2018 Volkl 100Eight W Women's Skis 2018 Volkl 100Eight W Women's Skis

2018 Volkl 100Eight W Women’s Skis

The Volkl 100Eight W is a freeride style women’s all mountain ski. It has a 108 mm waist width, which almost segments the ski as a full on powder ski, but truthfully it’s much more than that. It’s relatively lightweight thanks to Volkl’s 3D.Ridge technology, yet retains solid torsional stiffness and power. After all, 3D.Ridge is the same construction we see used in their RTM and Flair carving skis that have significant torsional stiffness, edge grip, and energy. The 100Eight W has a reverse camber (full rocker) profile and has a moderate, middle-of-the-road turn radius of 16.7 m at the 165 cm length. They are light enough to be used as touring skis, yet strong enough to be dedicated resort freeride skis. Our female testers had a blast on them (and this is a ski that crosses over from men to women in terms of construction, so for even more feedback check out the men’s ski as well)

Tami Razinger was “very impressed by the 100 Eight W” after skiing the 157 cm. She was impressed by the ski’s ability to “hold an edge through variable conditions.” This comes from the rockered shape and the torsional stiffness that’s provided by the 3D.Ridge and 3D.Glass. The ski is strong enough to keep its composure through relatively aggressive skiing across bumpy, variable terrain. It’s important to note that Tami scored the 100Eight W 5 out of 5 for stability, quickness, torsional stiffness, and overall impression. We think those are great scores for understanding the 100Eight W. A ski that’s both stable and quick is a versatile ski indeed.

Karly Acker also skied the 156 cm length and was most impressed by the 100Eight W as a powder ski, and not just any powder ski. She was blown away by the skis quickness and maneuverability largely thanks to the skis full rocker profile. Even in variable snow it’s pretty easy to pivot the ski from side to side allowing the skier to make really quick adjustments. It’s a confidence inspiring ski in tricky terrain thanks to its quickness and the float the 108 mm waist provides. She thought the skis felt “easy to turn” and described them as “quick, fun skis.” Karly, on the other hand, didn’t think the 100Eight W stood out for its performance on groomers. We’ll add that when making carving turns on groomers the 100Eight W does have a bit of a “minimum speed.” Because of its fully rockered profile it requires a certain amount of speed and skier input to flex past the point that it already is. As soon as you give it the power it needs, however, you can get it to make some responsive turns on firm snow.

This was something Caroline Kessler noticed right away after skiing the 173 cm, commenting that it “holds an edge really well, but is best at higher speeds.” The 100Eight is not, however, a groomer ski. Its 108 mm waist width and rocker profile are best suited for ungroomed terrain. It’s not to say that the ski can’t perform well on groomers, as Caroline can confirm, but there are other skis out there that will perform with greater responsiveness (narrower skis with camber under foot). That being said, the 100Eight W could be a great all mountain ski for a western skier who is predominantly skiing soft snow. Those that are skiing firm snow relatively often, however, may want a ski with camber unless the 100Eight is an addition to an existing quiver.


Caroline Kessler Ski Tester Headshot Image

Caroline Kessler

Age: 22Height: 5'9"Weight: 160 lbs.

Ski Style: Fast and aggressive, yet playful

Karly Acker Ski Tester Headshot Image

Karly Acker

Age: 25Height: 5'9"Weight: 145 lbs.

Ski Style: Retired racer who loves to rip steeps

Tami Razinger Ski Tester Profile Photo

Tami Razinger

Age: 23Height: 5'4"Weight: 155 lbs.

Ski Style: Fast, aggressive, competitive big mountain skier

Laura McLaughlin Ski Tester Headshot Image

Laura McLaughlin

Age: 36Height: 5'5"Weight: 170 lbs.

Ski Style: Short radius turns on the side of the trail

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  1. What is the best length for me. I am 5’7″ and 130 lbs. Advanced skier. I have a pair of Coalition SOS skis in a 166

    1. Hi Stacy!
      If you like that length, I’d stick to about the same. The 165 I believe would work great!

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