2018 Head Supershape i.Titan Skis 2018 Head Supershape i.Titan Skis

2018 Head Supershape i.Titan Skis

The Supershape i.Titan is the widest ski in Head’s Performance All Mountain collection. These skis are more carving skis than anything else, although they are built with some versatility and ease-of-use that not many can match. Considering how much metal is in the construction of the i.Titan our testers found it to be relatively easy to ski and surprisingly playful for such a carving ski. We should touch on construction before going too much further: they use a wood core, metal laminates, Head’s Graphene application, and a KERS energy storage system found in F1 cars. On paper it’s a burly, full on carving ski with a ton of technology and high performance construction, but when you consider the fact that they have a 14.1 m turn radius at the 170 cm length it somewhat shatters the idea of them being of GS-race-ski-burliness.

Joe Cutts skied the 177 cm and was impressed by the power and stability of the Supershape i.Titan, especially considering the light weight achieved by the Graphene construction. “Shockingly damp and stable given how light it is. Light, but not at all wimpy or nervous.” Sometimes a ski, especially one that’s mostly camber, that’s noticeably light weight can also feel a little bit unstable, but that is certainly not true for the i.Titan. Joe, however, also found it to be quite forgiving and approachable for intermediate skiers as he described it as, “best suited for strong intermediates and up who like to go fast on groomed snow. Awesome rebound energy, but still well-behaved.”

Michael Rooney really enjoyed skiing the Head Supershape i.Titan. He also skied the 177 cm and gave the ski 5 out of 5 in every single one of our criteria, with flotation being the sole exception (we get it, 80 mm skis don’t float like powder skis). Michael found that the i.Titan did just about everything he asked it to. Considering how versatile he found it, he was impressed that it didn’t have any outstanding negative side effects. He described it as a “great all around ski without the usual compromises that means. Good in bumps and smooths out the chop. Good turns on hard pack. It’s a keeper!” You have to give the demo back, Michael, but we know where you can get a pair for the coming season.

Matt McGinnis typically wouldn’t be found on a ski like the Head Supershape i.Titan, although he did find it to be incredibly fun! “Of all the skis I’ve tested so far, the Head Supershape i.Titan was arguably the most fun. I expected a fast ski that was stiff to the point that would make it difficult to handle. The combination of metal and a super small turn radius make these skis an absolute blast. It’s rare to find a ski with this much metal that remains playful. Typically I wouldn’t recommend this much metal to an intermediate skier, but the maneuverability calls for an exception this time.” Matt also tested the 177 cm length, which is the longest of four available lengths.

We really think our testers gave great feedback on the Supershape i.Titan. Despite its strength, power, impressive edge grip, and excellent stability, it’s also quite maneuverable and relatively easy-to-ski. Although none of our testers specifically commented on it, we think the 80 mm waist width plays into the ski’s ease-of-use. It also gives the ski enhanced ability in softer snow conditions than some narrower carving skis. Perhaps that’s why Head says the i.Titan is “for slaying the everywhere and the in-between.”


Matt McGinnis Ski Tester Headshot Image

Matt McGinnis

Age: 27Height: 5'7"Weight: 175 lbs.

Ski Style: Surfy Freeride with a Freestyle Background

Joe Cutts Ski Tester Headshot Image

Joe Cutts

Age: 54Height: 6'3"Weight: 225 lbs.

Ski Style: Heavy-footed, a little reckless, bumps, trees, beer league

Jamie Bisbee Ski Tester Headshot Image

Jamie Bisbee

Age: 43Height: 5'10"Weight: 190 lbs.

Ski Style: Fast and Furious, like the movie

Michael Rooney Ski Tester Headshot Image

Michael Rooney

Age: 70Height: 6'"Weight: 155 lbs.

Ski Style: Fast and precise; racing background

74 Comments on the “2018 Head Supershape i.Titan Skis”

  1. Hi, I’m a 55yr old skier and I absolutely love the Head Supershape series – they make me look good on the snow! I’ve had an opportunity to ski on the Magnums and Rally but not the Titans. I’ve skied on these in Japan and Australia. The Magnums were just electric to ski on – they just wanted to leap from edge to edge and gave as good as they got. Felt like I was being encouraged to drive these skis into action on short fast turns and I loved it. I swapped over to a pair of the Rallys and while they were a little quieter, more controlled, they were still a delight giving amazing energy out of the turns.

    While skiing in Australia we had some heavy/thick snow conditions and there the Rallys seemed to come undone – as someone mentioned like driving an F1 car on a rally track.

    If I go for the Titans will they help with the heavy conditions but loose more of that exciting drive of the Rallys – like the difference between the Magnums and the Rallys or are they still just as exciting to ski on. I’d hate for them to become sluggish and lazy feeling when the Rallys are SO much fun.

