2020 Alpina T30 Cross Country Ski Boots

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2019 Alpina T30 Cross Country Ski Boots

The 2019 Alpina T30 Cross Country Ski Boots are an awesome choice for nordic skiers who spend the majority of their time in the track or on the groomed. The versatile nature of these boots is impressive. As a "combi touring" boot, it can freestyle as well as classic. The plastic heel counter, CMB Cuff, and Elastic Gaiter Insert ensure that these boots can handle whatever type of nordic skiing that you could ever want to do. The added support is fantastic, and will keep your ankle nicely held in place as you make your way around the touring center. In the track, feel free to let your kick-and-glide skills shine. You'll get a lot of power and performance out of these boots. The power strap allows for an infinite amount of adjustment, so if you're skating along, you'll probably like it to be tighter, whereas if you are classic skiing or just shuffling along, you can loosen it so that you get a little more range of motion and a little less pushback. As such, the adjustability and customizable nature of the Alpina T30 Cross Country Ski Boots are on a very high level. Compatible with NNN bindings, the T30 Boots can go on a wide variety of skis, with the hope that you get out there more and enjoy the world of nordic skiing in a way that not a lot of people ever get to do. It's an accessible world out there, and it gets better and better if you have the right equipment. The 2019 Alpina T30 Cross Country Ski Boots are just the footwear you'll need to expand your adventure radius.


  • Plastic Heel Counter
  • CMB Cuff
  • Built-in Elastic Gaiter
  • Anatomic Footbed
  • Power Strap
  • Ability Level: Intermediate to Advanced Skiers
2020 Alpina T30 Cross Country Ski Boots
do any boots come in wide sizes?
Question by: John Pace on Dec 1, 2019, 3:27 PM
Hi John!
Unfortunately for us wide-footed individuals, there's not a whole lot out there in the Nordic world. I recommend getting something with a full lace system so it's easier to keep loose up front. I empathize with you, friend.
Answer by: Bob St.Pierre on Dec 1, 2019, 7:48 PM

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