2020 Black Crows Captis

The Captis is the narrowest ski in Black Crows’ All-Terrain line of skis and is designed for all-mountain versatility. A poplar wood core is built into a semi-cap construction style with camber underfoot and rockered tips and tails. There’s a good amount of early taper in those tips and tails as well, but the turn radius still hits 18 m in all lengths, which isn’t exceptionally small like we see in some skis that use similar shapes. Black Crows boasts the Captis is ideal for resort skiing, claiming its responsive, quick edge to edge, tolerant, and versatile. We love testing versatile all mountain skis, especially at our home mountain where we’re super familiar with the terrain and can put a ski through a lot of different paces even within a single given run.

Bob St.Pierre loved the Captis after testing the 184.2 cm length, which happens to be the longest length available. High scores from Bob! 5 out of 5 for stability, quickness/maneuverability, playfulness, versatility, and overall impression. Flotation and torsional stiffness/edge grip both earned a solid 4 out of 5. “Fantastic all-mountain ski, especially in the east coast. I loved the stability, edge grip, and overall control.” Bob found it was a “great carver and an awesome bump and tree ski” all at the same time. If that doesn’t scream versatility to you, you should get your hearing checked. “Surprisingly quick due to the semi-cap construction. You can feel the snap and pop from the ski. I loved the pull of the ski as you held the turn. They want to finish a turn strongly, which is very impressive coming from a ski without metal.” Bob’s numerical scores for the Captis and his written feedback both describe a very fun, versatile ski. The Captis could easily play the roll of a “one-ski-quiver” for an adventurous skier due to its ability to cross over and perform well both on and off-piste.

Jeff Neagle also got the chance to take some test runs on the Captis, although Jeff opted for the 178.3 cm length, which he thought was a good choice for his size. Similar feedback from Jeff, with quickness/maneuverability, playfulness, versatility, and overall impression all earning a full 5 out of 5 score. Flotation was the only score that dropped below 4 out of 5, but that doesn’t completely surprise us considering the 90 mm waist width. Black Crows offers plenty of wider skis designed for more float. Jeff described it as a “super fun all-mountain ski.” He also thought it “would be great for here in Stowe. Felt right at home as soon as I clicked in. For a Vermont all-mountain ski, in my opinion, 90 mm is perfect. Loved the blend of edge grip and quickness. Holds an edge well. Good energy and responsiveness when linking carves, but you can flick it around easily too.” That combination of performance is always impressive. When a ski can hold an edge through a carve and also get flicked around, slashed, and smear turns, it always catches our attention. Jeff thought it “would be a great choice for an eastern skier who wants to do it all. Carve groomers, maneuver through trees, and bash some moguls. Fun!”

Manufacturers like to use the terms all-mountain and one-ski-quiver all the time. Sometimes, those claims are a little bit far-fetched, but we can’t think of a more accurate way to describe the Captis from Black Crows. The 90 mm waist width is arguably more versatile on the east, but we can think of plenty of western skiers who would choose this width as their daily driver ski as well. From intermediates to experienced expert skiers, a lot of people would enjoy the performance and versatility of the Captis.


Jeff Neagle

Age: 33Height: 5'10"Weight: 150 lbs.

Ski Style: Aggressive freeride with freestyle background

Bob St.Pierre

Age: 41Height: 6'2"Weight: 215 lbs.

Ski Style: Adaptable, versatile, ex-competitive mogul skier and coach

75 Comments on the “2020 Black Crows Captis”

  1. This ski sounds ideal for my skiing style (light touch, slashy) and terrain preferences (lift served, off piste, glades). Will there be a Full Review?

    1. Hi Joey!
      It’s a pretty sweet ski. We’re hoping to do a full review on this ski, as we feel it’s a great all-mountain choice.

  2. And the photos seem to show all camber in the captis profile. What’s it like de-cambered? I want to know if there is any tip rocker to take into account, when selecting for length. Thank you.

    1. Joey,
      There’s not enough tip rocker to have it really affect the running length. If you find yourself in-between, I’d recommend sizing up.

