2018 Volkl Mantra Skis 2018 Volkl Mantra Skis

2018 Volkl Mantra Skis

By now the Mantra must be setting all kinds of ski industry longevity records. And that just might be its most compelling selling point: If people didn’t adore it, it wouldn’t still be around for what will be its 13th year. As it always has, the 2017-18 Mantra, with its metal reinforcement and stout vertical sidewalls, offers a sturdy, stable, dense, reliable feel for freeskiers who like to set an edge and stand on it. The Mantra will hammer—rather than dance or slither—through all terrain and conditions, and it sure as hell won’t pout if there’s no powder. To be sure, this venerable model has adapted capably with the times. There’s a lot more smear to it these days than there was in the original 2005-06 version, and it’s nominally wider. But Volkl diehards can rest assured. It stil3l prefers to carve rather than slarve its turns, and it still likes to be driven hard by a capable pilot. Remember, Volkl offers two different flavors at this waist width, so if you’re looking for a lighter, less aggressive ride with similar flotation, check out the metal-free 90Eight. But for an aggressive attack and expert-level speeds, the supple, knifey Mantra is hard to beat.


Testers said:

David W. : “I have owned multiple pairs over the years, and I saved it for last today. It’s like an old reliable friend. Rock solid and always under your feet. A true benchmark.”

Jake I. : “Great ski for carving. Holds an edge on anything. Stiff and powerful, but the rocker gives it a little playfulness.”

Brooks C. : “Versatile fun for turns of all shapes. Very stable on edge. Holds like a race ski in the middle of the turn, but with quiet rebound from one turn to the next. Good for a relaxed ride or can be arced with confidence at high speeds.”


Brooks Curran Ski Tester Headshot Image

Brooks Curran

Age: 23Height: 6'2"Weight: 165 lbs.

Ski Style: Ex-racer, now backcountry freerider

David Wolfgang Ski Tester Headshot Image

David Wolfgang

Age: 65Height: 6'3"Weight: 230 lbs.

Ski Style: Strong, deliberate, and smooth

Jake Inger Ski Tester Headshot Image

Jake Inger

Age: 20Height: 5'11"Weight: 170 lbs.

Ski Style: Fast and Energetic

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  1. Skied 2018 Mantra & 2019 Mantra M5 in Colorado this March 2019. Strarted with 2019 Mantra M5. Pros of M5-light, quick edge to edge, surprisingly good in moguls.Cons of M5-a little soft on pow & crud, not as stout on groomers. Overall-a good ski for 50 on piste/50 off. Pros of 2018 Mantra-craves the crud, floated powder, ripped the groomers. Cons of 2018 Volkl Mantra-less forgiving in Moguls. Overall-70% off piste & 30% on. awesome ski if you stay on top of it. It rewards aggressive skiing & slaps the backseat driver. I got the 2018 Volkl Mantra. Test both if you have the means as both have different personalities. Hope this helps.

  2. I got on a pair of Mantras last year, previous two sets were Volkls as well. I was a little concerned about the learning curve on a rocker, but when I got them on the hill… what learning curve? They were fun and amazing from the git go! Crud? oh, these Mantras laugh at crud. they dance through crud! And just fine for powder as well. I absolutely love these skis!

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