2019 Atomic Vantage 90 Ti Women's Ski Image 2019 Atomic Vantage 90 Ti Women's Ski Image

2019 Atomic Vantage 90 Ti Women’s Skis

The 2019 Atomic Women’s Vantage 90 Ti, new for this year, will make a lot of advanced lady skiers fall in love with the stability and quickness that contribute to the ski’s overall all-mountain characteristics. The change in the construction for this year gives the ski a more on-trail persona, but we’ve found that it is a capable all-mountain performer with a high performance ceiling. At 90 mm underfoot and with two sheets of metal, the Women’s Vantage 90 Ti is a refreshing ski that will impress a lot of different skiers.

Ann MacDonald agrees with the previous statement. She skied the 169 cm length and found it to be “light and easy—probably fits a wide variety of skier types.” Ann’s a pretty accomplished skier, so to hear her say that the skis have a “floaty tip, they’re quick, lively, and playful” means that the Women’s Vantage 90 Ti has a lot of positive attributes going for it. She gave the ski above average marks in pretty much all categories, and had a strong overall impression.

Kelsey Boleski had quite a bit to say about the Women’s Vantage 90 Ti. In the 169 cm length, she found the ski to excel in most categories. In her own, very analytical words: “The Vantage 90 Ti’s are poppy and performance oriented, yet maneuverable enough for any level of intermediate to expert skier. The extra camber made skiing through the bumps more fun, and carving turns easier.” It’s great to hear that a ski is capable of many types of terrain and snow conditions. For an all-mountain ski with metal, having a versatile nature is of the utmost importance. At 90 mm underfoot, Kelsey also noted that “they felt like they might prefer to slice through powder rather than float.”

After taking a few runs on the 169, Mar Kuhnel noted high marks for stability and torsional stiffness/edge hold. She counter-balanced those scores with bottom grades for quickness/maneuverability, playfulness, and forgiveness. This information is great, and leads us to believe that she found the skis to be quite stiff and demanding. Her characterization accurately echoes her scores: “the vantage wants to go straight and fast—definitely fun to go super-speed and very stable.” Mar surely sees this ski as a wide front side carver more than a versatile all-mountain crusher.

Pascale Savard spun a few on the Vantage 90 Ti and agreed with Mar insofar as the speed is concerned. Also skiing the 169, Pascale remarked “this ski definitely prefers speed and long turns. It’s quite stable for the whole turn but not overly lively.” She felt the skis were not well suited for short turns, but that did not dissuade her from her overall enjoyment of the ski. Her own recommendation was that the skis are best suited for “big mountain skier who enjoys big turns on groomers.” Sounds good to us!

Trying to pigeon-hole a 90 mm underfoot ski is difficult—they often run over some preconceived notions of what a ski can do and what it is capable of. Some of these models either get lost in the shuffle or discounted for graphic or visceral reasons. Overall, it sounds to us like the testers found the Atomic Women’s Vantage 90 Ti to be a stiff, fun cruiser that’s more at home on the groomers than off-piste, and that on-trail performance is nothing short of exemplary.


Mar Kuhnel SkiEssentials Ski Test Image 6

Mar Kuhnel

Age: 36Height: 5'10"Weight: 150 lbs.

Ski Style: Smooth and strong with a focus on proper technique

Kristi Brown

Age: 49Height: 5'9"Weight: 136 lbs.

Ski Style: Energetic, precise, very smooth and skis with a lot of finesse

Ann MacDonald SkiEssentials Ski Test Headshot

Ann MacDonald

Age: 55Height: 5'1"Weight: 115 lbs.

Ski Style: Lots of style, grace, and power

Kelsey Boleski SkiEssentials Ski Test Headshot

Kelsey Boleski

Age: 28Height: 5'7"Weight: 150 lbs.

Ski Style: Freeride oriented with a competitive background

Pascale Savard SkiEssentials Ski Test Headshot

Pascale Savard

Age: 51Height: 5'3"Weight: 116 lbs.

Ski Style: Precise and smooth with a top to bottom attitude