2020 DPS Yvette A112 RP

The DPS Yvette A112 RP is a powder ski that’s packed full of technology and innovative designs, something that DPS has become known for over the years. It uses the newest version of their Alchemist construction, which features vibration-tuned carbon fiber. This gives the ski tremendous responsiveness and energy, while also boosting vibration damping and stability, especially compared to most skis with carbon. The RP shape is a DPS classic. It uses substantial tip and tail rocker with plenty of early taper too. The 15-meter turn radius stays consistent through every length. That shape and that small turn radius in this width is quite unique. Not many powder skis provide the same quickness and the same ability for short turns as the Yvette A112 RP. We didn’t have any significant powder at our test, and we didn’t require any testers to ski it because of that. Luckily, however, Kristi Brown decided to grab a pair as the snow softened up in the afternoon to put it to the test, and we’re very glad she did.

Kristi Brown tested the 178 cm length, the longest available in the Yvette A112 RP. High scores across the board from Kristi. She scored it all 4.5’s and 5’s out of 5, which is darn impressive. We don’t expect a tremendous amount of power or edge grip out of this shape, but Kristi didn’t think the ski was lacking in those departments whatsoever. “Pretty impressive 112 ski! Skis like a 100. Bonus to have huge flotability, edge hold, and energy in a ski this big!” It certainly is rare to get the same energy and quickness out of a ski this size, but that’s where the DPS Alchemist construction and the RP shaping concept really come into play. It’s incredibly quick when you want it to be, you can release the tail edge extremely easily, yet the Alchemist construction delivers good torsional stiffness too. “Don’t let the size scare you, it purrs like a kitty cat.”

We would’ve loved to have more testers on the Yvette A112 RP, but Kristi’s feedback is very valuable. She’s one of the most experienced ski testers you’ll find and always gives accurate reactions to a ski. If you’re looking for a powder ski and value quickness and energy, this ski needs to be on your short list. You may be surprised by its versatility too, considering how wide it is. If you pick up a pair, you’re going to spend more time on them than you’d expect, we can pretty much guarantee that.


Kristi Brown

Age: 49Height: 5'9"Weight: 133 lbs.

Ski Style: Energetic, precise, very smooth and skis with a lot of finesse

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