2020 Head Kore 93

Now in its third year, the Kore 93 has quickly come upon legendary status. It gets thrown in the lot with the Nordica Enforcer 93 due to their similar shapes. They’re light, quick, and stable skis that can handle a huge variety of snow conditions and terrain challenges. The lightness and the quickness really stand out to our testers, as they do lose a bit of stability at speed, since the skis have no metal. But the other materials, in addition to the Karuba wood core, the Kore uses Graphene, Koroyd, and Carbon to round out the materials. It seems like a lot, but it strikes the right chord. At 93 mm underfoot, be prepared for ultimate versatility, from carving groomers to floating through pow, this is a great all-around shape for lots of different ski-related activities. For advanced and expert skiers who are looking to step into a fun, light, and stiff ski, the Kore 93 is a great place to start, and most likely finish.

Josh Wolfgang skied the 180 and loved the versatility, with that category receiving a 4 out of 5. The rest of Josh’s scores were all 3’s, accurately reflecting his high score for versatility. The Kore 93 “enjoys bumps and woods.” For a ski without metal, it “definitely has a speed limit on-piste and can be chattery at higher speeds on harder snow.” And Josh also notes that the construction is pretty tough, noting that the ski is “very stiff for a ski with no metal.” It is true, when you hand flex these skis, it’s pretty remarkable how stiff they are, even for skis with metal.

Also on the 180, Mike Thomas calls the Kore 93 a “solid ski. It’s very damp, and some skiers might feel like it is not as lively, but it has plenty of pop if you wind it up.” We have seen that it is not as easy to ski at slower speeds, but it is an advanced ski after all, so it’s meant to be revved up. Until that happens, though, Mike calls it “sort of a plank, but you can trust it.” So much of skiing is having confidence, and it sounds like the Kore 93 instills that in its pilots.

Rick Randall found the 180 to be a “lively ski with playful energy. Performed better in softer snow as in firmer snow it lacks some edge grip.” Rick was pretty bullish on the Kore 93, giving it mostly 4’s with some 3’s smattered in for stability and edge hold. “At speed, it moves a bit, so it’s better at slower or medium speeds. It’s light weight, so it’s very easy to move around.” And to add another level to this already multi-tiered ski, “Versatile ski that the light weight could be used for touring.” Head did have that in mind when they made the Kore 93, so feel free to throw a tech binding on this thing and head out into the backcountry.

Another 180 skier, Noah Labow loved the versatility, giving that category a score of 5 out of 5. All of his other scores were 4’s out of 5, so that makes sense in terms of his high versatility score. “This is a great every day ski! It was comfortable with a variety of turn shapes, and very forgiving. The ski has an even flex, but stable at speed.” In contrast to some of our other testers who did not necessarily love the 93 at speed, Noah thought it “performed well at high speeds in firm conditions.” There you have it, the ski feels differently to different people.

This ski is definitely worth a look for advanced and expert skiers who are looking for a lighter ski that is very versatile. If you’re heavier or more aggressive, you might prefer something with metal, but lighter weight expert skiers will love the stiffness and responsiveness of the Kore 93. So will a lot of other skiers, too, just as they have for the past three years.


Brooks Curran

Age: 24Height: 6'2"Weight: 170 lbs.

Ski Style: Ex-racer, now backcountry freerider

Brad Moskowitz

Age: 50Height: 5'4"Weight: 140 lbs.

Ski Style: Fast and fun inspired by mohawks

Noah Labow

Age: 38Height: 5'10"Weight: 155 lbs.

Ski Style: Acroski wannabe, versatility supreme

Rick Randall

Age: 45Height: 5'10"Weight: 190 lbs.

Ski Style: Efficient and technical with a love for speed

Mike Thomas

Age: 50Height: 6'3"Weight: 215 lbs.

Ski Style: Upright, fluid, nimble, and powerful

Josh Wolfgang

Age: 23/24Height: 6'1"Weight: 190 lbs.

Ski Style: Fast and carvy with a love for the fall line

Steve Sulin

Age: 44Height: 6'"Weight: 230 lbs.