  3. Hello,
    I hesitate between captis and the soulrider87, my program is more oriented pist.
    Can you compare me these two skis?

    1. Hi Alexandre!
      Ahhh! Two of my favorite skis! I own the Soul Rider 87 and loved the Captis from last year’s test. Both are extremely quick, stable, and snappy. I’d say the Captis has a better piste-oriented shape, but the build of the Soul Rider and the camber underfoot make it a surprising performer on the groomers. Can’t go wrong with either, but I’d say the 87 is the way to go. Have fun!

  4. Hey guys. Great reviews. I’m 6’1 210. My daily driver is a Bonafide but would like to add a ski where I can turn my brain off an just have fun. I’m interested in the Camox and Captis. Definitely want to take them into the trees and bumps and don’t need them to do 60mph. Would like to stay in the 90-100mm class. Am I looking at the right skis or should I look at something else.

    1. Hi Michael!
      I had a great time on both skis. I thought the Camox was a bit poppier and snappier, and i did like the “twin tip” shape for playfulness. Loved the energy of the Captis as well, but not quite the same as the Camox. A bit more float out of the Camox, but the Captis is more of a different shape from your Bonafide, so if you’re looking to change it up, that’s a good argument for the Captis. Have fun!

  5. Hey there, I am interested in buying these, but I’m kinda worried about the sizing. I’m 5’8 and 110 lbs, advanced level but not too aggressive, should I go for the 171 or maybe size down to the women’s 164? Thank you!

    1. Hi Peter!
      Your height puts you in the 171 range but your weight is more 164ish. If you’re not too aggressive, I think you’d get more enjoyment out of the shorter size. Have fun!

  6. How would you compare it to a Brahma ? Would it be really less stable on groomers ?

    I’m 50/50 between groomers, moguls/woods

    1. Hi Frank!
      Yup, less stable on groomers for sure! If you’re 50/50, I’d go Captis all the way. Brahma is a handful in bumps and trees, but that’s the tradeoff for very strong groomer performance and stability. Have fun!

  7. Hey guys. Im riding carving Skis for over 15 years and now I want the Captis for driving on pist and start to learn 180s and 360s on pist and in the air. Im Loving the design of the black crows so i wantet the skis really bad. Do you think its good to get used to the park and do some tricks and also driving fast?
    Or do you recommend me other skis?

    1. Hi Patrick!
      It’s a good start! I loved the ski and its playfulness and versatility. Also check out the Atomic Bent Chetler 100 for comparison, but both are tremendously versatile all-mountain skis with a park/playful personality. Have fun!

  8. Hi guys,

    I am 5’8 160lbs and an early intermediate skier looking to advance. I spend most of my time split between groomers and trees. Would you recommend the 171 or 178? Or another ski entirely?


    1. Hi Matt!
      Captis is a great choice! I loved the quickness and pop for all-terrain skiing. I’d go 171, just because I think that the 178 would be too long. Have fun!

        1. Matt,
          The Kendo has the higher gear, so if you really think you need that top-end performance at speed, the Kendo does it better than the Captis. Conversely, the Captis can be operated more smoothly and easily at lower speeds while the Kendo requires more force and attention for the same application. Hope that helps!

  9. Hi there,

    I’m 5;6 and weigh 70kg, will the 171 be ok? Med/advance aggressive fun skiing, all mountain, park piste.

    1. Hi Darren!
      Yup! Likely on the long side, but not too long. I don’t think you’d want the shorter size for stability purposes. Have fun!

  10. hello ! I’m 187 cm and I’m a good skier (not expert). I ski 2 weeks a year. I want to buy the Captis but I don’t know if I should take the 178cm or the 184 cm. thanks

    1. Hi Rohan!
      I’d go 184. It’s got a good enough weight that you’ll be able to control the longer length. I just think the 178 would be too twitchy and short. Have fun!

        1. Rohan,
          It’s a bit burlier than the Captis, with the full sidewall all the way around and a heavier feel. Likely a stronger carver with some good snap and pop, just not as quick or agile as the Captis.

