2020 Blizzard Firebird GS FIS Race Skis w/ Marker Xcell 16 Bindings

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Blizzard Firebird GS FIS Race Skis with Bindings

The Blizzard Firebird GS FIS racing skis with bindings are an amazing option for competitive U16 racers as well as adults looking to reclaim the glory days of the race circuit. These skis and bindings are an awesome combination for dominating the Giant Slalom race courses thanks to the burly build, appropriate turn radius, and fantastic plate and binding setup. Giant Slalom is a wonderful event, since it's the easiest to do but the hardest to win. As a result, there's more minutiae that has to be paid attention to in the event, so making sure your skis and bindings are of the utmost quality is imperative. The Blizzard Firebird GS FIS race skis with bindings feature a 25.7-meter turn radius in the 184 cm length, allowing racers to really get into the arc of the turn, leaving deep trenches in their wake, no matter how firm the snow may be. But with these skis and bindings, the firmer the better, so it's important to know that these have a narrow waist that can grip tight to the hardest of ice and the most demanding of racecourses. Built with an FIS certified racing wood core and two sheets of metal, these skis have the strength and power to match up with the best young racers on the planet. For high-speed fun and exhilarating skiing, look no further than the Blizzard Firebird GS Race skis with bindings.


  • Sidecut: 104/65.5/87 mm at 184 cm length
  • Turn Radius: 25.7 meters at 184 cm length
  • FIS Racing Wood Core
  • Dual Titanal Laminate
  • Full Camber
  • Sandwich Compound Sidewall
  • Ability Level: Expert and Racer Skiers
2020 Blizzard Firebird GS FIS Race Skis w/ Marker Xcell 16 Bindings
Are these integrated bindings or do they have to be hard mounted to the ski
Question by: Rick Rosenspire on Jun 16, 2022, 1:11 PM
HI Rick!
There's a mount plate, but the bindings do need to be screwed in to the pre-existing holes. Anytime you're dealing with bindings, best practice is to take it to a reputable shop. Have fun!
Answer by: SkiEssentials Expert (Admin) on Jun 17, 2022, 8:41 AM
what is the radius in the 188 length?
Question by: taylor on Nov 15, 2022, 6:29 PM
Hey Taylor!

The radius for the 188cm is 27m. Hope this helps!

Answer by: Lanning Henel (Admin) on Nov 16, 2022, 2:10 PM
I have a pair of the Blizzard Firebird FIS GS in a 188 cm. What binding would you recommend for these? I do not race anymore, but have for years. Thank you.
Question by: Cory Hoffmann on Nov 29, 2022, 11:44 AM
I would assume your Firebird FIS GS skis have the Marker Piston plate on them, like these skis pictured? If so, your best choice is the Marker XCell or XComp 12 or 16. I would generally recommend the 16, unless you need a lower DIN range.
Answer by: Jeff Neagle (Admin) on Nov 29, 2022, 11:50 AM

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