2020 Rossignol Hero Nordic 1 Liter Thermal Belt

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Rossignol Thermal Belt

For active skiers, cyclists, and hikers, the Rossignol Thermal Belt is a fantastic accessory. Built mainly for cross-country skiing, the belt does have other uses, but it was designed for the Nordic world due to its thermal properties. As a basic but functional zippered hip pack, the adjustable strap makes it all fit comfortably. It's got a water reservoir that's insulated to prevent freezing. If you don't mind washing this thing out, you can put your hot chocolate or coffee in there and use it as a thermos. From a storage standpoint, the belt has an upper-level compartment for snacks and supplies, so if you don't feel like lugging an entire backpack out there into the Nordic world, the belt is a fantastic option. The days of the lame fanny pack are gone, and the hip pack or belt branding is certainly a lot cooler. For Nordic skiing, it makes a lot of sense, carrying a minimalistic bag that doesn't get in the way of your stride or your poles. Also, it's a really hard and demanding sport, so being able to haul some energy out there on to the trail with you makes all the difference in the world. You'll be able to stay out longer and cover more kilometers than ever before. Whether you're heading out for an hour or for a day-long excursion, the Rossignol Thermal Belt will be there with you every stride of the way.


  • Zippered Hip Pack
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Upper Level Pocket
  • Adjustable Strap
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Brand Rossignol
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