2018 Volkl Confession Skis w/ Tyrolia Attack 13 Bindings

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2018 Volkl Confession Skis with Bindings

Upper end powder hounds are going to go crazy over the 2018 Volkl Confession ski and binding setup. Volkl's newest offering remains unchanged for this year except for a minor cosmetic change, but the ski is still all there. Featuring a titanium band, carbon stringers in a wood core, and underfoot camber, the Confession is a work of art when it comes to slaying powder and soft snow. They're stiff, they're burly, and they're a powder skiers dream-especially in the steep and deep. The titanium band of the Confession runs the length of the ski and reduces vibrations and stiffens the board. From a fore/aft standpoint, the Confession is quite rigid, but when you get it up on edge, it sinks into the turns quite peacefully. The wood core features vertical carbon stringers that make the ski behave a little more subtly. The carbon acts as a brace for the wood and does not add much weight. This makes the ski more lively and purposeful from edge to edge. The Volkl Confession can loosely be described as a mix between the Shiro and Katana. Camber underfoot takes some of the smeary properties away from the ski, but in more technical terrain, you'll be thankful for the extra edge grip. These are not light weight skis for conservative skiers-they are hard chargers that like speed and pitch. The 2018 Volkl Confession skis and bindings are a necessity for skiers looking for the ultimate in big mountain rushes.


  • Turn Radius: 26.5 meters
  • Sidecude: 144/117/133 mm
  • Core: Multi-Layer Wood core, Titanal Band, Carbon Stringer
  • Camber underfoot
  • Skill: Expert Level Skiers
2018 Volkl Confession Skis w/ Tyrolia Attack 13 Bindings
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