2020 Armada Victa 93

The Victa 93 from Armada is a good example of how the company has evolved over the recent years. Mostly known for their twin tips, the Victa 93 breaks the Armada mold with its directional shape. In fact, there’s not really any rise in the tail of the ski at all, just the AR Nose Rocker up front. It uses a poplar wood core with carbon-kevlar struts to boost its energy, stability, and responsiveness. Armada has designed it to be more playful and more forgiving than the Victa models that use metal (we tested the Victa 87 Ti as well). Its focus is versatile performance at the resort. Armada doesn’t intend for you to take this outside of ski resort boundaries, but they make a whole bunch of skis for that application too. The Victa 93 kind of worked its way into our ski test, with only one tester, Catherine Ferguson, giving them a go. We’re glad she did, because the Victa 93 could be a whole lot of fun for a lot of skiers out there.

Catherine Ferguson, of if you see her on the street, simply C-Ferg, skied the 167 cm length, which happens to be the longest available in the Victa 93. Catherine had been testing some stiffer skis throughout our test, and she did mention the softer flex and that she had to adapt to it a little bit. That makes a lot of sense as it’s somewhat challenging to test a bunch of stiff skis, then move on to a softer flex. Catherine thought they were “very versatile,” but also added that the flat tail gives it a different feel in soft snow than skis with more tail rocker. It requires a little bit more skier input than the lazy smears you can achieve on skis with lots of tail rocker. Catherine thought it would be a good ski for anyone in the intermediate to expert range who doesn’t need a particularly stiff or powerful ski. “Great overall ski, but not enough “oomph” for my liking.” That’s okay, Catherine is an accomplished skier with good technique and a fearless mentality. Even without hearing any of her feedback, we’d guess she’d prefer the Victa skis with metal. Maybe you’re like Catherine, or maybe the Victa 93 would be perfect for you.

In a world where so many manufacturers are trying to one up each other in terms of power, energy, what materials are in their skis, and just trying to achieve that next level of performance, a ski like the Victa 93 is refreshing. No, it’s not the stiffest ski out there, it doesn’t have the best torsional stiffness, and it isn’t the most powerful, but it’s a whole lot of fun. A lot of skiers will prefer this flex pattern and weight over skis with metal. If you’re on the less aggressive side, but still want a ski with a precise feel that rewards good technique, the Victa 93 is right up your alley.


Catherine Ferguson

Age: 26Height: 5'2"Weight: 130 lbs.

Ski Style: Freeride and freestyle oriented with a flair for fun

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