2020 Fischer RC One 86 GT

The all-mountain carving ski has come a long way in the past five years, and now they’re getting so versatile that it’s hard to tell where their front-side capabilities end and their all-mountain skills begin. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to. You can simply ski the Fischer RC One 86 GT and enjoy every single second of it. As a new offering from Fischer for 2020, the RC One 86 is about as wide as a front-side ski gets. It’s stable, smooth, strong, and powerful. That said, the technology that makes it transcend its narrow width, Turn Zone Technology, also makes it forgiving and easy to use. This way, you get the high-performance characteristics of an all-out front side carver as well as the friendlier nature of an all-mountain ski. By reducing the weight in the tips and tails but keeping it stiff from front to back, the Turn Zones allow the skier to make a variety of turn shapes and styles, as opposed to remaining locked in to the 17-meter turn radius at the 175 cm length. Our testers were all very impressed with the new ski’s ability to switch up turns and generate a bunch of energy.

Ali Berlin found her 168 cm test length to be a bit long, so the 161 would be better for her. Regardless of this, she still scored the ski 5’s out of 5 for stability and torsional stiffness. Her overall impression and versatility scores were both 4’s indicating that these skis are high-performers with limitless possibilities. “These skis have GRIP! Although a bit long for me, I felt these skis hold an edge from tip to tail in medium and short-radius turns.” Due to the Turn Zones, it’s “an easy transition out of the turn.” Maybe in response to the length, Ali found them to be “not very forgiving if you’re not right on top of them in a balanced stance.”

Bob St.Pierre skied the appropriately sized 182 and loved the stability, with that category earning a 5 out of 5. His low score for forgiveness is indicative of a pretty stiff ski, and his score of 3 out of 5 for flotation is unsurprising, given the width and profile of the ski, both of which are better suited for the corduroy. “Awesome new offering from Fischer. Loves being pushed and is very stable, especially at speed.” In terms of the versatility of the ski, Bob notes that the RC One 86 “can be used in an all-mountain application for sure, but it does seem to appreciate a good groomer.”

Another taller skier, Marcus Shakun, also on the 182, loved pretty much everything about this ski, with all of his scores (except flotation) hovering in the 4 range. He calls it an “all-mountain ski for a skier that finds themselves ripping groomers just as often as going off-trail. Their damp tip and tail help them perform off-piste and in the woods. I call it very versatile all over the mountain.” Sounds like Marcus views this as more of a 50/50 ski, and controversy in this regard is a good sign of a discussion about the merits of this ski and where its priorities lie. Marcus pegs it as an advanced to expert-level ski, and we do not disagree with that.

The overall composed nature of these new skis is very impressive. From the wood core and two metal sheets right down to the wider waist and stable nature makes the 2020 Fischer RC One 86 GT a formidable ski in the wider front-side category. While neither a dedicated hard-snow ski nor a true all-mountain ski, the RC One 86 pulls a bit of benefit from both sides. This way, the ski’s well-rounded nature has a broader appeal for more skiers to have fun with.


Dave Carter

Age: 61Height: 5'9"Weight: 155 lbs.

Ski Style: They don't call me "carving" Dave Carter for nothin'

Michael Rooney

Age: 72Height: 6'0"Weight: 155 lbs.

Ski Style: Fast and precise with a racing background

Kelby J. Furrer

Age: 29Height: 6'0"Weight: 160 lbs.

Ski Style: Awesome blend of speed and style

Marcus Shakun

Age: 39Height: 6'5"Weight: 225 lbs.

Ski Style: Powerful, but playful with the terrain

Bob St.Pierre

Age: 41Height: 6'2"Weight: 215 lbs.

Ski Style: Adaptable, versatile, ex-competitive mogul skier and coach

Ali Berlin

Age: 42Height: 5'"Weight: 110 lbs.

Ski Style: Fast frontside, free spirit.

4 Comments on the “2020 Fischer RC One 86 GT”

  1. I’m going to demo the 86 GTs this weekend, and I would like to compare them to a similar ski from another brand. Any suggestions? I love my Head iCarves but need something I can also take in powder. Also, what length do you recommend for an aggressive skier who is 5’11” and 195 pounds?

    1. Hi Michael!
      Check out the Volkl Deacon 84, Elan Wingman 86 CTi, and the K2 IKonic 84. Within that group, I’d expect you to find the Fischer the most stable, the Elan and K2 to be quick and fun, and the Deacon to be the most versatile. All have very high carving and on-trail capabilities. I’d look to the upper 170’s in length on those models. Have fun!

  2. Hi,

    I’m wondering if there is some sense in comparing this ski to the Blizzard Brahma 88? I’ve doing some online research and these are the two that have stood out thus far.

    I like to push really hard on the front-side but also do a fair bit of all mountain.

    Appreciate the help if you can give it!

    1. Hi Adrien!
      Great comparison, and we always talk about where and how to draw the line between front side skis that can be used in an all-mountain format versus all-mountain skis that excel on the front side. As you can expect, there’s usually a fair amount of overlap with these two particular models. The Brahma is built based off of a freeride shape and profile while the Fischer is the opposite. It’s an on-piste ski with a wider body for better flotation and versatility. Between the two, the Fischer is the superior carver by a pretty good margin, as they seem virtually glued to the snow. On-trail, this is a good thing, but if you find yourself in the woods or bumps and need to make a turn, their bulk and stiffness will require more effort and skill. The Brahma, while still having that burly nature for on-trail carving, has a more forgiving shape and profile for venturing off-piste. For more versatility, better flotation, and a livelier feel off trail, the Brahma is tough to beat, but if you’re looking for more race-like power and performance, there’s not much on the market that I’d recommend more than the Fishcer. Just be aware that the Fischer is pretty heavy, giving it that amazing carving performance. Have fun!

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