      1. hi ! I come back to you for the last time. many people say that the captis is too flexible, softer, boring to ski it for many seasons. is it true ?

        1. I don’t think so, Rohan.
          I found it light, quick, and energetic. I’m 6/2 and 220 pounds and loved the performance. Not as demanding as some more “expert” skis but has a high end nonetheless. Have fun!

  11. Hello,

    I’ve been eying the Captis for a while now, and am considering purchasing them soon. I’m an intermediate skier looking to improve on my carving technique and just become a better skier all round. I don’t go too fast, I’m 6’3” and on the lighter side at 175lb. Could you please recommend if I’m buying the right skies given I won’t be able to demo them, and if so, should I go for 171cm (based on my ability/height & weight) or 178cm?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Briain!
      I think they’re a good choice–light, quick, and a ton of fun. I’m about your height but heavier, and I liked the 184, so I think the 178 would be the way to go for you. 171 would be a bit too short. Have fun!

  12. Hi, great reviews SE, a brilliant reference when it simply isn’t possible for us buyers to try everything out there!
    I currently have Rustler 10s as my free ride skis, and Head V-Shape 10s for front side when conditions aren’t so good. However am looking at changing the Heads for something with a wider all-mountain range. Looked at Kendo 88s but concerned whilst gaining greater off-piste ability, the radius is getting a bit big at 20m for a 184cm, and lightness and manoeuvrability may be compromised by the heavier ski. So thinking the Captis may be the answer as a fun ski, good in bumps, trees, lighter and with 18m radius in 184 and more off piste capability than the current Heads. Looks like it is improving in areas I want over the Heads, but question is will it still grip and carve as well (perhaps too soft a flex)? I’m an experienced skier that when not in the soft stuff like to have fun on the piste cutting different turn shapes, skiing bumps and in and out of side country. Need a ski that is fun and manoeuvrable but can still be driven hard. What else should I consider? Wondered about the Elan Ripstick 88, but not sure it offers anything over the Captis. Would really appreciate your thoughts on the comparisons.

    1. Thanks, Will!
      I think when you’re comparing the Captis to the V10 on firm snow, you do give up a bit of torsional stiffness, but I think it’s worth the tradeoff for overall performance. The width makes a small amount of difference between the ski’s performance but it’s still a good carver. I’m 220 pounds and I overpowered the Ripstick pretty easily while I felt the Captis held be up a bit better. Have fun!

      1. Many thanks for the quick response SE.😃
        So if Captis looks to be a great fit in terms of versatility, if I was to trade any of the chuckable fun factor for increased carving ability, what else should I look at as a competitor. Kendo 88 was one I looked at, thoughts?
        Any others? Enforcer 88, may be too hard charging all the time, I.e less versatile, Rustler 9 great in terms of character but too close to the 10s I have!
        Many thanks for your help.

        1. HI Will!
          Right, the Kendo and Enforcer have that two sheet of metal construction, so they’re certainly more demanding, with the Enforcer being the heavier of the two. So the Kendo is a burlier version of the Captis, but not quite the upper gear of the Enforcer. Also, the Kendo just has a more metallic feel to it while the Captis is nice and woody. There might be too little of a gap from the 9 to the 10 I think.

      2. Hi, Many thanks for the input. If the Kendo may not have the manoeuvrability of the Captis (sounds like the ski needs to be worked quite hard to get short turns out of it), but the Captis doesn’t have the same top end in terms of grip and precision, would you consider the K2 Mindbender 90ti as another alternative between these two skis. The shape looks good as does the wood core with only some metal reinforcement. Whilst I have no doubt both the K2s and BCs will be playful/fun skis, which has the better edge grip/carving performance on ice/hard snow? Which ski has the livelier feel? Also the marketing seems to peg the Captis at a less advanced skier, more intermediate, which concerns me as I need a ski with the performance range of advanced-expert (yet this doesn’t appear to be the case in your review with the BC potentially scoring higher than the K2). Thanks again.