    1. Hi Rob!
      Maybe not “just” as exciting to ski on, but you do get a bunch of extra versatility with the extra width, so I think it may be worth the sacrifice for on-trail energy. Have fun!

  2. Hello, I’m 45 years old, intermediate/advanced skier, I’m 6,1 ft, 207 Lb. Ski mostly in the Alps. I’ve had patellar luxation surgery and now have arthrosis of the knee. I’ve been recovering and lately only ski with the ski-mojo system, and mainly on groomers, still, I like to ski fast. My last 4 years I’ve been on a HEAD SKI REV 80 Pro at 177 cm. But I would like a more manoeuvrable ski on piste, that can ski fast and stable, but forgiving, easy to turn, and damping enough for my knees. Are the Titan´s a good option? If so in 170 or 177?

    Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Diogo!
      While I would certainly say the Titan is fast and stable, I wouldn’t necessarily say they’re forgiving and easy to turn. The Head V Shape V10 might be a better choice, it’s a bit wider and a bit softer, but still handles speed pretty darn good! I’d go with the upper-170’s.

  3. I rented some Imagnums for a week and loved them ( once I realised they just want to turn and turn and turn ) . The shop said to try the Titan and I wish I had but I tired some World Cup rebels ISLR instead, which were fun but too specific . Although I’ve not been skiing long I am planning to do a ski Instructor course next season and think my weakest area might be short radius turns on the steeps but the ski needs to versatile for variables , bumps and of course carving . There isn’t much off piste in the exam.

    Would the ITitan be better ? I’m 6’1 and 210lbs and liked the 177 I Magnum.

    1. Hi Kenton!

      You don’t necessarily need to go to the Titan. The Magnum and Titan are very similar skis. It’s mostly just a question of which width works better for you. The Titan is a little wider, which helps in un-groomed terrain and when groomers get soft, but it’s slower edge to edge. So, somewhat of a toss up whether you value the quicker edge to edge feel or a more stable ski through softer snow. Does that make sense?


  4. I’m suffering information overload. I’m looking to get out of my old skis and into a new ski while last years models are on sale.
    I’m a patroller so I need a ski that better handles running a sled, side slipping and snowplow. My fully rockered ski doesn’t get the edge I need and ends up chattering something fierce. Agressive, advanced/expert skier, 5’8” 175 lbs. I ski the east. Mostly on piste carving, a little trees and bumps, 45 mph max. I’ve got several friends that just picked up the Head rally. I’m torn between the rally and titan. Titan a bit more because of the wider width that will take a bit more powder.

    1. Hi Brad!
      I’d go with the Titan over the Rally for your application. You need a pretty constant balance point for the Rally, whereas the Titan has more stability overall. Have fun!

  5. I am interested in purchasing the HEAD SUPERSHAPE I.TITAN but need some help deciding on the length 170cm or 163cm please. I currently ski all mountain skis, the Volkl Mantra M5 170cm (96 under foot). I am an advanced level skier, and 170cm 80kg.

    I am concerned I shouldn’t have the same length ski for two very different type skis??

    1. Hi David!
      In this case, I agree. I’d go with the 163. The skis are very stable and precise, and it’s easy to get behind on a longer ski of this type. Hope that helps!

  6. I’m a 42 year old female PSIA ski instructor, 5’6′, strong and athletic at 170lbs. I ski aggressively and fast, I enjoy all turn shapes. I’ve been on a Head Super Joy for three years and this year especially I’ve felt that it’s too light and doesn’t power through crud in they way I wish it would. I demo’d a pair of iSpeeds yesterday and absolutely loved them, they felt so powerful and precise underfoot. I had a smile on my face the entire time and I had no trouble bending them or driving them. I think I’m overdue for a men’s performance ski. Do you think I’d like the iMagnums or iTitans just as much?

    1. Hi Heather!
      Yup! If you liked the iSpeeds, you’ll love the other models as well. The Titan’s are simply fantastic at carving powerful and precise turns. You’ll lose a bit of precision but gain a bit of versatility with the Magnum, so be prepared for that. I’d say the Titan is the ski for you if you like that precision! Have fun!

      1. Heather – I am a former ski instructor, and consider myself to be a strong and athletic female. I am 5’11” and 180 pounds. I also like aggressive and fast on skis! I currently ski a Fischer RC4 slalom race ski. Curious – where were you able to demo the iSpeeds? I live in the Midwest but we have a family trip planned out to Colorado for spring skiing. I have called around everywhere and cannot find anyone that is demo-ing any version of the Super Shapes. I would love to try any version of the Super Shape (iTitan, iRally, iMagnum, or iSpeed) just to get an idea before I spend the money and switch over from my Fischers. Anyone have any suggestions where I can demo or rent Super Shapes in Colorado? Thank you!

