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2019 Elan Ripstick 94 W Women’s Skis

Our testers loved the lightweight and responsive nature of the 2019 Elan Ripstick 94 W skis. Elan has really stepped up their game over the past few years, and has incorporated a lot of new and interesting technologies that make the ski feel damper and more stable than the weight indicates. By utilizing their new Amphibio Profile, the main technological breakthrough is an asymmetrical design that allows the skier to transition from turn to turn easily and smoothly. They’ve achieved this effect by making the skis cambered on the downhill side and rockered on the uphill side. This allows the skis to track naturally with each other and make for some silky turns, especially in softer and fresh snow. The on-trail performance is still quite amazing, thanks to the Tubelite Woodcore. This wood core has two carbon tubes that run the length of the skis, increasing response and stability. All of our testers used the 170 cm length skis.

Ann MacDonald scored mostly 4’s out of 5 for all categories. She loved the versatility of the skis and had a very favorable overall impression. She calls them “light and lively skis. Easy to turn and initiate at the tip. The tip is pretty floaty and fairly quick underfoot. They’re not very stiff—softer and forgiving in the soft corn snow, and probably great in the powder too.” She goes on to commend that they are a “good fun ski overall for a variety of skiers.” It’s not surprising that she’d commend the skis for having easy turn initiation due to the Amphibio Technology. We like hearing when a comment backs up an assertion made by the ski company. It lets us know that both the company and we are on the right track.

Kristi Brown kept her review pretty short and sweet. She scored 5’s for quickness, playfulness and forgiveness. Both Kristi and Ann are accomplished skiers, so hearing that they are impressed with the performance level of the Ripstick 94 W is quite a treat. Kristi’s quote: “Super-duper fun ski.” Noted, Kristi.

We did happen to test these skis on a soft, warm-ish day, so that left a lot of our testers to wonder about their hard snow performance. Pascale Savard was one of those testers. She scored the skis very well in playfulness, forgiveness, and overall impression. Her stability score was average, most likely due to the fact that they are very light. “These skis are fun! I enjoyed these skis in this mixed snow conditions. Very playful and lively.” She then goes on to voice her hope that they would perform well on hard snow, too. “Rather light—not sure how it would perform on hard snow.” She then wraps it up nicely with “it is super pretty.”

Our biggest fan of the Ripstick 94 W was Mar Kuhnel. All 5’s for Mar, and we’ll leave her comments to speak for themselves: “Wooo! Maybe my next ski! Ripstick 94 W is fun, energetic, and easy to ski a variety of turn shapes. Lay it over and it feels stable, responsive and smooth. Great through cruddy snow. You can’t feel the asymmetry at all although I might get annoyed sometimes at having to keep left and right where they belong. They’re fast and swingy in short turns, smooth and stable in long turns, have plenty of pep and pop out of all turns. Fun!” Well said, Mar!

Total props go to Elan for pushing the creative envelope in the ski construction and design department. They are not afraid of trying new things, and when they actually work, a lot of different skiers will appreciate the effort.


Ann MacDonald SkiEssentials Ski Test Headshot

Ann MacDonald

Age: 55Height: 5'1"Weight: 115 lbs.

Ski Style: Lots of style, grace, and power

Mar Kuhnel SkiEssentials Ski Test Image 6

Mar Kuhnel

Age: 36Height: 5'10"Weight: 150 lbs.

Ski Style: Smooth and strong with a focus on proper technique

Kristi Brown

Age: 49Height: 5'9"Weight: 136 lbs.

Ski Style: Energetic, precise, very smooth and skis with a lot of finesse

Pascale Savard SkiEssentials Ski Test Headshot

Pascale Savard

Age: 51Height: 5'3"Weight: 116 lbs.

Ski Style: Precise and smooth with a top to bottom attitude

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  1. Love my Rip sticks….best I have skied in over thirty years of the sport. Thank you Elan…I am older but I am skiing better.