        1. Will,
          I’d say the K2 has better grip versus the Captis, but not the livelier feel–those things generally go hand in hand. I’d say the K2 requires more input and energy than the Captis, and you get more out of it as a result. I think the K2 is a great middle-ground between Kendo and Captis. Have fun!

  13. Hey guys great review I’ve been eyeing these up you said the stiffness is similar to the Atomic bent chetler 100 which is absolulty perfect in terms of what I’m looking for in terms of playfulness and park performance however I’m concerned how well do these handle at speed I’m a pretty fast skier (not absolutely insane) who likes to put the pedal to the metal when skiing on piste obviously I know they won’t stack up to something like the brahma 88s but how far do you think I could push them before it got sketchy I’m 6,0 170lbs looking at the 178cm

    1. Hi Dale!
      If the snow is firm, their speed limit goes down. For softer snow, you can let them fly, but the chattering will start at about 35-40 on hardpack. Have fun!

  14. Hi, First of all, your reviews are awsome!
    I hope you can help me out!! I’m around 225lbs and 182cm in height, descent intermediate skier but always looking to improve!
    I cant decide on the 178 or the 184. I normally ski on a 178, not an aggressive speed freak but enjoy groomers and I’ll hit the bumps. I want to have a fun ski that I can throw around a bit.
    Which would you reccomend please?

    1. Hi Craig!
      I think you’re going to like the 184–still light enough to play but you’ll appreciate the stability at speed with the extra length. Have fun!

  15. I already have enforcer 104s in 186cm. They are great on deeper days and super stable and fast. However, I want something a bit lighter and more fun on side trails and trees. Pretty much I feel a little over skied on the 104s most days as I’m still progressing. I am 5’11” 164lbs and I’m looking at this ski, the camox and the daemon. Wondering what sizes would be best and also which of those skis would best compliment my 104s and also fit what I want to do on them.

    1. Hi Eli!
      I like the playfulness of the Camox. The Daemon likely has a bit too much crossover in terms of build and shape while the Camox is narrower and more flexible. Likely a better choice for firmer snow and non-pow days, with a big emphasis on fun, snappy, and quick turns, which those other skis don’t really do. I’d go 183 in the Camox. Have fun!

        1. Hi Eli!
          As long as you stay centered and balanced and are able to predict when the ski might bend, I think it’s got enough power for you. I found them to be some of the snappiest and quickest skis (for their shape) that I tested last year. Great for bumps and trees!

  16. Hey guys! I’m just under 6’0 at 172lbs and would consider myself an intermediate-advanced skier. I’m at home when I’m going fast and straight, but love a ski that also allows me to fool around on some bumps, practice 180s, switch, butters (just learning these this season). As a first time buyer, I demoed the Head V-Shape V10 (177cm) in Park city and had SO much fun with them, but when I wanted to crank the speed, I felt some chatter and they definitely have a speed limit . After riding them I finally understood the term “playful” and “forgiving”. They are so light and I’m sure that had a huge impact as well. I ski mainly east coast but make a trip or two out west every year. I see the word “playful” everywhere in the reviews for the Captis, but how do they perform at speed? I’d be looking into the 178 length…do you agree? Thanks!

    1. Hi Josh!
      Not quite the top-speed performer as some of the other skis at that shape, but you’re also not too heavy for your height, so I don’t think it’ll be prohibitive. I’m 6/2 220 and I maxed them out in the 184, but really only after going quite fast. They have a similar lower-speed feel as the V10, and I would say the top end of the Captis is superior to that of the Head as well. I’d go Captis in 178. Have fun!

  17. Hi please help me out I’m 5,9 170 intermediate thats advancing and did over 30 days on the mount this year I live in ny but did whistler vail and Tahoe already this year. I’m letting a lot better and starting to jump I think this is the perfect ski for that do you agree and Do you think I should go to 171 or 178? I didn’t know so I ordered both lol but have to return one. My current ski is a kastle 169 but like I said I’m looking to get better . Pleases bro you know your stuff

    1. Hi Steven!
      I love the Captis for your application–great in soft snow, jumps, and all-mountain ripping. If you’re improving and skiing faster, I’d go 178 and that way you won’t be left wondering if you’ve left some performance on the table. They’re pretty quick, so I wouldn’t worry about them being too cumbersome–maybe in tight trees and bumps, but that’s about it. Have fun!