  7. *cross posted to your Volkl RTM article*

    I am considering to get a front side groomer ski. Current run on 180cm Blizzard Bonafides (98 underfoot, replaced Volkl Gotamas) and love them to bits but they will chatter at higher speed, harder turns and if the groomers are hard. Ski 183cm Volkl Shiros for pow days (119 underfoot). I am thinking of the Volkl RTM 84’s or the Head SuperShape I.Titans (81 underfoot @ 177cm). Do you have an opinion on one vs. the other? I tend to ski groomers fast with big GS-like turns but do enjoy shorter radius turns as well. I would put myself as a strong intermediate to advanced skier, will ski single and double blacks and love it! 6’1″, 205lbs. What about size selection? I have hesitant for some reason to go longer than 180cm. The Heads come in 170 & 177. I feel the 170’s are far too short. The RTM’s come in 177 & 182. Thank you for your insight.

    1. Hi Ken!
      Between those two, I’d say the Head is the more precise on-trail carver while the RTM is a bit more versatile and easy-going. The tip and tail of the Head are wide and flat while the RTM has slight tip and tail rocker that make the ski a bit more forgiving getting onto the edge and releasing from the turn. I’d go with the 177 in whichever model you choose. Have fun!

      1. Thanks for the comments. I may have the chance to demo the Head I.Titans this weekend. Unfortunately I don’t think I have a demo option for the RTM’s.

  8. Hi. I can’t decide between Head supershape I.titan and I.rally 170 or 177 ?. I am an advanced expert skier and I only ski on groom. I am 5.10 ft tall and I weight 170 pounds. My previous skis were Aromic Blackeye TI 174 cm.

    1. Hi Bogdan!
      I’d say you could get the 177 if you’re comfortable on the 174 Atomic. I believe I answered your question on the Rally page as well, but I’d go with the Rally if you are looking for the utmost precision.

  9. Hay guys,
    looking for a carving ski to ski on the corduroy in the east coast. I am currently skiing on a Salomon 100 under foot and it is great for the woods and for days that there is a little powder and soft corduroy. love the ski but it doesn’t like the hard corduroy. I am 50 years of age and been skiing since I can remember and I love to carve and make quick turns. I have a line on a pair of 177 titans. Do you think I would like these skis?

    1. Hi Allan!

      The Titan is great! Tremendous edge grip, lots of power and energy, and just a lot of fun. It’s also wide enough to handle some variable snow conditions too. I know that’s not a huge concern for you as you already have wider skis, but sometimes things get a bit bumped up or soft on the groomers in the afternoon. Go for it! They’re a blast to ski and love to carve.


  10. I am currently skiing on Atomic D2 Race SL 160cm and I am 5’11” and 180, 69 years old, still skiing fast and love short turns. I am looking at Head I Magnum or Rally in 163 or possibly an Atomic Redster S9 in 165. Not sure about rocker as I haven’t skied anything recent that has it. Will I be OK with the length/ performance of either? I ski all day in my Race SL’s with no problem, except that they don’t do well in more than a few inches of powder. I ski in the US EAST so usually hard groom conditions. Recommendations?

    1. I like the sound of the Titan for you, with the exception that you still won’t get that powder performance. But if you’re on the groomers all day, you’ll like the extra width and stability. I’d stick to about the 165 cm length in that model. Any rocker found in these types of skis is generally minimal and its only purpose is to allow for easier turn initiation. Hope that helps!

  11. For the last 7 years I’ve been skiing on Elan Mystic QT Womens Skis with ELW 9.0 Bindings, lenght 157cm, but now I would like to upgrade the skis. I’m 23, hight 170cm, I would say I’m advanced skier, with quite strong legs (handball training for about 14year) and I ski all my life. Like to go fast, and changing the lenght of my turns.

    Do you think the i.Titan would be a good fit? I’m also considering Völkl Smuči Racetiger SC+ Marker vMotion 10 GW 2019. Do you have any other suggestion?

    Thank you for your answer

    1. Hi Breta!
      The Titan is a great ski for charging the groomers regardless of how icy they are. If you are doing more off-piste skiing there are better options, but if you like to go fast on the groomers, it’s hard to beat that Head! For a more all-mountain ski, check out the Volkl Secret, it’s a bit wider but still carves and likes to go fast!

  12. Hi
    I am looking for skis for an east coast 70 year old male. 6’1” 240 lbs. lifetime skier. He just wants something fun and easy to ski at this point. Appreciate your insight. Terrific website. Thanks.

    1. Hi Doug!

      I wouldn’t necessarily call the Titan easy to ski. It’s fairly stiff and relatively heavy. I would take a look at the Salomon XDR line. They are high performing skis, but are a little easier going than a ski like the Titan. I put them squarely in the “fun and easy to ski” description, especially for a lifelong skier of his size. There are a few of them of different widths, I would probably look at the 84. Not super wide so doesn’t require a high edge angle, but also wide enough to give it some stability in softer snow conditions.

