressive for the moment and usually don’t pick up the speed. However, she would practice a lot to be improved quickly and need to ski fast in the future. I mean, probably…

    I’m just wondering if the 163cm size appropriate for her? Thank you for your advice.

    1. Hi Vincent!

      I think the i.Rally will be a great ski for your wife. It should give her a good tool to help improve her ability. I think 163 cm is an appropriate length for her. It will be about forehead height, which doesn’t feel excessively long to me by any means.

      Hope that helps!


  16. Hi Ski Essentials,

    Longtime expert skier here (53yo) who loves the Black Diamond mogul runs. I’m not sure if the term “frontside groomers” includes steeper “on-piste” mogul runs, or if it only refers to flatter corduroy skiing. Anyway, I always thought a “Slalom” ski type was great in the bumps for making quick edge to edge transitions at higher speeds through the bumps. However I read a sentence from you above that indicated wider skis might be better in the bumps. Why is this so I wonder?

    For an expert skier who can ski any marked run on the mountain, who rarely goes “off-piste” or in “hiking mode”, and who loves the black diamond bumps and challenging blues, what ski would be best in the Head lineup? Thanks for answering my questions!

    1. Hi Randy!

      When we talk about frontside groomers we’re really talking about smooth, groomed, relatively firm terrain.

      That being said I think the i.Rally could be a great mogul ski if that’s the feel you’re looking for. My comment about wider skis was more specifically in response to Ryan’s question about bump/stashes, which to me suggested he was using them in some softer snow conditions. It’s definitely dependent on the snow conditions and your own personal ski style. If you’re a high speed, quick edge to edge bump skier I think the Rally could work really well for. It’s also just a blast to ski on firmer snow conditions.

      If you really wanted more of a 50/50 ski in terms of use on groomers and in softer snow conditions you could make an argument that the new Kore 93 is more appropriate, but that ski is much, much wider and I’m guessing wouldn’t have quite the quickness edge to edge if you’re really looking for a slalom ski feel.

      What do you think?


  17. I am an agrressive skier,6’1 205 lbs, 45 yo and ex-racer. Don’t want race skis anymore but love to let em run and to rip it up on big long fast GS turns, will then jump into quick slalom turns for some fun on steeps. Mostly ski op Piste, but the will jump off for some bumps/stash craziness with the guys. Any thoughts on iRally vs iTitan. Or other ideas? Thanks

    1. Hey Ryan!

      You’re basically choosing between a slightly shorter turn radius in the Rally and a slightly wider ski for bumps, stashes, etc in the Titan. They both definitely rip and both do have a turn radius that’s in between a slalom ski and GS ski so I think you’d find you can achieve the turn shapes you’re looking for on both. I do think the Titan feels a little more comfortable and stable when you jump off piste, but it’s a pretty small difference. You could say the same about edge to edge quickness. The Rally does feel quicker, but barely. Where do you ski mostly?


  18. I want a quick turning carving ski for free-carving on groomers.
    I’m 5’9 @ 160 lbs @ 44 years with ex high-school racing experience…
    far from pro…
    But, I love to carve. I love to carve. I love to carve.

    ok, I love everything about the specs for the iRally 163… I’m just not sure if anyone has chosen to go smaller instead of the longer 170 or 177, seems like many are trying to go bigger for bigger sake?

    I already have all-mountain skis for big turns in the crud…
    I want something to lay-down some mind-blowing trenches…

    so, what do you think would be a down-side to the smaller 163?
    too tight?
    tooo unstable?
    toooo dangerous?
    or just plane amazing?


    1. Hi Steve!

      So, I’m about your size both in height and weight. I just went into our warehouse and stood next to a 163 cm iRally for a while pondering your question. You know, at first I thought that length was going to be too short, but after thinking about what you’re looking to achieve and how I would feel on a ski that length I don’t see any reason not to go with the 163 cm. If you’re really looking to link a ton of short radius turns, I think you’ll love it. Obviously it will have a little bit of a speed limit just because of the shorter length, but it doesn’t sound like that’s a concern for you. If you’re really driving the tip in soft snow there might be a couple times where you feel like you’re going to go head over heels, but in reality World Cup slalom skis are pretty similar in length, so I don’t even think that’s going to be much of an issue.

      What do you think?


  19. Thanks for the reviews … 60 yrs, 5’9″ tall and was an advanced skier in younger years when I worked in the Western Canadian Rockies (still like layin’ em down in the turns)! Love carving on groomers tight SL to more open GS speeds. Considering 170 cm Rallys, but find some Supershape reviews are similar regardless of model. Your advice would be appreciated.

    1. Hey Don!

      You find such similar reviews of the different Supershape skis because ultimately they’re all pretty similar. That being said, I do think the Rally is the best for what you’re looking for as its turn radius and shape blends SL and GS turns quite nicely. While the Speed has a slightly longer turn radius, it’s nice having the increased stability of the wider Rally for variable snow conditions. On the other hand it’s quicker edge to edge than the wider Titan model. While it’s always fun to try different skis to feel the difference, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the Rally by any means!


  20. Nice set of mini reviews.
    Mostly ski groomers but how does this perform on eastern close packed trees and our sometimes unfortunate iced-up mogul runs?

    Me: late 50’s, 5’11”. 165lbs. Advanced skier, used to be expert.
    Been skiing 164’s recently and comfortable on that size. Should I bump it up to 170?

    1. Hey Bobby!

      The Supershape I.Rally is predominantly designed as a carving ski. It’s really at its best on groomed, firm snow where you can take advantage of its impressive torsional stiffness, edge grip, and energy. That being said, you certainly could venture off-piste on it from time to time. It might get a little bogged down in soft snow with its 77 mm waist width, but would actually do quite well in the icy moguls you’re describing and even in tight eastern trees as long as there’s not deep fresh powder.

      Hope that helps!


  21. Thanks for the 2018 HEAD iRally reviews. It’s been my experience that for me weight more than height comes into play for length of ski choice. Very curious about the article comment that Marcus 6′-5″ height is a little tall for the 177cm long iRally. I like to ski groomers at a pretty good clip, not race speeds but like to arc medium radius turns and carry momentum. Last year skied the 16 iRally in 177 cm and frankly would have been happy on the 170 as well; 6′-7″, 195 lbs.

    Would be great to hear Marcus’s thoughts and other testers.
    Thank You

    1. Hey Mike!

      That comment comes mostly from perception. Marcus typically is on skis that are 185 cm or longer. Even on carving skis he prefers having a ski that’s over 180 cm. That being said Marcus still thought the ski had plenty of edge grip. You’ll notice Steve Brown also commented that they had plenty of edge grip and Steve is slightly bigger than Marcus at 6’6″ 235 lbs. I think it’s fair to say both of them would consider skiing a longer Supershape Rally if it existed, Marcus for one just made a comment that he wishes there was a 183 or 184 cm version.


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