    1. Hi Frank!
      For smooth wiggling through the woods here in the east, there’s not much better than the Line Chronic. If all your doing is skiing woods and park, I’d go with the Line, but for a more resort/all-mountain feel with great quickness, the Captis is hard to beat. But for a tree-heavy diet, the Chronic will be more fun.

  18. Hi,
    I’m looking for whole day playful/fun ski.
    Captis and Faction Prodigy 2.0 are my favorite.
    What can you recommend more? Prodigy is wilder, and I thing edge to edge slower, but gives more support under foot (jumps)?
    More groomers oriented, rather fun than shredding (got other skis I love).

    1. HI Marek!
      I haven’t been on the Faction, but loved the Captis. I thought it was light, quick, yet held a great edge on harder snow. Was very surprised by that ski. Yes, the wider skis tend to be slower, and I’d wager that to be true especially when up against the Captis. Hope that helps!

  19. I want to buy the Captis I am 183cm and 75kg and an advanced skier. Would you recommend 178 or 184cm length?

    1. Hi Anders!
      I think the 178 is the way to go unless you value stability over quickness. Both are ultimately fine, but the shorter length will be more fun for sure. Have fun!

  20. I’m looking to buy the captis, but unsure of the length between 171 and 178. Can you please give me some advice? I am an intermediate (doing almost exclusively blues and doing one diamond run which takes me a lot of time and effort to come down). I am 5’11” and weigh around 163 lbs. thanks!

    1. Hi Jay!
      I think any hesitation should put you in the shorter length. You’ll have more fun and improve faster with less work. The only thing you’ll be missing out on is stability at speed or in crud or soft snow, but other than that, I think the 171 is the way to go. Take care!

      1. Also are the Salomon N Warden 11 90mm bindings appropriate for the captis skis? Captis seems to be for intermediate-advanced skiers, but the Warden 11 bindings seem to be for beginner-intermediate skiers. Or does this skill level not matter? Thanks!

        1. Jay,
          Most skiers won’t chart out above an 11 DIN, so unless you’re one of those skiers, it’s going to be a totally fine binding. Same toe piece as the Warden 13’s just a smaller spring. A bit different heel piece, lighter and easier to step in versus the 13. Take care!

  21. Hi Guys! Excellent reviews. I’m 6’2” and on the lighter side at 155lb. I consider myself advance-expert skier. I’m not a super aggressive skier. I ski everything. My daily driver is Rossignol S7, 188cm, since 2012. I skied 25 days during this past season in NY, VT. I love my Rossi S7 (powder skies) but would like to add skis that are better suited for e.g. Liftline at Stowe on an icy day (I do like a challenge but on an icy condition it’s even challenging to follow my 7 years old on blacks ). I’m debating between Captis and Rossignol Experience 88 Ti. 88 Ti seems to be a safe choice: A lot of positive reviews available. How would you compare these two skies and which one would you recommend? Also about sizing I was thinking 178 (Captis) or 180 (88 TI) based on my weight? What is your recommendation? Thanks.

    1. HI Jani!
      The 88 is certainly a more capable carver, but the Captis is more versatile. For just groomed Liftline? I’d go 88 all day, but if you’re looking for a ski that has more of a similar personality to your S7, the Captis is it. More power and strength out of the 88, while the Captis is lighter and quicker and makes a wider variety of turn shapes and styles. Sizes sound good to me on either ski. Take care!