      Hope that helps!


  13. Hi SE,

    I am hesitating between the 2018 HEAD SUPERSHAPE I.TITAN(170cm) and the Atomic Vantage 90 CTI Skis 2018(169cm), as you can see the main difference here is the waist. (80mm comparing to 90mm)
    I am 5′ 9” 160Lbs, and my skill is between intermediate and advanced. I spent most of my time on piste, but is potentially going to try some off-piste. I like high speed and steep trails. Can you give me some suggestion on which ski is more suitable for me to use in most of conditions?(I am in Los Angeles and Mammoth Resort is my favorite place)

    Thanks so mcuh

    1. Hi Jinze Du!
      I just answered your question on the Vantage page, here it is again: I’d recommend the Atomic. Not only is it wider and more all-mountain oriented, but the shape of the Head Titan is VERY carving-oriented. If you’re looking for a ski with even a whiff of potential for off-piste and adventure skiing, and these are your two options, then I’d go with the Vantage. It’s amazing how well the 90mm underfoot skis carve these days, more so than how the 80 mm carving skis handle off-piste terrain. The sizing sounds right to me! Have fun!

    2. Hey Jinze Du:

      We’re probably about the same skill level (I do everything up to single black) and I have the Vantage 90’s. If you’re looking for a single pair of skis, I heartily recommend them. They’re an excellent all-mountain ski. The only reason I’m looking at Supershapes is for those hard snow days – the Atomics can’t keep up to my buddies on their dedicated frontside skis.

  14. Hi

    I am advances intermediate and ski mostly in the east. I am 49 years old and starting to ski more with my kids who race and trying to keep up!

    I am 5’11” and weigh 152 lbs.

    I ski in Rissignol Experince 84s and really enjoy them but looking to add something a little faster and great at carving. Was thinking of Head Super Shape i Titan but open to other recommendation. Also have typically skied in 170 to 174cm skis but have trimmed down recently and wondering if that is the right length for a good carver.



    1. Hi Doug!

      The Supershape Titan should be exactly what you’re looking for. More stability at speed, more power, a little quicker edge to edge, and more responsive. Definitely a superior carving ski to the Experience 84.

      I would go with the 170 cm length. That’s perfectly appropriate for someone your size. No need to go with the longest, 177 cm length, but 170 cm feels right to me. 163 cm, the next size down, would probably feel quite small to you. For a carving ski like the Titan, 170 cm feels right. A lot of people like the Supershape Rally too. Extremely similar, but a little quicker edge to edge because it’s narrower. It’s worth taking a look at if the Supershape series speaks to you.

      Hope that helps!


  15. I’m looking at buying the Head Supersharpe Magnum at 163 length. I weigh 75 kg and am 5,9’’ tall and have been skiing for 35 years so advanced. I’m used to skiing on 165 Atomic race and don’t want to loose the quick and fast slalom feel turns on the SS. Most advise on length online seems to suggest 170 length but I’m afraid these will be a little sluggish for me when doing quick turns and I prefer a shorter ski. My optimum length would probably be 165/166. Do you think I’d be ok with the Magnum 163’s?

    1. Hi Tim!

      Yeah, if you prefer shorter turn shapes there’s no reason why you can’t ski the Supershape Magnum in the 163 cm length. I don’t think the 170 cm would necessarily feel sluggish to you, but if you’re concerned about that length being too much I don’t think you need to worry about the 163 cm. Should feel relatively similar to what you’re used to skiing.

      Hope that helps!


  16. I will be 70 years old at the start of ski season, am 5′ 6″ tall and weigh 147 lbs. I have been skiing for 58 years and raced in prep school in Vermont for one year in the late 1960s. I am a good advanced skier, but due to age don’t ski as fast as I used to but still like to ski groomed runs at a good clip Four years ago I skied the RTM 84 in a VWerks full rocker version at a 171 and found it a bit squirrely due to lack of camber, so two years ago, I moved to the Supershape Titan in a 170. It was great on icy conditions once I got it going on hard snow, but found it not as quick as I wanted it edge to edge for short turns and had trouble initiating parallel turns on catwalks and ended up snowplowing there.In fact I skied on them with a recently retired World Cup racer who said the steeper the run, the better i skied.I have been thinking of moving to the iRally this year to get the quicker turns, but have been told by one local shop that because I weigh only 147, and am only 5′ 6″, I should be on a 163 not a 170. I have never skied a ski that short, so worry about losing stability, but don’t like the difficulty initiating turns at slow speeds on fairly flat runs on the 170 Titans. I should note that I also own and ski the Nordica Enforcer 100 in a 177 when I am not on very hard snow and have none of the issues with it that I have with the Titan. (And the Enforcer does hold pretty well if it hits hard snow.) Don’t get get me wrong, I think the Titan is a great ski, but I would like your opinion on my moving from it to a Rally and whether I should drop down in the Rally to a 163, or stay at a 170.
    Thank you,