  2. Were there any structural changes in this ski from last year’s model or is it just the slight top sheet difference?

  3. I was wondering what size you might recommend for a 5’5” skier. I ski all over the mountain and am looking for a one ski quiver. I’m deciding between the 163 and 170

    1. Hi Mariah!

      163 cm should be a great length for you. The 170 cm length would be about 5 cm taller than you, which is a little unnecessary unless you’re a really, really aggressive skier. 163 cm should be plenty long enough, and will be that much easier to maneuver in tight terrain. Feels like the right length in my opinion.

      Hope that helps!


  4. Hi,
    Do you think at 5’10” and an advanced but not expert skier, the 177cm would be too much ski for me? Or just right?

    Thanks, Nikole

    1. Hi Nikole!
      I’d say it’s on the long side, but if you’re a fairly aggressive skier, you’ll be able to handle it just fine. It’s pretty light, so I wouldn’t worry about maneuverability too much. Have fun!

  5. I was wondering what size you might recommend for a 5’5”, 160 lb skier. I would consider myself an intermediate skier looking to advance my skiing and be able to ski in all terrains and conditions.

    1. Hi Nicole!
      Based on your stats, I’d recommend the 156 length in that ski. If you are more on the aggressive side, you could size up to the 163, but I think you’ll like the maneuverability of the shorter size. Hope that helps!

  6. Absolutely love my Rip Sticks, as they are a fun and wildly versatile, one-quiver pair of ski. As far as I’m concerned, you get two pairs of skis for the price of one. They can fly on the groomers, then in powder, you can switch them on your feet (Right ski on left foot, etc.) and get a shorter turning radius pair of skis that works really well.
    Thank you all for your great reviews.

  7. Still trying to decide between these, the K2 Fullavit and Mindbender 90C for my 12 year old daughter.
    She’s a good skier but has not raced, we ski the entire mountain in CO and UT.
    Much time is spent in the bumps.
    Biggest issue is that she is so light:
    ~120 lbs and 5’8”, and still growing. combined with a not aggressive ski style (but not timid either, she will rip at speed!) has me looking for something that is on the softer side, so she can still get a decent length.
    She comes if 150cm Pinnacle 84 jr, which were forehead height when she got them.
    This spring she did a easy day on ~165cm, 99mm waist skis and loved the float and handling in powder.
    Your advice?

    1. Hi Slim!
      The Fulluvit is the heaviest of the three, so based on weight and application, I’d recommend focusing on the MB 90C or the Ripstick. Of those, the Ripstick has a stronger overall performance thanks to the carbon tubes that run along the edges of the skis. They’re stiffer, but not too heavy, so they’re playful and fun, but still hold an edge on-trail. The K2 90 is a bit bland while the Elan is more lively. I’d say the low-160’s is a good length. Have fun!

      1. Slim,
        I’d check out the Blizzard Sheeva 9 as well–playful and fun, but still rails turns. Light and stable at the same time.

  8. Hi! I have skied with the Elan Amphibio Insomnia 2013 version for the last couple of years and absolutely loved those skis. I have mainly used them on the slopes in the Alps. I occasionally used them off piste too.
    I recently moved to Canada and feel I may not have much experience with Powder skiing so I am completely lost what skis to go for… any help would be appreciated. On the slopes, I loved it particularly when the runs were very hard. I like going fast and ski fairly aggressively (I used to race). I love the short radius of the Amphibio and the stability of the ski.
    As I feel B.C. and Alberta would give me much more opportunities to go off-piste, I would like a ski that would be suitable for this too and feel I should go with an all mountain ski instead of frontside.
    Do you think the Ripstick 94 would be a good fit for me, or would you recommend a completely different ski for me?
    Thank you, Anna

    1. Hi Anna!
      I think you’re on the right track in terms of shape. My only hesitation for you getting the Ripstick is your racing background. I’ve found that skiers who used to race tend to prefer skis with some more metal. You likely won’t want a big burly ski for your powder/soft snow ski, and there are some options out there. The Ripstick is great, but you might find it a bit soft. Check out the Blizzard Sheeva 9 (or 10 for a wider version), the Nordica Santa Ana 93 (or 100 for a wider version), or the Salomon QST Lux 92 (or 99 for a wider version). All are great mid-90’s skis that will stand up to your background and give you great all-mountain and soft snow performance. Don’t rule out the wider versions, as they’re pretty capable carvers as well, but for all-mountain versatility, I like the mid-90’s. Hope that helps!

