2020 Head Super Joy

The 2020 Head Super Joy is a pure groomer crusher. These things were built to be stiff, responsive, light, and strong. Built much like the Kore series skis but with an on-trail shape and profile, the Super Joy will either meet or exceed all of your on-trail carving wishes. With a 75 mm waist width, the balance point required is more in line with advanced skiers, but the lightness makes it accessible for intermediate skiers as well. Starting with a Karuba wood core, Head adds Graphene and carbon for the best possible reaction. There’s no metal in this great carver, and that’s just fine not only with our testers, but the intended audience as well. Head is shooting for the light weight carver, and they’ve done a fine job with the Super Joy. We’ve got a pretty short turn radius here, coming in at 12.2 meters at the 163 cm length. The shapely Super Joy certainly prefers to be on edge, making turns versus riding flat and fast.

Allison Ruschp skied the 163 and found it to be the right length for her. She had a high score of 5 out of 5 for forgiveness, showing that the ski liked to be engaged and flexed for the duration of the turn. Other high scores of 4 out of 5 were given for quickness, maneuverability, and playfulness. We’d expect the quickness, as the ski has no metal and is narrow underfoot, giving the skier very little in the way of resistance in the turn. As such, Alli notes that the Super Joy is “great for the lady that is working on finishing her turns.” That tail really likes to see you all the way through, and it sounds like it’s more effective at slower speeds due to the shorter turn radius.

Also on the 163, Kristi Brown found it to be “short for me but skis super-stable and confident.” All of her scores, with the exception of flotation, received 4’s out of 5, so even at that shorter length, Kristi seems pretty impressed. Her quotes back that up: “The Super Joy skis exactly as named—turns pleasingly with no surprises.” And as far as the wider and more shaped tips, these result in “easy entry to the turn.” Kristi also notes that the skis are very smooth, and for a front-side carving ski, this is a good thing.

Another 163 cm skier, Darcy Mangan, liked the size and versatility of the Super Joy, and her overall impression score was a 5 out of 5, so that’s a good sign. Darcy had some bullet point notes in regard to the Super Joy: “Excellent re-design! Sharp-looking ski! Easy turn initiation. Good edge hold. Playful on the sides of the trail. Super Joy = Super Fun! Great for advancing intermediates to grow into.” All good stuff from Darcy!

Nifer Hoehn found her 163 cm test length to be appropriate, and she had some high scores, too. 4’s out of 5 were given for stability, quickness, forgiveness, edge hold, and overall impression. This is pretty much right in line with what Head was out to do, and it sounds like they’ve done it well, in Nifer’s mind. “Good, solid all-around ski. Good in most categories. Good responsiveness, nice energy coming out of the turn, and easy to maneuver.” Nifer uses the adjective “good” a lot, but the Head Good Joy doesn’t quite have the same ring as Super Joy. We’ll let it slide.

Advancing and aspiring carvers who are not looking for a beefy ski that’ll weigh them down should take a long, hard look at the 2020 Head Super Joy. These skis have a great blend of lightness and stiffness that a huge number of skiers will enjoy. They’re quick and fun, and super-versatile for a front side ski.


Allison Ruschp

Age: 32Height: 5'5"Weight: 135 lbs.

Ski Style: Ex-racer who's calmed herself down

Kristi Brown

Age: 49Height: 5'9"Weight: 133 lbs.

Ski Style: Energetic, precise, very smooth and skis with a lot of finesse

Darcy Mangan

Age: 43Height: 5'6"Weight: 175 lbs.

Ski Style: Smooth and happy, just like it should be

Nifer Hoehn

Age: 40Height: 5'6"Weight: 130 lbs.

Ski Style: Fast and precise carving

12 Comments on the “2020 Head Super Joy”

  1. Hello, looking at this ski for my wife, she is a level 3 instructor and this would be her “instructor ski” where she tends to teach on blue terrain, lots of backwards skiing and exaggerated movements to show students. She is 5’4 and 135lbs. But then of course it needs to be a great ski to go for a rip or 2. Would this ski be a good fit

    1. Hi Chris!
      I think it’s great for the instructor application. I would say that with a 12.2 meter turn radius at the 163 cm length, it does like to be on edge. For ripping around, it’s not quite as fast as some other skis with longer radii, but it’s lightness is a huge plus, especially when it comes to teaching and demonstrating. Also check out the Blizzard Black Pearl 82–a bit wider, but still nimble and a bit more versatile. Have fun!

  2. Hey, I’m also looking for a ski for my wife. She’s 5’5 and around 155 or so but she’s unsure what size would be best for her. She’s experienced but not overly aggressive and skis primarily a northern Midwest type ski hill. Any input you could help me out with would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi Glen!
      The Super Joy is a great choice! Light, easy to turn, but with a high-performance ceiling. I’d look to the 153 or 158 in that model. The shorter one will want to turn more while the 158 can open it up a bit. Depending on her level of aggressiveness and desired turn shape, both are acceptable lengths. Have fun!

  3. Hi There!
    I tried the 2020 super joys on demo the other day and loved them! They only had the 158 size to demo, so now that I am going to buy, I am wondering if I should by the 163 or the 158. risky to buy one I haven’t tried, but I am 5’9 and 170lbs so wondering if the 158 is just too short? I’m an advanced skier but not a super aggressive fast skier… I’m average in terms of speed on the slopes. I want a good carving ski and something that holds an edge well (we have lots of icy days in ontario)
    Advice please! 🙂 Kim

    1. Hi Kim!
      I’d go with what you liked–obviously it spoke to you! Based just on your stats, I’d recommend the longer length, but it’s hard to argue with real life experience. Have fun!

  4. Hi! Just had a length question for you! I’m a 5’6″ 190lbs intermediate looking to up my game with these skis! Would you recommend a 158 or 163? Would there be that much of a difference between the two lengths?
    Any help with this would be awesome!
    Thanks! 😊

    1. Hi Amy!
      Not a ton of difference, but I’d lean to the 163. The skis are pretty light, so you would likely prefer the extra stability. Have fun!

  5. Hey,

    I am 5’2″ and weigh 106. I would classify myself as intermediate/advanced intermediate with a super aggressive style. I currently ski 149 and I do love it, but with my recent hobby of recreational racing, I am wondering which way I should lean: 148 or 153?
    I do want room to improve, so I do feel like adding a few cm might allow for that growth, but I didn’t want to stretch it too far.

    1. HI Arialle!
      In that Super Joy ski, I wouldn’t worry about the 153 pushing it too far, especially if you’re looking for that room to improve. Not a huge jump from 149 to 153 so I’d say you’ll be all set. Have fun!

  6. Hi, I’m just over 5-4, 150lbs, currently have k2 Luv 75 149 long. I’m an intermediate skier looking to improve. Speed makes me a bit nervous but I’m working on it. I ski in Ontario and Quebec mostly. Would these work for me? Should I go for 153?

    1. Hi Izabella!
      I think that’s a good progression from the Luv 75. Same quick-turning nature but with more grip and energy. They have a short turn radius so that will help you control your speed as well. If you felt that the 149 was a good length to progress out of, the 153 will follow that progression as well. Have fun!

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