    1. Hey Myron!
      That’s a tremendous amount of information! First off, the 2018 and 2019 RTM 84 has camber underfoot, so that ski will perform a lot differently than the one you skied years ago, so don’t cross that one off the list quite yet if the rocker profile was your only issue. As far as Titan vs. Rally, my guess is that you’ll run into similar issues with both of them insofar as the tail of the skis are absolutely flat. They both want to be on edge from tip to tail at all times, so regardless of model or size, that tail wants to stay locked in the turn as long as possible. Conversely, the tips want to dive in and start the next turn right away. The tip and tail rocker of the RTM line allow you, the skier, to better dictate shape and duration of the turn. Moving to the Rally will make you quicker edge to edge due to the narrower shape, but it sounds like you might be looking for something different. There’s a huge selection in that mid-80 mm underfoot system ski/on-trail carve. Head VShape series, Volkl RTM, Blizzard Quattro, Atomic Vantage, and K2 Konic lines all have a mid-80 mm option that you should look into. Hope that helps!

      1. Dear SE,
        Thank you for your response about all the skis in the mid-80 mm range other than the Head Super Shapes I could consider, Perhaps, the amount of information I gave you distracted you from my basic question, which was whether you thought, given my height and weight (5′,6″ and 147 lbs.), I should drop down from a 170 to a 163 in going from an i Titan to an i Rally. I really like the edge grip and turning at speed of the Titans, as well as how they complete the turns and do not want to give all that up.I simply want a quicker turning version.
        I did not mention before that when I had the RTMs, my soft snow ski was the Soul 7 which is 106 mm and which I did not like. Now that I am on the Nordica Enforcer 100 (which I love) for my soft snow ski, I am happier skiing on somewhat narrower skis and really do not want a ski as wide as a mid-80 mm ski for a carving ski.
        I have done more research since my last e-mail and also spoke to Owen in your office, along with others in other shops about many of the skis you mentioned. I am now convinced, both from talking to Owen and to others, that I want to stick with the Super Shape but should move to the 163 in the i Rally. I appreciate, however the time you took to reply.
        Myron G.

      2. I will have to write something here as I am trying to find my new pair of skis a long time now. I am 40 and I have been skiing for 34 years now and I consider myself as an advansed skier. I skied on Volkl racetiger from 2012 and I have some problems with finding a new pair. I like racing and on piste but also sometimes want to make it off the piste,I was trying to find an all mountain and still race ski if it is possible. tried with atomic vantage but I am not satisfied cause the ski is to stiff for me and people told me to try new head super shape i rally,and this gentlman here had it very clear for me but yet if you have any other suggestions please I would like to know,
        Thanx in advance!

      3. Hi Majda!
        The Head iRally and Titans are both very trail and carving-oriented skis. They have a full tip to tail type of construction that makes the ski want to be on edge all of the time. If that is the type of skiing that you do, then these things are perfect. If you’re doing any off-piste skiing, they’ll fall short. Have you checked out the Volkl RTM 84 or the K2 IKonic 84? They’re a bit wider and more versatile than the Head skis, but still rip on-trail. There’s a lot to like about those mid-80’s underfoot system skis, and you’ll probably be happy on any of them! For a flat, non-system ski, check out the Liberty V76. Have fun!

  17. HI Sandy,

    I am an intermediate-advance skier who is looking to buy new skis. I currently have the Atomic Nomad Crimson TI in 177cms (I measure 1.79cms). I have to say that when skiing alpine, turning fast becomes hevy… I tried an older version of the Head Supershape Titan and really liked it. Skis were very smooth and a bit shorter than the ones I had. Much lighter and faster turns.

    I have doubts about buying the SuperShape Titan and the Supershape Magnum. Could you help me decide? What about faster and shorter turns? Stability? any other consideration?

    I normally ski on groomed snow even though I also tend to do some off piste/non groomed 30% of the time.

    Your help is appreciated!!

    1. Hi Mark!
      The Titan is surely a great ski. If you’re looking for something to make quicker turns and have a bit more versatility, check out the Head V-Shape series, specifically the V10. It’s a bit wider than the Titan and has a more all-mountain character, but if you’re doing 30% off-piste, that’s something to consider. The Atomic Vantage X 80 CTi is another ski to check out for front side skis that can handle off-piste terrain and conditions as well. Hope that helps!

