2020 DPS Cassiar A94 C2

The DPS Cassiar A94 C2 is a relatively new addition to the DPS collection, although it carries over from the 2019 season without any changes. We had a lot of testers on this ski in our 2019 test, so don’t hesitate to check out that if you’re looking for more feedback. Simply put, the Cassiar line is designed for more frontside performance than most of DPS’ skis. This is the widest in the Cassiar line, and arguably the most versatile because of that. These skis use less rocker and less early taper than we traditionally see from DPS, but there’s still a little there. They also utilize Alchemist construction, which features vibration-tuned carbon fiber. That construction provides excellent torsional stiffness and energy, as do most carbon skis, but they have much better vibration damping and a more stable feel than most skis this light with carbon construction.

Jeffrey Siegel skied the 185 cm length and gave it 5 out of 5 scores for both stability and torsional stiffness/edge grip. Impressive scores for a ski without metal! “The Cassiar 94 is a very different ski for DPS. Most of their skis give up some stability for maneuverability, but this does the reverse. Very stable and predictable. Easy enough to ski, but you do need to put a bit of effort in to get the most out of them.” Intermediate skiers and less-aggressive advanced skiers may find the Cassiar 94 wants too much skier input for their liking. It’s a ski that likes to be driven, not ridden. If you’re engaging the front of your boots and initiating turns properly, you’ll love it. If you get caught in the backseat or if you’re trying to wiggle out turns, it’s not going to respond as well. “May not get that light feel that I tend to associate with DPS, but the ski does feel solid, well made, and substantial underfoot.” Substantial is a good way to describe this ski. Despite being lighter than some competitors’ skis, especially those that use metal, it’s all there.

Chuck Waskuch opted for the 178 cm length and loved the smooth feel of the Cassiar A94. Chuck has a very clean, smooth, deliberate skiing style, and this construction and shape seems to work well for him. “Not too difficult to initiate turns and they have a predictable feel.” You’ll often see Chuck making big, wide turns regardless of the turn radius of the ski he is on. He’s a master of feathering a ski into the turn he wants to make, and it sounds like he really enjoys the performance of the Cassiar A94.

If you’re a fan of DPS skis, but you want something a little more focused on firm snow performance than the classic banana-rockered DPS skis you may be accustomed to, the Cassiar A94 is great. It’s a super versatile all-mountain ski that can lay down impressive carves, but can also maneuver through terrain like moguls and trees. It might not do that as easily as a ski like the Wailer A100, but it takes carving performance and edge grip to a whole different level compared to skis like that.


Chuck Waskuch

Age: 47Height: 5'8"Weight: 180 lbs.

Ski Style: Smooth and Controlled

Jeffrey Siegel

Age: 39Height: 6'1"Weight: 185 lbs.

Ski Style: Smooth, refined, analytical, with a ski instructing background

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