We couldn’t have done it all by ourselves.  We got a lot of help along the way.  Now in our third year, we’re really starting to dial it in, and we have a bunch of people and organizations to thank for that.  It’s a highlight of our winter season to put this test on, and we here at are appreciative beyond words.

Stowe Mountain Resort

Our home mountain, Stowe Mountain Resort, is an ideal place to test skis.  From our middle Gondola lot, we’re able to access over 2000 vertical feet of pure testing playground from two high-speed lifts.  From fast groomers to endless bumps and trees, Mt. Mansfield has a lot to offer, and we’re more than happy to take advantage of all of it.  Thank you, Stowe Mountain Resort, for our access to the lodge and the parking lot, and all of your wonderful terrain.

Black Diamond Barbeque

Once again, Black Diamond Barbeque put on a sandwich clinic for us.  Skiing all day sounds fun and easy, but it’s not possible without the proper fuel.  When you’re hitting 30,000 vertical in a day, it helps to have a delicious smoked turkey sandwich in your belly.  Big shout out to Jason Pacioni and his team at Black Diamond Barbeque. 


With 18 ski companies this year, there can be a lot of moving parts, and we’d like to thank each and every one of these brands for providing us with well-tuned gear and all the necessary knowledge and information that we needed to complete our test.  They all get what we’re doing here, and even though it’s a long three days for the technical representatives, the benefits of our test are easy to see. 


Our testers killed it once again this year.  From the enthusiasm and fun to the professionalism and technical knowledge, our 62 testers each brought something unique and necessary to the table.  We appreciate their flexibility and willingness to accompany us on our quest to provide unbiased and objective information to the ski community.  Thank you a million!