  18. Hi
    I have been skiing the titans for the last couple of seasons. Love em. I have been using Alpine bindings but I am wondering how they would go with a telemark setup. I am an upper intermediate telemark skier who has skied on 12 yr old teles which are due for an upgrade. I love carving on My teles so was wondering if you have any thoughts on titans with a Tele setup

    1. Hi Nick!
      I think the Titan would make a great telemark carving ski with one caveat: the system binding plate would have to be removed, and the pre-drilled holes for that plate might interfere with a telemark mount point. Whenever you’re doing something like this, make sure you take your gear to a reputable ski shop and clearly explain what you want to do. Check out the Nordica Navigator 85 or a similar low-mid 80 mm underfoot non-system ski for a carving tele setup–you’ll love the advancements!

  19. My first run with the Titan was a little tricky. I adjusted a bit and all of a sudden I was loving the ski. Powerful Turn, turn, turn. Never let me down. Rock solid. As a former ski instructor I would not recommend this ski to an intermediate.

  20. Hey guys/gals at SE,

    I am thinking about upgrading my 2016 Salomon X-Drive 8.0 Ti (Double Titanium – 177cm, 80mm & R15m) to something similar, perhaps more aggressive and I came across i.Titan. I had a chance to demo the 2015 model recently and I think I liked it. I am 6’3″, 175 lbs, advanced frontside skier (backside rider). Would you recommend this pair of skis (or any other) as an upgrade? I am also wondering if I should go with 170 or 177 cm.
    Thank you in advance for your response!


    1. Hi Vik!

      At your size and considering your an aggressive advanced skier I would go with the 177 cm length. It will have a little more power, slightly better edge grip than the 170 cm, and better stability too. I definitely think the i.Titan is a nice upgrade over your X-Drives. Even though they’re relatively similar (metal construction, 80 mm waist), I find the Titan outperforms it by quite a bit.

      Hope that helps!

  21. Hi there from Austria! I am 49 years old, skiing since 44 years, i like aggressive fast skiing on hard piste. I am 186cm (6’1″)tall and 84kg (185lb).I actually own a Head Rally 177, Atomic Doubledeck SL 171 and Atomic FIS SL 165. The Atomics are great fun on hard snow but i like the head most for its versatility – hard snow in the morning and soft in the afternoon.

    I consider to have another ski for all day skiing: it must be aggressive at fast turns on hard piste conditions, but i’d like to ski on soft snow, moguls and off piste as well.

    I am thinking of a Volkl Kendo, Blizzard Brahma, Kastle FX85HP or the Head Titan.
    What would you recommend?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Klaus!

      I think the Kendo or the Brahma would give you the performance you’re looking for. They handle aggressive high speed turns really, really well, but also perform well in softer snow, moguls, and other off-piste terrain. The FX 85 HP would be a good choice too, but I find the little bit of extra width in those other two skis helps in soft snow a fair amount. I’m sure you’ll be able to handle both the Brahma and Kendo. One of the biggest differences is turn radius, the Brahma has a shorter turn radius so feels quicker and more responsive on firm snow, while the Kendo allows for pivoting and smearing turns a little easier.

      Hope that helps!


  22. I am interested in the Super shape line after demoing the rally the last two years. I am 6’5″ and 180lbs. I think something longer than the 177cm that all but the speeds come it would be better but I want something more versitle than the speeds. I live in Wisconsin so I am confined to piste skiing most of the time so even though I like to be a little more adventurous and explore the backside of the mountain, I want a ski that will get me the most out the Midwest and will be manageable whenever I go out west. I also want something fast edge to edge, which I found the rally to be but I am worried going with the Titan would sacrifice that. Thoughts?

    1. Hi Alex!

      The Titan isn’t really that much slower edge to edge than the Rally. It’s just a little bit wider, so a touch slower, but barely noticeable to be honest. It’s definitely the most appropriate for soft snow out of the Supershape collection, but again it’s barely wider than the Rally so it’s not a huge difference between the two. You could consider going a touch wider into a ski like the Blizzard Brahma. Still rips on firm snow, but even more capable in softer snow when you go out west. Just a thought. It comes in a longer length too, as does just about anything else in that category.

      Hope that helps!


  23. I’m in Fernie, skiing on these ski’s right now and I’m in love. The boyz in rentals gave them to me to try and thought they might be a bit much for me. At first they seemed too heavy so I went back and asked for a ladies equivalent. I went for one run with the ladies and I was sold. I went back to the boyz and said I want me Heads back and they just laughed at me. I was given a nice compliment as one of they guys said “you must be a good technical skier because they’re too much for me to handle”. That made my day…as I’m a 46year old girl doing what I love🎿🎿

  24. Hi there! I’m looking for a new pair of skis for everyday skiing around the piste and socially. I’ve been skiing about 30 years, since I was a child. I’m an advanced skier with some race experience (I do the Inferno) and for everyday/social skiing I like to do fast carving on pistes plus occasionally paddling around off piste along the sides of the pistes on good days.

