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2019 Salomon QST Lumen 99 Women’s Skis

The QST Lumen 99 is part of Salomon’s Women’s All Mountain Freeride collection. It uses all the same technology as the men’s skis and has been updated for 2019 to include a layer of basalt under the core. It also uses the newest version of Salomon’s C/FX Superfiber, which has doubled the amount of carbon and flax fibers in the ski. These upgrades are designed to strengthen the ski and increase torsional stiffness, thus giving the ski better stability and edge grip, while retaining the relatively light weight the QST series is known for. This should take an already high performing, super versatile ski to the next level, but let’s see what our testers think of this theory.

Ann MacDonald tested the 167 cm length and definitely seems to think the new construction has given the ski more strength. “This ski has beef! Torsionally stiff tip to tail even with a rockered tip!” The QST Lumen 99 actually has tip and tail rocker, but Ann is obviously impressed by the edge grip they have achieved in a ski of this shape and width. The QST Lumen 99 has always been a very quick, maneuverable ski, but the addition of basalt and increased amount of carbon and flax seems to have really stiffened the ski. “Had to really stomp on it! Great at high speeds and maneuvered in corn snow well.” The previous version of this ski was rarely described as a ski that you needed to stomp on, which tells us a lot about the changes the Salomon engineers decided to give it. “Really fun. Aggressive girls will give it a thumbs up!”

Caroline Kessler found that Salomon retained the quickness, as quickness and maneuverability received the highest score on her test form. We would be disappointed to see the QST Lumen 99 lose that attribute, and we think others would be too. Caroline described it as a “quick turning ski that likes to charge.” There it is again. That “likes to charge” quote isn’t something we used to hear about the previous version of this ski very often. Quickness with the ability to charge takes the QST Lumen 99 to a whole new level. Caroline was on a 167 cm QST Lumen 99.

Kristi Brown also tested the 167 cm length and gave the ski 5 out of 5 for stability and torsional stiffness, with all other criteria receiving 4 out of 5. Those are really strong scores and suggest a very versatile all mountain ski, which has always been a strength of the QST Lumen 99. “The Lumen radiates brilliant energy throughout the skier.” Energy has always been a characteristic of the QST series, but this level of stability and edge grip is new. Kristi also touched on something we’ve said about the QST Lumen 99 before, its ability to transition between different terrain. “Easily transitions between terrain and turn radii.” Versatility is key in an all mountain ski. The QSt Lumen 99 can carve powerful turns on groomers, play around in soft snow and un-groomed terrain, and has a fantastic energetic, yet stable feel thanks to its unique construction.

Salomon’s new construction got high praise from our testers, and the QST Lumen 99 is certainly no exception. If you’re looking for an ultra-versatile all mountain ski, value a ski that feels lightweight, but don’t want to sacrifice stability, it doesn’t get much better than this ski. Those that tried it in previous year’s and wished for more power and stability will love the upgrades. Existing fans of the QST line will find that Salomon has retained everything that made the ski popular, but have given it just a bit more performance for more aggressive skiers.


Caroline Kessler SkiEssentials Ski Test Headshot

Caroline Kessler

Age: 23Height: 5'9"Weight: 160 lbs.

Ski Style: Fast and aggressive, yet playful

Kristi Brown

Age: 49Height: 5'9"Weight: 136 lbs.

Ski Style: Energetic, precise, very smooth and skis with a lot of finesse

Ann MacDonald SkiEssentials Ski Test Headshot

Ann MacDonald

Age: 55Height: 5'1"Weight: 115 lbs.

Ski Style: Lots of style, grace, and power