2020 Rossignol FT-500 Cross Country Ski Poles

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Rossignol FT-500 Nordic Ski Poles

The Rossignol FT-500 Nordic ski poles are a basic, but basically awesome set of poles that's designed to get you out into the winter wilderness. Whether you spend most of your time at the touring center, or are just kicking around the yard, the FT-500 ski poles are great for touring and in-track skating all day long. Do not underestimate the importance of poles, they do so much in terms of getting you into your rhythm. When you start out, your hands are leading the rest of your body, so it's important that the tool in your hand is up to the task. The Rossignol FT-500 poles are a fantastic choice, and they do a lot of things really well. Built with a light aluminum shaft, the poles have a great blend of weight and performance. If your poles are too heavy, they'll weigh you down and slow you down. Nordic skiing is difficult enough, so if your equipment isn't up to it, your experience will suffer. With a simple loop strap, you won't be caught fumbling around trying to get it just right, but rather it'll feel smooth and comfortable as soon as you slip it on. With a touring basket, you won't miss many pole plants, and it gets super-fun in the woods without letting yourself slide backwards and making the whole thing more difficult. On the hand, the injection grip is smooth and easy to hold, and recreational skiers will love the all-around performance of the Rossignol FT-500 ski poles.


  • Aluminum Shaft
  • Loop Strap
  • Injection Grip
  • Touring Basket
  • Ability Level: Recreational Skiers
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