2020 Rossignol Delta Sport Skate

The Rossignol Delta Sport skate skis are a great setup for those looking for good performance and value. If you are spending a lot of time recreationally skate skiing or getting into racing on a budget, the Delta Sport skate skis are a surefire winner. The Delta series borrows technology from Rossignol’s World Cup level X-ium skis, giving our test models a ton of power and strength, but at a fraction of the cost. Our testers loved the combination of light weight performance and value of the Delta Sport skate skis.

Karin Rand took the 180 cm Rossignol Delta Sport skate ski for a rip and found them to be “very playful!” Karin notes that the Delta Sport skate is “a great option for recreational skiers who like going fast. They delivered lots of stability and glide which resulted in a nice easy skiing experience.” The Delta Sport could be a fun option for advanced skiers who want to get a high performance from their skis but are not always racing.

Pennie Rand tested the 180 cm Delta Sport Skate ski and found it to be a very nice recreational race ski. Pennie exclaimed how the Delta Sport skate was “playful and fun while also being very versatile.” Pennie, who is a college varsity coach, would recommend this ski to a high school or masters racer. She noted the strengths as its maneuverability and stability. Pennie did remark how when she “wanted to ramp up quickness, the ski felt a little heavy. But, all around the Delta Sport Skate had an excellent feel perfect for recreational skiers.”

Carol Van Dyke tested the 180 cm length and found them to be a “nice sporty ski, perfect for fitness skiing. The Delta Sport is easy to drive and balance on.” Carol found she could “easily step turn the Delta Sport” but it was hard for her “to do a solid parallel turn which is a result of the race inspired side cut profile.” Carol did note how a step turn is optimal for racing. Carol would put this ski in her high-end rental fleet.

Allison Ruschp tried out the 180 cm Delta Sport Skate ski and reported that it would be a “fun starter skate ski for someone getting into the sport.” The Delta Sport gave Alli “plenty of glide and I found it to feel light weight.” As a result, Alli found this ski was “easy to get uphill on and easy to maneuver downhill on while staying remarkably stable the entire time.” Alli gave this ski five out of five ratings for stability, maneuverability, glide, and weight. We can confidently say Alli would recommend this ski to fitness-oriented skate skiers.

It would be hard to find another ski at this price point that delivers the same amount of performance. While the Delta Sport skate ski might not be the lightest weight ski on the market, it offers a whole lot of great performance features. All the testers agreed the Delta Sport skate felt lively and stable which resulted in a great skiing experience.


Pennie Rand

Age: 56Height: 5'7"Weight: 155 lbs.

Ski Style: Touring, Classic, and Skate

Carol Van Dyke

Age: 63Height: 5'5"Weight: 146 lbs.

Ski Style: Love it all! Can't choose one.

Alli Ruschp

Age: 32Height: 5'5"Weight: 135 lbs.

Ski Style: Classic and Skate

Karin Rand

Age: 20Height: 5'6"Weight: 140 lbs.

Ski Style: Skate