Ski Style: Smooth, precise GS turns

39 Comments on the “2020 Head Kore 93”

    1. Hi Danny!
      If you can find a cheaper, previous year’s Kore, you’re in luck! Same ski, only a slightly different graphic. Have fun!

  1. I ski almost exclusively on Killington but also want a ski suitable for climbing Washington an hitting tuckermans and the kore has been highly suggested. I’m 38 years old 6’5″ 175lbs.

    1. Hi David!
      Lots of eastern skiers are loving the Kore 93 for pretty much all applications, from resort groomers to backcountry adventures. They’re highly versatile and fun, but are stiff enough to handle some rugged skiing. Have fun!

  2. I’m torn between the Head Kore 93s and the Blizzard Rustler 9s (also open to other suggestions). I ski mostly VT, am an aggressive intermediate skier who spends the most time charging on-piste, but do enjoy the trees and messing around in the park, height 5’10” weight 175 lbs. Any help is greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi Adam!
      Can’t go wrong with either. The Rustler has its metal underfoot and extending to the tip and tail, so the ski isn’t quite as consistent as the Kore which basically has the same construction throughout the ski. I think for groomers, trees, and park, the Rustler is the way to go. Have fun!

  3. Hello,

    I am an intermediate skier who skis 80/20 on/off piste. I am 168cm tall and weigh 160lbs. I like to ski fast and aggressive in Whistler and the surrounding local mountains in BC. I am looking for a one quiver solution.

    Would you recommend the Kore 93 (162cm) or Enforcer 93 (169cm)?

    1. Hi David!
      I think you’ll prefer the Kore due to the lighter weight and your size. They are fantastic carvers with a bunch of versatility built in. Have fun!

  4. Hi SE,
    I am looking for an all-mountain 80/20 piste/off-piste ski. I’m 6 foot, 185 pounds, intermediate to advanced skier that gets out west a handful of times per year. I’m between the Head Kore 93, Salomon QST 92, and Nordica Enforcer 93. This weekend I am going to demo 2 of the three, and am having trouble ruling one of them out. Thoughts comparing these three?

    1. Hi Matt!
      Definitely keep the QST on the list–it’s the middle ground of the three. The Enforcer is the high-end while the Kore is the lightest and easiest to turn. The Enforcer isn’t very forgiving, so if you’re still in that int/adv range, I’d put that on the back burner and focus on the Kore and QST. Just friendlier skis overall! Have fun!

  5. Hi SE,

    Looking for a quiver killer and settled on a few skis which include the Kore 93, Kore 99, and the Sick Day 94. For someone that likes everything from ripping glades to side hits off groomers what would you suggest? Anything else I should look at that wasn’t mentioned?

    Note: VT skiing, skiing for 30yrs, advanced abilities. Pow days are for the snowboard.

    1. Hi GR!
      The Sick Day is the most playful while the Kore 99 is the most versatile. I think the Kore 93 gets lost between the other two, so if you are looking for a compromise, I’d say that’s a good choice, but overall I think the Kore 99 is the strongest performer on your list while the Line is more forgiving and fun.

    1. Hi GRK!
      Enforcer 88 is just so much superior on hard pack, that I’d have a hard time recommending the Kore over it for your application. I’ve been skiing the 88 for a few weeks here at Stowe, and it’s just about perfect. Have fun!

  6. Hey SE,
    I am an intermediate/advanced skier, about 210lbs for 180cm, mainly easy-riding and and sometime agressive. I am looking for a friendly and forgiving ski which can handle shot turns, carving and powder rides – and couple hours on slopes with my young child…
    I am on the Kore 93 in 180 and the black crows Camox in 180. Do you have any recommendations ?
    Thx in advance

    1. HI Lionel!
      Both great choices, I’d say the Camox is the livelier and more energetic of the two while the Kore needs a bit more coercion to really hit the high point. I’d go Camox–I loved the feedback from that ski! And yes, 180 sounds right. Have fun!

  7. Hi,

    I’m an ex-racer still skiing around on my old Atomic slalom and GS skis. 5’10/178cm and about 160lbs, so not the biggest guy, but I can deal with a pretty stiff/aggressive ski. I’m looking for a first all-mountain ski that’ll actually be fun in (european) powder, but won’t be super-disappointing when I lay it over on edge going fast down something steep and hard.

