2020 DPS Cassiar F87 C2

DPS is a unique ski manufacturer in the sense that you can get a variety of their different ski designs with different construction techniques. The Cassiar 87 Foundation is a great example, sharing the same shape with the Alchemist-constructed skis, but in a more affordable, yet still advanced, construction. Foundation uses a bi-phase poplar and bamboo wood core that’s sandwiched between tri-axial fiberglass that’s supported by full length strips of uni-directional carbon fiber. DPS describes it as a wonderful blend of power and dampness that can be enjoyed by a wide range of skiers while being a little friendlier on the wallet. The Cassiar 87 uses an 87 mm waist width in a very versatile shape: rocker/camber/rocker with some subtle early taper in the tips and tails as well. It’s a shape borrowed from their wider, more freeride-oriented skis, and just smoothed out and made less pronounced to length the edge contact on firm snow.

Troy Dehm tested the 184 cm length in the Cassiar 87 Foundation. He thought that was a good length for his size, but he still described it as feeling “stiff” and that it “skied long.” The highest scores from Troy were for stability and torsional stiffness/edge grip, both earning 4 out of 5. “Good edge hold on groomers.” Troy thought it was “definitely meant for an advanced skier,” and we’d say that’s especially true if you’re also choosing the 184 cm length. A short length will be a lot more manageable for most skiers, and there are three options going all the way down to 165 cm. Troy found “the stiffness did provide a smooth turn, but not very playful.” The testers we had on the Alchemist version of the Cassiar 87 seemed to find more of a playful feel, which is coming from the differences in construction technique. Alchemist will feel a little lighter and more energetic, but this Foundation construction can still rip.

Mike Thomas also skied the 184 Cassiar 87 in the Foundation construction and admitted that “this ski grew on me after half a run.” We saw really consistent scores from Mike, with lots of 4s out of 5. Consistency in scores typically spells a versatile all-mountain ski with even performance characteristics. Mike thought it felt “planky at first,” but that it came alive and “I really started to have fun when I started making mid-radius fall line turns.” With the 18.5 m turn radius in the 184 cm length and its early tapered shape, we can imagine it making really round, fun turns down the fall line. It also allows for different turn styles ad the rocker and taper allow you to release the tail edge more easily than full camber skis with extended sidecut.

If the DPS design and specifically the Cassiar 87 shape speaks to you, but you either want to save some money or don’t necessarily love the sound of the Alchemist construction, this Foundation construction is slightly more traditional in its design and the resulting performance of the ski is smooth and versatile, but also pretty powerful too. Although it uses that rocker and early taper shape we talked about, based off the reactions from our testers, it’s not a ski you need to worry about sizing up on.


Mike Thomas

Age: 50Height: 6'3"Weight: 215 lbs.

Ski Style: Upright, fluid, nimble, and powerful

Troy Dehm

Age: 29Height: 5'10"Weight: 190 lbs.

Ski Style: Powerful and precise

4 Comments on the “2020 DPS Cassiar F87 C2”

  1. Hi Guys-

    How would you compare these to the Blizzard Brahma? How does the 87 compare to the DPS CF94 (i.e. same skis but narrower?)?

    1. Hi Kurt!
      The shape is pretty much the same but the build is quite different. The two sheets of metal in the Brahma are juxtaposed by the two sheets of carbon in the DPS. The Brahma is heavier and a bit damper, while the DPS is lighter, but doesn’t quite have the top gear that the Brahma has. But the dual carbon layer of the DPS is very impressive in terms of weight and damping.
      In terms of the 94 vs. 87, you’re looking at pretty much the same ski, just different dimensions. With a wider ski, you’re getting more wood and carbon, so expect a stronger overall performance, but still not the upper-end speed of the Brahma. Have fun!

      1. Thanks for the feedback…so, the DPS 94 would be slightly “stiffer” to the 87, with both being the easier ski compared to the Brahma? How would you rank/compare the DPS 94 to: Rustler 9 or Ranger 94FR?

        1. Hi Kurt!
          Correct, both are easier to ski than the Brahma. Better/more similar comparison to the Rustler/Ranger. The DPS is an easier turner, but still has the strength thanks to the Alchemist build. The Rustler has a strong underfoot and great rebound and the Ranger is just a great all-around ski that doesn’t really balk at anything. DPS is lighter, but doesn’t quite have the speed limits of the other two skis. Have fun!

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