2020 K2 Phase Pro Helmet

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2019 K2 Phase Pro Helmet

The 2019 K2 Phase Pro helmet is a fantastic choice for skiers of all abilities. This is the perfect helmet for pretty much all skiers who want a comfortable, convenient, and safe lid to guard their dome day in and day out. For every day skiers, this helmet will get you where you need to go. From bonking your head on the lift bar to smashing branches in the woods, the K2 Phase Pro Helmet is an ideal choice. Of course, you're looking to avoid those instances of bashing your head, but if you do, be sure you're wearing a helmet. This is a lightweight, low-profile helmet that fits great and keeps you warm and dry. By utilizing the Active Matrix Ventilation system, your head will keep the proper amount of heat in while allowing moisture out. Simply flip a switch and you can either warm up or cool down. In terms of fit, the K2 Dialed Fit System adjusts the fit of the helmet at the turn of a dial. Simply twist the knob and you'll have a comfortable and customized fit in no time flat. The Full Wrap Liner System envelops your head in cozy material, and when it starts to stink up a bit, simply remove the liner and throw it in the washing machine. At 490 grams, the helmet is light and easy to use. There's no reason why someone wouldn't want to wear a helmet like the K2 Phase Pro Helmet these days, they're just so warm, comfortable, and safe.


  • Active Matrix Ventilation
  • K2 Dialed Fit System
  • Washable Full Wrap Liner System
  • Hard Shell Construction
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