2019 Atomic Women's Vantage X 74 Skis w/ Lithium 10 Bindings

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2019 Atomic Women's Vantage X 74 Skis w/ Lithium 10 Bindings

The 2019 Atomic Women's Vantage X 74 Skis with binding system is an awesome ski for beginning and intermediate lady skiers looking to progress to the next level. Starting with the Densolite composite core, the Vantage X 74 skis are the perfect jumping off point for people who are looking for the ultimate in light weight performance. If your skis are lighter, you'll be able to control them better, especially at lower speeds. When you're learning to carve turns, you'll be thankful that your skis are maneuverable and easy to use. Additionally, at the end of the run or the end of the day, your legs will not be as fatigued, due to the light weight nature of the skis. You'll probably be making plenty of turns, though, as the skis have a 13.2 meter turn radius at the 152 cm length. For skiers looking to learn and progress, this is a great way to teach the next level of turning. The all-mountain rocker profile has 15% tip rocker, and this means that you'll be able to initiate your turns with ease. The remaining 85% of the ski has camber underfoot, so you'll be able to dictate the shape and duration of the turns without any hesitation whatsoever. The overall feel of the ski is that of a nimble cat-they're quick on their feet and seem stable and sturdy. For beginner and intermediate level skiers looking to progress, look no further than the 2019 Atomic Women's Vantage X 74 skis and binding system.


  • Sidecut: 120/74/98 mm at 152 cm length
  • Turn Radius: 13.2 meters at 152 cm length
  • Densolite Composite core
  • Cap Sidewall
  • All mountain rocker
  • Ability level: Beginner to intermediate skiers
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