2020 Fischer Ranger 99 Ti

As with most of the Ranger series, the 99 Ti gets a refresh for 2020. With new shapes, rocker profiles, and constructions, the tweaks were made to separate the Ti lines from the FR lines a bit more. Now, the 99 Ti is built to compete with the Mantra/Bonafide skis of the world. By widening the metal, lowering the rocker, and narrowing the shape (depending on length), the 2020 Ranger 99 Ti is a burly carver with freeride capabilities. For years the wide carving skis have been getting a bit better and more user-friendly, mostly due to carbon tips and more tapered shapes. The 99 Ti has that carbon nose for lower swing weight, the dual metal laminate for stability and dampness, and the lower rocker profile for better tip-to-tail contact. All of these things make a solid carver with some width and playfulness built in. In the 181 cm length, the skis have a 97 mm waist and an 18-meter turn radius. This is right on par with the competition, and even though they have that dual-metal laminate, they still feel light and nimble. Testers fell in love with the stability and maneuverability of these re-designed skis.

Justin Perry called the 181 “fast, quick, and aggressive. This ski is an aggressive skier’s dream. No speed limit with crazy-good edge hold. Similar to the 102 FR but stiffer and heavier due to the metal.” Justin’s overall impression score of 5 out of 5 backs up these statements for sure. All other scores were either 4’s or 5’s, so his love for the ski really shines through. He continues on the subject of the metal’s influence on the 99 Ti. “Although the ski has metal, the rocker profile was incredible in soft and cruddy snow. VERY FUN!” Nice conclusion.

Another tester who noticed the same type of performance was James Stewart. James skied the 188 and loved the torsional stiffness and edge hold, with those categories receiving 5’s out of 5. Only playfulness and forgiveness got 3’s as these are neither the most playful nor most forgiving skis out there for sure. “Fischer’s race pedigree really shines through on this all-mountain missile. Whereas the old Ranger 98 was a light-footed but capable precision instrument, the new construction really bumps this ski up a few notches into the charger category.” An astute observation by James, here, as they’re definitely distancing themselves from the FR line. He also noted that although the 188 worked, the 181 would certainly quicken things up a bit for him.

Evan Caha also skied the 188, and notes that the Ranger 99 Ti is a “solid ski that exudes confidence. They look intimidating, but they aren’t. Shorter turn radius than expected. Loves big carving at high-speeds but capable in tighter conditions.” From a comparative standpoint, Evan states that the Ranger 99 “was like a stiffer Rossignol Sky 7. Thicker underfoot and takes more lean to engage.” Evan’s top score of 5 out of 5 for stability is no surprise given his comments.

Annie MacDonald loved the quickness and maneuverability of her 181 cm test length. She was “impressed with this ski! Really stable but also lively and quick-turning. Really damp in the tip but light and with float, so super-fun in the pow. Jumped into bumps in the woods and they performed well! Good overall ski for an aggressive skier.” Sounds like a winning combination for sure!

Total joy all around for the 2020 Fischer Ranger 99 Ti, as far as our testers are concerned. The new tweaks proved effective at making the skis more stable and damper than before, but not really at the price of weight. They’re just about as nimble and agile as the older version, which is pretty impressive given the newfound power.


Brooks Curran

Age: 24Height: 6'2"Weight: 170 lbs.

Ski Style: Ex-racer, now backcountry freerider

Parker Herlihy

Age: 21Height: 6'4"Weight: 190 lbs.

Ski Style: Freeride fun with big air on the brain

Bob St.Pierre

Age: 41Height: 6'2"Weight: 215 lbs.

Ski Style: Adaptable, versatile, ex-competitive mogul skier and coach

James Stewart

Age: 30Height: 6'2"Weight: 170 lbs.

Ski Style: Energetic, playful, and fun to follow

Annie MacDonald

Age: 56Height: 5'7"Weight: 118 lbs.

Ski Style: Lots of style, grace, and power

David Wolfgang

Age: 67Height: 6'3"Weight: 230 lbs.

Ski Style: Strong, deliberate, and smooth

Evan Caha

Age: 30Height: 5'10"Weight: 140 lbs.

Ski Style: Fast and adventurous with a love for high edge angles

Justin Perry

Age: 29Height: 5'9"Weight: 167 lbs.

Ski Style: Aggressive all-mountain freeride

6 Comments on the “2020 Fischer Ranger 99 Ti”

    1. Hi Hansjorg!
      Wider and more floaty for the Ranger. Still rips on trail, but doesn’t quite have the tip to tail consistency and stability of the Mantra. For softer snow and more all-mountain versatility, I’d go with the Ranger. Have fun!

    1. A wonderful comparison!
      My biggest impression is that the Enforcer is more consistent from tip to tail given the construction. The Ranger is lighter in the tips due to the carbon nose, but is stiff and solid underfoot and through the tail. While it won’t hook up in the beginning of the turn as instantly as the Enforcer, it holds and finishes carves cleanly and crisply. For heavier and more aggressive skiers, the Enforcer is likely a better choice, but for softer snow and lighter skiers, there’s a lot to like about the Ranger. Have fun!

      1. Hi Laurent!
        The Bonafide is a lot more business-like from tip to tail than the Ranger. The biggest difference lies in the tips. For the Ranger, the carbon nose is lighter, more flexible, and more rockered than that of the Bonafide, giving it more of a playful and freeride feel and character. Underfoot and through the tail, they’re pretty similar, but I feel like the Ranger makes cleaner, rounder, and more energetic turns with less effort. You really have to load up the Bonafide to make it sing. Have fun!

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