2020 Dynastar Intense 4×4 82

We like how Dynastar is bringing back the 4×4 moniker. Around the turn of the millennium, the 4×4 series from Dynastar was a crowd pleaser. Now in both the men’s and women’s all-mountain carver lines, the 4×4 name lives on. These 82’s are a great option for ladies who spend most of their time on-trail, but who want something with a bit of adventure and spontaneity built in. These skis are capable of checking a lot of boxes, but are best suited for fresh corduroy and firmer conditions. They have just a bit of tip rocker to help them into turns, and the 3D Profile gives the tips a good amount of maneuverability and edge precision. Dynastar’s Hybrid Paulownia wood core features thick strips of Polyurethane that add a ton of damping while remaining super-light. Best for advanced skiers, the Intense 4×4 82 is a strong carver that can handle a little bit of everything. Our testers were pretty impressed with the overall well-roundedness of these skis, and loved the handling and stability that they provide.

Allison Ruschp skied the 164 and found it to be the appropriate length. Her scores were all 4’s and 5’s with 5’s given for versatility, stability, playfulness, and overall impression. Scores of 4 for forgiveness and flotation are pretty darn good as far as low-end marks, so it’s pretty evident that Alli found this to be a strong performer in all conditions and terrain. She’s got some pretty flowing imagery to go along with her strong scores, as well. She says the Intense 4×4 82 is “like skiing on clouds—a dream ski. Easy to turn, smooth, and playful. From start to finish, the turn is smooth and easy. Handles a variety of snow conditions, from soft snow to ice. Holds an edge while being playful in the soft stuff.” This is the type of on/off-trail versatility that we were hoping for in something with the 4×4 name. Alli “was impressed by how this front side ski handled with my strong skiing, it didn’t mind being pushed or relaxed while skiing.”

Also on the 164 cm length, Susan Dorn loved the all-mountain capabilities of the Intense 4×4 82. She liked the length and scored the ski all 4’s and 5’s, just like Alli. Susan’s overall impression of 5 out of 5 combined with her top marks for stability, playfulness, and edge hold of the Intense 4×4. She loved the torsional stiffness, and this is mostly due to the Sandwich construction and the 3D Profile. “The 4×4 name says it all. It did everything well. Very damp, making speed feel like I wanted more! Easy carver—did small, quick turns and big ones with aplomb.” Sounds like Susan is picking up on that Hybrid core, as the polyurethane combined with the wood really makes for a smooth and solid ski. There’s a lot to like about this type of build, and it sounds like our testers are pretty consistent with those findings.

The 164 was a popular length, as Katrine Wolfgang also ripped a few runs on the Intense 4×4 82. Her scores were a bit lower than the other two testers, but they were still very consistent. It’s important to note that when scores are consistent in value across different categories, that usually means that the ski is well-rounded and versatile. Katrine’s scores of all 3’s and 4’s follow this pattern, and shows that there’s not a lot that these skis cannot do. She loved it in pretty much any and all conditions: “This ski was good in soft snow with intermediate style turns. It turns nicely for a softer ski, and these would be great for intermediate skiers.” Definitely a good target audience, and they do have a higher-performance ceiling as well.

The 2020 Dynastar Intense 4×4 82 women’s skis are a great on and off-trail option for intermediate and advanced skiers who are looking for all-terrain skis with strong carving prowess. There’s a ton of stability and strength in these, all at an accessible package.


Katrine Wolfgang

Age: 49+Height: 5'5"Weight: 160 lbs.

Ski Style: Smooth carving

Susan Dorn

Age: 61Height: 5'2"Weight: 130 lbs.

Ski Style: Deliberate, smooth, Masters ski racer

Allison Ruschp

Age: 32Height: 5'5"Weight: 135 lbs.

Ski Style: Ex-racer who's calmed herself down

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  1. Which 82 4×4 is it that they tested? The ”Pro” with the 12 din binding or the intense 4×4 with the 11 din? I am trying to figure out which is which… Would appreciate any help to sort out the various 82 4×4 models.

    1. HI Christian!
      The Intense Pro is the same ski and binding as the men’s 4×4 Speedzone with the NX12 bindings, while the non-pro with the 11 DIN is the softer version. We tested the regular Intense with the 11 DIN bindings. Hope that helps!

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