2020 Rossignol Force 5 Cross Country Ski Poles

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Rossignol FORCE 5 Nordic Ski Poles

Ski poles are a highly under-utilized piece of gear, and nowhere is that more evident than in the Nordic world. The Rossignol Force 5 ski poles are a great option for skiers looking for a light and stiff pole, but who don't want to spend a ton of money to get there. For skate skiers, there's a lot to like about a pole like this, including the 50% carbon shaft. At the 50% line, you're getting into higher-end poles that are used by high-level athletes looking to crush kilometers out there at the Nordic center. You'll fit right in with the Force 5 in your hand. The lighter and stiffer the pole, the better the energy transfer you'll get. Skate skiing is hard enough already, when you're losing energy due to equipment not being stiff enough, then you're going to have a few more problems for sure. The ergonomic race strap is adjustable and cinches tight to your wrist, giving you more power and better performance, all with the flick of the wrist. A natural cork grip is a perfect complement to the package, as cork is a great conductor of temperature. It's not only comfortable, but also warm. It doesn't absorb and hold the cold, so it feels nice and warm even in the coldest of temperatures. The Race XL basket will make quick work of those pole plants and push-offs, with minimal slippage. Advanced skate skiers will love the blend of cost and performance of the Rossignol Force 5 ski poles.


  • 50% Carbon Shaft
  • Ergonomic Race Strap
  • Natural Cork Grip
  • Race XL Basket
  • Ability Level: Advanced Skiers
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