2018 Kastle MX 84 Skis 2018 Kastle MX 84 Skis

2018 Kastle MX 84 Skis

The Kastle MX 84 is somewhat of a unique ski these days. Its 84 mm waist width definitely puts it into the “all mountain” category, but it has construction that’s more commonly found in race skis with its dense wood core and two sheets of titanal. Also, perhaps most notably, it uses full camber, which has become rare in the mid-80 mm width range. Skiers that want ultra-responsive, powerful performance on firm snow are drawn to the MX line and its cambered shapes. It’s becoming harder and harder to find a full cambered all mountain ski, which positions the MX 84 as a relatively unique package that is bound to have a strong, relatively specific following. The 84 mm waist width is relatively wide compared to a dedicated race ski, which gives the MX 84 increased stability when the snow conditions are soft like, for example, a groomed slope right after a significant snowfall.

Mike Aidala definitely found the MX 84 had plenty of power scoring it 5 out of 5 for stability and torsional stiffness, but he also found it to be impressively maneuverable. He tested the 176 cm length and described it as “the perfect high performance carving ski with traditional camber and a short turn radius.” He thought it “held an awesome edge and made both short quick turns and high speed GS turns very well.” Even though the 84 mm waist width is relatively wide compared to traditional carving skis, it’s still best in groomed terrain. Those who want a more versatile ski for off-piste scenarios may want to jump over to the FX line which uses tip and tail rocker and early taper. The design of the MX 84 is rooted in responsive performance on firm snow. “It is a great ski for high performance skiers that miss having just a full camber ski that offers awesome rebound out of each turn.” Rockered skis just can’t compare to the energy and spring out of a turn when on a cambered ski.

Matt McGinnis skied the 184 cm length and agreed that the MX 84 liked to be skied fast and aggressively. “With full length camber and two sheets of metal this ski wants nothing more than to go fast and hold long hard carves.” Matt gave the MX 84 5 out of 5 for stability and torsional stiffness and definitely didn’t think they were lacking in power and energy. Matt admitted that the snow conditions weren’t best when he was testing the MX 84 and commented that “in slow, chopped crud snow the MX 84 doesn’t shine, but they’d be an absolute blast under perfect groomer conditions.” In fact, they’re so good on groomers that Matt went as far as calling them a “perfect groomer day” ski. Matt ended his comments on the MX 84 by saying, “you know the group of skiers who groaned, grumbled, and never gave into the rocker trend? These skis are for them.”

While there might be a small amount of sarcasm in Matt’s comment as there really aren’t many skiers who don’t think rocker makes sense in certain applications, it does touch nicely on the skis’ intended use. The MX 84 is far and away best on groomed slopes, although unlike some narrower carving or race-specific skis they won’t get bogged down if those groomers have some soft snow on them. The 84 mm waist width provides increased stability in these situations and allows you to continue to lay down powerful carving turns despite a lack of really firm snow. Handmade, high end materials, and a killer design; what more can you ask for?


Mike Aidala Ski Tester Headshot Image

Mike Aidala

Age: 40Height: 5'9"Weight: 170 lbs.

Ski Style: As fast as the terrain allows

Matt McGinnis Ski Tester Headshot Image

Matt McGinnis

Age: 27Height: 5'7"Weight: 175 lbs.

Ski Style: Surfy Freeride with a Freestyle Background

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  1. Gentlemen: two questions for you. I have been looking at these “ end of season sales” and came across the MX 84.

    I am 59 , 5ft 10, 180 lbs and have been skiing since I was 6. My strength is packed powder , front side of mountain where I learned to develop quick sharp, fast turns from skiing narrow steep slopes up in Vermont as a kid. Conversely , I struggle in the back bowls ( especially with powder) thus , I stay on groomed slopes front side of mountain 75% of time.

    It appears from the description that the MX 84 are perfect for me. Correct?

    If so what is the perfect size for my height weight to maximize the skis ( I grew up skiing the taller skis for years and don’t think I have skied on anything less than 175

    Thank you very much

    1. Hi Ken!
      The MX 84 makes the cleanest, roundest turns of any ski I’ve ever been on. If you’re on the groomers looking for sweet turning performance, they’re pretty hard to beat. Either the 176 or 181 would be acceptable for your size, depending on your level of aggressiveness. If you’re charging hard and skiing fast and like longer skis, then go with the 181, but if you’re more mellow and make shorter turns, you’ll probably be just fine on the 176. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Guys,

    Since this year we started skiing often in St. Anton, Austria, with a lot of steep terrain, moguls and lots off-piste terrain. Now I ski a competition slalom ski, the Atomic redster S9 (Fis-norm 165cm). I like it because it is great to carve the full turn on the slopes and I also Iike it in the moguls. I am 50 years old, (6ft4, or 195cm and 83kg), but I ski with a lot energy for about 20-25 days a year. In powder I really like the short turns (old school) to make the perfect powder 8’s turns. It is easy with these ski’s to make really short turns in powder too. I now would like to buy a second ski for off-piste in powder and crud. But it would be nice if the ski perform well on piste and on the many ski-routes that are full of moguls here. The ski-shop adviced the MX84 for that allround all-mountain action. However in your review you mention nothing about the off-piste action of this ski. Do you think this would not be the right ski for that?