  22. Hi! I’m 5’9” and 175 lbs. and 35. I ski mostly in Utah and CO, and I’d say I’m between advan. Intermediate and advanced. The past two years I’m skiing trees, bumps, and off groomers as much as possible. My current quiver is Nordica Navigator 90 in 172, and Atomic Bent Chetler 100 in 172. I’m looking to replace the Navigators because, while I love them on groomers, I’m not a big fan of them off-piste. I feel they require a forward stance that really gets out over the tips and the tail feels hard to release in tighter/steeper terrain. I love the Bent Chetler 100 in comparison – allows a much more neutral stance, the tail rocker allows easier release off-piste, and the softer flex plus 5mm of camber makes them much more lively, poppy and maneuverable than the Navigators. But sometimes when it hasn’t snowed in 4-5 days, I prefer a narrower waist and tips than 100mm Chetlers.

    To replace the Navigator 90, I’m thinking either Black Crows Captis 171 or Enforcer 88 in 172. Would the Captis be very similar to the Bent Chetlers but just narrower? My only concern with Captis is how well the softer flex might hold an edge on occasional harder snow. Otherwise, I think the neutral stance, flex, and tail rocker would be great in the trees. I’ve heard the Enforcer 88 permits a slightly more neutral stance than the Navigators and the tail could release a little more easily. But my concern is the Enforcer 88 being even stiffer than the Navigator. I guess I’m considering the Enforcer 88 for the purpose of giving a little more breadth/variety to the quiver (e.g. hard snow/chopped up days) with the Bent Chetlers than the Captis would. Would love to read your thoughts!

    1. Hi Ben!
      I skied the Enforcer 88 for the second half of our shortened season here in VT and loved it. It was, however, on the stiff and heavy side–really strong grip and energy. I also have the Enforcer 100, so I do like that gap of 88-100. If there’s any fresh snow, I take the 100’s, if not, the 88. If you’re looking for that ski to take your carving and on-piste skiing to the next level, I’d go that route over the Captis for sure. If you’re looking for a narrower version of your BC 100, then the Captis is a better option. I don’t think the Captis is going to be a huge difference over the Nav so if you’re looking for something that’s going to be a change, then I’d go Enforcer. Take care!

  23. G’day. Great review. Looking for a playful compliment to my 97 Bonafides. Tossing up between the Camox and Captis. I’m 220 lbs 6ft. Solid intermediate. 70/30 on/off piste. Any ideas? Thanks nick.

    1. Hi Nick!
      While the Captis is light and playful for sure, I think your size puts you in the slightly burlier Camox realm. Unless you’re really looking to lighten your load with the Captis, I’d go Camox for more power (but still shy of the Bonafide for sure). Have fun!

      1. Awesome. Thanks for the advice. You think the 180 or 186 for me. Don’t need big speed stability. Cheers nick.

        1. Nick,
          I think 180 is fine. If you were going captis, perhaps 184, but Camox 180 is a good call. Have fun!

  24. hi, iam looking to get a ski a but more stable than my current lib tech ufo 95 something in thee 90-95 range and am very interested in this ski im 5’8 190 intermediate to advanced east coast ny vt and do groomers moguls trees i dont ski overly fast but i notice i can out run my current skis any help would be apreciated!

    1. HI Ty!
      I thought the Captis was a great ski with quick turns and tons of energy. Not the burliest ski out there, but a whole lot of fun. Good in the bumps and trees for sure, I think you’re right on track!

  25. Hey SE,

    This ski wasn’t even on my radar until reading this review. Its now caught my attention. I am looking for a narrower ski that can handle it all. Tight New England trees, hard pack/ice, something that is quick edge to edge, maneuverable, forgiving, loves the side hits and FUN. It will supplement my Rustler 10 which has been my go to for all my skiing/touring. I’ve narrowed it down to the Rustler 9, Ranger 94FR and the Black Crows Captis. I will be mounting a Shift on these as well. I’m 6′ 1″ 180 advanced/expert. Just looking for some thoughts on the direction you would go.

    1. Hi Josh!
      I do think the Captis makes a good complement for your 10’s, while the 9 and the Ranger 94 might have a bit too much overlap. I like a little variety in my quiver, so the Captis makes sense in my mind. Have fun!

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