2020 Line Vision 108

The Line Vision 108 is a brand new freeride ski for 2020. It’s designed for playful performance in off-piste terrain and soft snow conditions, yet Line also wants it to feel stable at speed on firm snow too. Their THC Construction blends aramid, carbon, and fiberglass. Those three materials resonate at different frequencies, which creates excellent vibration damping overall and gives the ski a very smooth feel, but at a very light weight. The longitudinal flex of the ski is relatively soft, yet those materials retain good torsional stiffness so the Vision 108 won’t wash out when you’re trying to hold an edge. There’s a good amount of rocker in the tips and tails and there’s some smooth early taper as well. It’s not a 5-point sidecut shape with a ton of taper, but it’s enough that it should give it a smooth feel in deeper snow conditions.

Jeff Siegel skied the 183 cm ski and was impressed by its versatility. He found the soft tips really let the ski get on top of the soft snow, but was surprised at how well the ski held an edge. Jeff felt that “because of the width and the soft tips, you have to ease her into the turns gently, but once she’s there, she’s all there. Most skis this playful don’t hold this well.” As good as the Vision was on the groomed, the soft snow is where Jeff really thought the ski exceled. While he didn’t find it quite as quick as other testers did, he loved how it smeared turns “like putting cream cheese on a bagel.” Jeff thought the soft flex of the ski might give up a little stability, but still drove through any cut up snow and had him looking for rollers to pop off of. Overall he found the ski solid on most terrain but exceptionally fun off the groomers.

Harrison Gorham also skied the 183 cm Vision 108 and he too was impressed by its versatility and its blend of maneuverability and edge grip. Line’s accomplished something with this new construction. Our testers on the Vision 98 had a similar overall reaction. “Super surfy, solid in turns, holds a great edge, super stable at speed.” Those are all great ways to describe a ski, but it’s extremely rare to hear all of them describing the same ski. To design and build a ski that feels super surfy, but also has excellent edge grip, it’s hands-down an impressive accomplishment. Harrison mentioned that despite having “a good amount of rocker, it doesn’t shake at speed.” He did add that they didn’t feel great in firm moguls, but that’s more a fault of skis this wide than the Vision 108 specifically. Firm moguls call for a narrower ski.

If you like to spend your days seeking out new pillow lines, little drops, side hits, and things to butter off, you’ll absolutely love the Vision 108. Perhaps what’s greatest about it, however, is that you can still take it on trail and lay over some carves. Often when you make a ski that feels as playful as the Vision 108 does, it has significant flaws on firm snow. While there are undoubtedly skiers out there that want a stiffer, more powerful ski for charging on the hardpack, the Vision 108 holds an edge impressively well and will satisfy a lot of skiers. Not quick edge to edge on firm snow, but it will link carves quite well for its width and flex pattern. Lastly, considering its weight and versatility, we think it would be a great choice for an alpine touring ski. We’re also a big fan of the blacked-out graphics. Well done, Line!


Jeffrey Siegel

Age: 39Height: 6'1"Weight: 185 lbs.

Ski Style: Smooth, refined, analytical, with a ski instructing background

Harrison Gorham

Age: 34Height: 6'0"Weight: 170 lbs.

Ski Style: Heavily mustachioed and always watching out for the kids

5 Comments on the “2020 Line Vision 108”

  1. Although these are billed as a do-anything ski, they come in light enough that I’d be interested in them as a dedicated touring ski.

    As a smaller guy (5’9″ 155lbs) who typically leans towards 177-180 skis for everyday inbounds use would you recommend the 183 or 175?

    1. Hi Ethan!
      I’d go with the 175. I think the 183 would just be too long, even though they’re light, for your application. Hope that helps!

    2. I’m 5’11 165 and went with the 183. I mounted them at the recommended line and they feel/ride short to me. You may want to atleast demo the 183 before you buy considering there’s taper/rocker.

  2. I’m just in between the two testers Jeff and Harrison in length, 184 cm. Did they/you test the 189 cm as well? If not did any of them express a which for having the longer 189 cm or will the 183 cm be enought ski despite the amount of rocker and forgivness?

    Yours sincerely
    Hampus, Sweden.

    1. Hi Hampus!
      We only had access to the 183 at the test, but I’d imagine they’d both be on that size regardless. Perhaps size up if you’re in open areas at high speeds, but for anything tight or technical, I’d say the 183 is the way to go. Have fun!

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