    1. Hi Gerro!
      I wouldn’t peg it as an all-mountain ski as much as a front-side carver. It’s on the wider side for a carving ski for sure, but the lack of tip or tail rocker combined with the stiffness and precision make it less playful than I’d like to see in an all-mountain ski. I’d look for something softer and less demanding for moguls, crud, and powder. Kastle makes the FX 85 both with and without metal that is a bit more well-rounded than the MX 84. Hope that helps!

  3. Am 63 years old, 6 foot, 195 pounds. Recently retired, so skiing more days (say 20 annually now compared to 5 – 8 before). Solid intermediate, at Sun Valley as we speak and have demoed the MX84 in 176. Great ski on Baldy groomers, and handles nice in crud, a few inches of powder. Gives me great feedback on my turn – you know on this ski quickly. Also looked at the Proto LTD in 173. It’s beautiful. No demo available. Thoughts on how you would compare these two skis.

    1. Hi Steve!
      That Proto LTD certainly is a looker! The carbon weave in the Proto gives it an even stiffer personality, which if you’re looking for the ultimate in precision, you probably will not be disappointed. It’s a bit lighter as well, so that adds to the performance/quickness of the Proto. Either way, you have a couple of nice choices in front of you. Have fun!

    2. I am 78 years old, an advanced skier, 6’2” and 195 lbs. I’m looking at the Kastle Mx84 176 length. I’m wondering if I should go to the 184 length

      1. Hi Allan!
        Depends on your level of aggressiveness. If you’re going fast and charging hard, and you feel like you could use the extra stability, then your height does warrant the 184 length, but if you’re comfortable on the 176, then I see no reason to change. Hope that helps!

  4. Got a pair of mx72 /162. I am 5’9” 175. 69 year old expert .
    Love these for east coast conditions. Skied them out west and they performed well. Tried the MX84 in 176 and 168 lengths. Both of these are great and more quiet at speed. Suggestions as to what length if I plan to use these out west?

    1. Hi Paul!
      I think the 168 is your better option. Unless you’re very aggressive, I’d stick to the shorter size. Hope that helps, and happy skiing!

  5. What is the difference between 2018 and 2019 Kastle MX84. Hoping it’s just the graphics. The price difference is substantial. Thank you

  6. Hi,

    I am close to buying the MX84, however I cant decide which length to get. I am 5 10′, an advanced skier, in my 50s, and weigh about 70kg. I would have thought the 168cm would be the best option for me, however this is the shortest length available which is unusual, and any reviews or videos i’ve watched suggest to me that I should be skiing the 176cm.

    what would you suggest?


    1. Hi Adam!
      They do make it in a 160, so maybe you’re looking at a site that just doesn’t have shorter lengths in stock? Either way, I think the 168 would be fine. The 176 is on the long side of acceptable, so if you’re looking for more speed, more aggressiveness, and more weight, then by all means, get the 176. The 168 will give you more speed control, better edge control, and shorter turning ability and quickness. Hope that helps!

  7. Tired of pricing on Kastle skis. You have the best performance car, the best helmet for protection, the finest goggles for visibility and your ski boots are most likely $800. If you either mountain or road bike that’s most likely upwards of $3000 so $1200 for a fantastic durable, high performance Kastle ski is well in line! Just go for it and enjoy the ride.

  8. I am looking for a ski that is in-between my Nordica enforcer 100 under ft witch I love. Than also my head SUPER Shape rally 177 under ft . I live in Vail, and these 2 skis seem to do it all. However I have demoed the Kastle 84 and really liked it. I am going back and forth weather or not to add it to my quiver, I’m just not quite sure. It is a pricey ski for not being sure. Any suggestions ?

    1. Hi John!

      I would say if you can afford it you should go for it. The MX 84 does fall in between the two skis you have in my opinion, and it’s got that upper-echelon, super-high-performance Kastle feel. You might find that you use your Rally a little bit less, but there’s nothing wrong with that in my opinion. The MX 84 is a great “wider carving ski” so on days when the snow surface is a little softer, but you still just want to lay down GS turns, it will be a little more appropriate and more comfortable than your Rally.

      Hope that helps!


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