    Currently thinking of the Kore 93s or the Kastle FX96 HPs, any suggestions?


    1. Hi GS!
      Both of those skis will give you what you’re looking for. They’re both quite stiff without having much weight behind them thanks to the wood and carbon build. For your size, I’d say that’s a good thing. The Kastle has more energy to it and can be persuaded to make cleaner and rounder turns while the Kore needs a bit more input to really make it come alive. Have fun!

  8. I’m an advanced(+) skier, 55 years old, 5’10”, 175 pounds. Ski Colorado mostly on-piste, but still love to play in the bumps (maybe 40% of the time). Prefer shorter turns vs. big GS. Currently skiing 176cm Rossi B2 (which I love), but know it’s time to upgrade.
    Have been reading your reviews and demo’ed the Enforcer 93 (177) and Rossi 88TI (180). Enforcer felt too stiff, but I liked the 88’s. Decided to demo a wider ski: Head Kore 99 (180) and loved the way it performed in the powder and groomed runs. I did however struggle a bit with control in the bumps (not sure if it was the longer ski or being accustomed to skiing 113 tips on the B2s). I also demo’ed the QST 99 (181) with pretty much the same experience as the 99.
    You mentioned the 99 was stiffer than the 93. I was wondering if I would be better off with a shorter 99 (don’t know if 171 would be too short for me) or if I should try the softer 93 in a 180? Also definitely open to any other suggestions. Thanks.

    1. HI Jeff!
      It sounds to me like you’re leaning to the 93 in the 180. Short turns, mogul performance, and groomers seem to be priorities for you with powder being a bit behind. It’s totally reasonable that 99 is too wide for you, and even though they do get narrower as they get shorter (97 mm wide at 171), I think you’ll like the flex more than the Enforcer for sure. Hope that helps!

  9. Hey GS,

    I am looking for a ski between 90-95mm waist. I am an upper intermiediate to advanced East coast skier. I am 5’8, 220 and plan to get a ski length between 170-175 I love to carve hard but want a ski with great control but one that can be versitle enough to handle evrything else on and off the groomers. I am torn betwen the enforcer 93, Kore 93, QST 92 and Experience 94. Any insight you can provide on a recommended direction for me is apreciated.

    On a side note, I heard that the top sheet of the Kore 93 scratches and chis easily. Can you speak to this at all?


    1. Hi Paul!
      We have seen the Kore topsheet chip and peel at a pretty abnormal rate–we see it through our demo fleet. While it doesn’t affect the skiability of the ski, it is rather unsightly. I’d give a strong look to the Experience 94. A bit friendlier than the Enforcer but higher-performance than the QST–a very nice middle ground with a high top-end. That comes in a 173 so should be just about right. Give us a call 877/812/6710, we have them at a good price right now with bindings!

  10. How does the Atomic BC 100 compare to the Kore 93?

    The Kore 93 in 188cm is about 99 under foot I was told so close skis?

    1. HI Lars!
      While true that the Kore’s vary width due to size, the 93 goes up to a 95 in the 189. The Kore 99 goes up to a 101 in the 189. Either, compared to the BC 100, is quite a bit stiffer and less playful. If you’re spending more time on-trail and are more aggressive, the Kore’s are a stronger choice, but for more playful and maneuverable skiing, especially with more of a freestyle character, then the BC 100 is the way to go. Have fun!

  11. Hi – I am 5’10”, 170, advanced skier, ski mostly in Vermont, probably 70/30 groomed vs. ungroomed and trees, and usually go out west 1-2x per year. Looking for one all around ski – I am currently on Blizzard Brahmas (@ 173 cm) which are four seasons old and pretty banged up. I demo’d the Kore 93s last season and loved them and am leaning towards getting them. My question is more about length. I wish they had something in the 175 range but they don’t, so it is between 171 and 180. Any suggestions? THANKS


    1. Hi Dave!
      We’re not fans of the 9cm gap in Head Kore ski sizing either, as that does preclude a handful of skiers looking for that in-between sizing. I would say you’re a 180 skier in the Kore, as they’re light and maneuverable. The 171 might feel twitchy. Have fun!