    I’m quite a Head aficionado, I like their smooth, damped ride and their power while carving. I currently use a pair of Head Xenon 7s at a 163cm length but I feel these are too small for me (I’m 6ft and about 80kg) as they’re hopeless off piste and I’m often at the edges of what they can do while piling on the power in fast carving. I like the idea of some Supershape Magnums but something which can do a bit of occasional off piste on a whim would be helpful (I’m planning to get a more dedicated pair of off piste skis) so I’d be interested to hear whether you think a pair of Supershape Titans would be a better idea and what length would work best.

    1. Hey Colin!

      Have you considered splitting the difference and going with the Supershape Rally? To me that seems like it might be the way to go. The width of the Rally is right in between the Magnum and Titan. It’s quick edge to edge still, but has a little more surface area than the Magnum when you happen to head off piste. Considering it sounds like you’re kind of stuck between the Magnum and Titan the Rally seems like a fantastic choice.

      I think at your height and weight you could also jump up to the 170 cm length. That will give you a little more surface area when you’re in softer snow conditions and I don’t expect you’ll find that length to be too challenging to ski.

      Hope that helps!


  25. I am about to take my first plunge in to the ski purchase market and am undecided on the Head Titan or the Salomon XDR 80ti. I want a piste ski with some flexibility for the softer snow as well. I am 5’9ish and am intermediate / advanced (whatever that means). A strong skier that covers most ground, preferably aggressive reds. I have been recommended 163 length but do you agree and which one would you go for ? If not the above, are there others to consider ? Thanks

    1. Hi Nick!

      The Salomon XDR 80 Ti is, in my opinion, the better ski for what you’re looking for. It does really well on groomed snow conditions, but the tips and tails are softer than the Titan so it handles soft snow and variable conditions better. It might not be quite as powerful as the Titan, but definitely more versatile and still rips turns on piste. I think in the XDR you could go with the 169 cm length.

      What do you think?


      1. I thought you might say that but seemingly I have fallen in love with the Titan. Apparently the tech all others are trying to copy. Apparently the KERS chip makes it a little like buckeroo until you tame them. 163 is the length I have been recommended. Agree ? You say slightly longer with the Salomon or does that apply to both ?

      2. Hey Nick,

        If you go with the Titan you might not need to go with the longer length. I take if you’ve skied the Titan? Or just fallen in love after reading reviews? it’s a stiffer ski through the whole length, so a little bit less forgiving in un-groomed snow, so I think probably 163 cm would be more manageable at your ability level.


  26. Hi guys. I can’t tell you how helpful your ski reviews are and how glad I am that I found them recently. I’m a former high school racer from NH and now 46 yrs old living in San Fran. My home mountain is Squaw Valley. I’m 5’11” and weigh 155 lbs. I’m an aggressive skier but slowing down a bit now due to the fear factor creeping in. I haven’t owned a ski in 10 yrs but want to buy now. Have only been on the RTM 84 the last few seasons but the Head Titan and Atomic Vantage 83 both sound like they could be great for my style. My favorite is hard pack steeps but i need something that can handle the occasional deeper snow at Squaw as well – not talking deep powder days but just the ability to still turn quickly in 6 inches of new snow. I’m also curious on your thoughts on the right length for me. When I went from 167 to 172 on the RTM they just felt more sluggish without any added benefit. Would a 163 Titan be your reccomendation for me? Thanks!

    1. Hey Brad!

      Do you know what version RTM 84 you were on? I’m curious if maybe it was the reverse camber (full rocker) version. That ski skied a little funny, which could possible account for your reaction to moving up in length?

      I ask because in my opinion 163 cm seems a little bit short for your height and weight. In my opinion a 170 cm Titan feels like the right length for you on paper considering your size and how you’re describing your skiing. That being said, ski length isn’t carved in stone, a lot of it comes down to personal preference. 168 cm Vantage 83 could be the way to go? I actually think that ski does a little better in soft snow than the Titan and 168 cm to me again seems more appropriate than the 163 cm Titan.

      Hope that helps!


      1. Ok that’s definitely helpful. How many versions of the RTM 84 are there? I think it was full rocker. I tend to agree with your thoughts on length and especially since I still ski fast and could use the added stability. So it sounds like I could probably narrow down to the 83 Vantage 168 and 170 Titan. From there I’ll just need to think about typical Squaw conditions and make a decision based on which ski will give me the best versatility but still be highly responsive when carving on the firmer days.

      2. Hey Brad!

        There are quite a lot of versions of the RTM, partly because they’ve changed the construction so many times throughout the years. I’m guessing you were on the full rocker version too, which had kind of a funny feeling. I think it’s a toss up between the Vantage and the Titan. From my experience the Vantage is a little bit more user-friendly in soft snow, while the Titan feels a touch more powerful on firm snow, but realistically they’re quite close in performance.