  9. Hello!

    I live in New England (mainly skiing in NH, Maine, VT). I’m looking for a ski that can do the following:
    – Cut well through crud
    – Get on edge when going fast on groomers
    – Handle the occasional powder day
    – Handle the after power day mess of in between powder and groomed snow
    – Is very sturdy in all conditions.

    I’m currently between these skis:
    – Elan Ripstick (86 or 94 but probably 94?)
    – Rossignol 88 TI
    – Volkl Secret
    – Nordica Santa Ana 93

    I’m a 22 year old woman, 5′ 7″, 135 lbs.

    I also go to Utah once a year, but would rather these preform for East Coast conditions since I ski here much more often.

    Any advice?

    Thank youuuuu!

    1. Hi Elizabeth!
      Not too much to ask, right? The sturdiness, edge grip, and speed aspect puts you in the “skis with metal” range. On your list, I like the Santa Ana and the Secret the best for your application. The Rossignol is a good next-tier option as it’s probably the most user-friendly. But since it’s narrower, it won’t handle adverse snow conditions as well as the Santa Ana or Secret. The Elan’s are great skis, just not as stable as the others on your list. Of the Volkl and Nordica, the Santa Ana is a tad more versatile while the Secret has the edge as far as on-trail carving and edge grip. It’s really a toss-up between those two, perhaps it’ll come down to color/price/sizing for you to make a final decision. Hope that helps!

  10. Hi,
    I’m looking for skis that I can use for telemark.
    I’m looking for a ski that can handle ice and crud and well as be fun on powder days. I do like to carve!
    I’d like it to be stable when going fast.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    I’ve considered the Salomon QST Lux, but saw a review that said they’re better in powder than groomed runs, which is what I mostly do. I also thought the fischer my ranger 90 Ti might be a good ski, but don’t know if it would make a good telemark ski.
    I mostly ski WV, PA

    I’ve just started telemark, but have been an alpine skier for 50 years, so I’m looking for a good ski that will grow with me as I improve, not one that I will have to trade out as my skills continue to improve, so I’m looking for a ski for an intermediate to advanced skier.

    I like to ski the bumps and powder when I can, but generally end up on groomed icy slopes.

    1. Hi Erin!
      The Ranger will give you the most stability, but I was never a fan of metal in my tele skis. I usually gravitated towards the twin-tip style of skis, but that’s just personal preference. The QST and the Ripstick would both be fantastic choices, but for a stiffer option in the same category, check out the Blizzard Sheeva 9. All great choices!

  11. Hi! Do you think this ski would be a solid choice for backcountry missions? Any advice would be great! Thank you!

    1. Hi Linny!
      Yup! We always talk about the Ripstick skis as good 50/50 options for both resort and backcountry adventures. Light enough for touring, but capable enough for in-bounds performance. Volkl Blaze 94 should also get a look for this application. Have fun!

  12. Hi there, I am debating between the 156 and 163 Women’s Ripstick 94. I am 5’2”, 120 lbs, advanced skier, ski powder, crud, groomers in the Canadian Rockies. Currently skiing on Volkl aura 156cm and Volkl 108 ,157cm. I demoed the Ripstick in the 163 length and loved them, but am thinking the shorter length would be just as good, or even better?

    1. Hi Linda!
      Hard to demo something you love and then decide to get something else, but if you’re already on that size, and given your size, I do think the 156 is the correct size. Hoping for better!