  12. Could use your input to help fill a slot I’m considering for a 50/50 AT setup that would also work well for typical New England in-bounds conditions. Interested in your opinion on the Kore 93 (or others).

    My daily drivers are all over the map, but unfortunately limited to the constructions I like…..(Kastle MX 84, 88 & 89, Blizzard WRCs, first generation Bonafides & Brahmas, Stockli Laser SC, all in the 168-175cm range. GS and SL race stock as well). Usually ski 2 sets each day as conditions change. Skier stats – 5’6″/160, 58 yrs old, averaging about 50 days/season, .5/3 setup on most skis, drive with high edge angles, can make speed, etc. No park, and not much time in bumps, but enjoy woods and overall prefer the upper end of the speed spectrum when it’s safe to open up. Home mountain where the ski would be used is a NH resort known for it’s ski academy and GS runways, hence the speed bias
    For AT I’m considering pairing them up with with Duke PT’s or Shifts. The other “50” usage would to get more range from in-bounds, so I’m thinking dampness, stability at medium speeds, edge grip and overall fun factor should be my considerations, as well as sizing in a 171cm vs a 180. I’m out of my league in this category, so your opinions and input are sincerely appreciated!!

    1. Hi Dave!
      I like to point out with the Kores that they change width per length. If you were to go with the 171, there’s actually a 92 mm underfoot ski. Only 93 mm in the 180, for what it’s worth. They’re light and stiff, and have that freeride influence, but they’re not terribly damp, as light and stiff skis don’t tend to feel that way. The Shift is lighter, so if you’re going for efficiency, I’d look that route. In that same general shape, the Salomon QST 92 has a more stable and damp feel to it, but it does come at the cost of weight. If you are doing more recreational AT skiing, that’s not the worst thing, but if you’re valuing light weight and efficiency, you’re better off with the Kore. I’d go with the 171 in the Kore. Have fun!

  13. Hey guys! Thanks so much for this awesome resource you provide…it’s much appreciated! I live in northern Montana, but on the east side of the divide, where our snowpack tends to be a little thinner and “continental” than the west side. So I’m thinking about the Kore 93 (as opposed to something wider) as a 50/50 resort/touring ski. I’m 5’10”, 140 lbs., advanced…probably leaning towards the 180cm, but would appreciated your thoughts!

    1. Hi Brynn!
      I think you’re right on the money with a ski like that. Light for the ups, but still stiff and burly for the downs. Another one that crosses my mind is the Fischer Ranger 94 FR, but really, you’ll like that Kore, and I think the 180 is the proper size. Have fun!

  14. Looking for guidance on an all mountain ski. Was looking at Kore 93, QST, & Rustler 9 but I am open to others. I’ve got a lot of years of experience but only get out a couple times/winter for weekend trips. Will hit Colorado & Northern Michigan. Spend most of my time on groomers but like to get into some powder and will mix in some trees. I stay away from moguls. Had some Rossi demos in CO last year and felt like the tips chattered too much on groomers at higher speeds (too much rocker?). Want something responsive at medium speeds but stable at higher speeds. I’m 50 yrs. old. 6′ tall & 215lbs. Looking at 180s.

    1. HI Erik!
      Three great choices! Kore is lightest, Rustler is highest-performance, and QST lies somewhere in the middle. I like the Salomon because it is a bit more tapered than the other skis, making it a good floater. They’re a bit heavier than the other skis, but still easy and quick to turn. For most skiers who are looking at skis in this range, the QST stands out as one of the most versatile skis on the market. Have fun!

  15. Looking for an all mountain ski and weigh 280. I’ve been skiing on 176 Elan Magfire 14 for the last 3 hrs. Love the stability they give me given my weight, but they are heavy. Mid 50’s and looker for lighter ski’s. Was looking at Kore 93s. Thoughts, and should I be getting longer skis if they are lighter?? Was thinking 189s?.

    1. HI Simon!
      The skis should be about eye-high, so in addition to your weight, I’d check the height as well, but yes, I would recommend sizing up if that’s the case with the Kore 93’s. Great skis!

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