  27. If you compere Head SS Titan and Völkl RTM 84 UVO, which one would you prefer if you are intermediate skier?
    Gratings from Sweden

    1. Both skis are directed more towards advanced and expert skiers, however if you’re a strong intermediate skier they may suit you. Personally, I find the Head Titan to be a bit more accessible. It has a slightly tighter turn radius, a more supple feel and it initiates very easily. That’s going to make it easier to ski and help you progress. A lot of our testers like the RTM 84 for intermediate skiers, but it has a bit of a plankier, stiffer feel to it. Both are great skis and I don’t think you can go wrong either way.

  28. Hello, I’m a former ski instructor and guide who have a child that skis with a bi-unique biski from Enabling Technologies, with me as a partner. The biski is equiped with a pair of ”Nordica GS jr” skis with a radius of 14m. Why that’s important to know is because if my skis match the biski skis it is possible to carve as hard as you dare! During the last 6 years I have used two pair of skis; a pair of Fischer Progressor 9+ (early season and frontside) and a pair of Extrem PT84 (late season, softer snow/“side” country). My kid loves two things in the biski, witch means I also likes two things when we ride together; (1) riding well prepared slopes in something like Mach 1 (or at least as fast as I dare) and (2) to go down off pist runs in blue or red inclination (also as fast as possible). For about three years ago I got tired of all ski maintanence and therefore I wish to minimize my “ski wardrobe”. So I’ve been looking for a pair of skis that could replace my Fischer and Extrem skis with only one pair.

    So, long explanation/background to my question: Would Head SS iTitan work as a frontside slalom racer AND as a fun ski at the side of the slope those days that the conditions are right for that? (When I ski by my self I have other skis for pure back country skiing so the main purpose here is frontside skiing with about 20-30 percent easy off pist skiing.)

    I have also looked at the iRally model because I believe it in theory would be quicker from edge to edge, but then I get close to the dimensions my Fischer skis has and then I belive they will be to narrow when we ski beside the slopes (it’s not very comfortable for neither me nor my child, to crash and tumble down the slope, connected to a biski… 🙂 ).


    1. Hi Marcus!

      I think the SS iTitan will be a great ski for you. I think it’s an appropriate ski considering what you’re looking to do. It’s still quick edge to edge and has a nice responsive feel on firm snow, but is wide enough that it can handle some softer snow conditions without feeling like it’s getting bogged down or having your boot catch in soft snow.

      Overall the Titan and the Rally are really similar skis, although I do think you’ll appreciate having the slight extra width of the Titan.

      Hope that helps!


  29. Skied the i rally 170cm, and Rossi P700 177cm. Preferred the P700s as they gave me more rebound out of the turn and felt a bit lighter/quicker edge-to-edge. Would I get more of that ‘Rossi’ feel out of a different Supershape? (I’m more of a front side pecision carver).

    1. Hi Don!

      You’d probably like the Supershape i.Speed more than any of the others. That’s the narrowest in the Supershape line and the most focused on true frontside, firm snow performance.

      Hope that helps!


  30. I’m coming from the HEAD CHIP SUPERSHAPE (2009) @ 170 cm, and like to ski really fast and on edge.

    I think I want to go a bit wider this time, but I don’t want to give up too much sidecut and lose my carving grip and radius. These Titans seem like the natural evolution, but I was wondering if there were any other skis out there I should consider?

    1. Hi Eric!

      I agree that the Titan seems like the natural evolution. If you enjoyed your 2009 Supershapes you’re going to love the 2018 SS Titan! Of course, there are other skis you could consider. The Blizzard Quattro RX or 8.4 Ti comes to mind as a ski that’s on the wider side, but still delivers awesome performance for fast, aggressive skiers. Volkl’s RTM line is always popular as well in the “over 80 mm underfoot” carving ski world. Still, if you liked the feel of your current Supershapes it’s hard to not recommend sticking with a brand that you’re familiar with and have proven success with.

      Hope that helps!


  31. Looking for a ski that is most similar to my 178cm BBR’s 140/80/105 R 11.0 I’m an aggressive advanced skier that likes speed, carving and the blue bumps.
    Love your reviews!


    1. Hi Sandy!

      I think the Supershape Titan could be a great ski for you! I would also check out the Salomon XDR collection. Neither are going to have the same super-wide tip as your BBRs, but both do focus on performance on groomers while building in some versatility for other terrain. The Supershape i.Titan is a ripping ski, probably has the edge out of the tree in terms of performance on groomed slopes, while a ski like the Salomon XDR 84 Ti is going to be a little bit more user-friendly in terrain like moguls. I think both could potentially work great for you, depending on whether you want to go with a little extra performance on groomers or in bumps.


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