2020 Nordica Enforcer 110 FR

Back again for another year with a slightly longer name, the 2020 Nordica Enforcer 110 Free is ready to tackle the steep and deep. What a floater, with this shape, build, and profile. The “Free” moniker is new for 2020, and doesn’t affect or change the 110 or 115 (Pro), but categorizes them as different from the regular Enforcers, along with the all-new Enforcer 104 Free. These skis all have turned-up tails, longer rocker, and a lighter wood core. This makes them superior soft-snow skis, but they still have metal in them, so they’re not just powder noodles. The 110 sits in the middle of the Free lineup, and has an awesome combination of floatation and precision. The camber underfoot really keeps it glued to the snow, but the playful tips and tails are there to increase the fun levels. Predictably, our testers love the strength and power, but also the nimbleness and quickness—a rare combination for skis this width.

Jeff Neagle prefers the 185 over the longer length, as he scores it 5 out of 5 for flotation and stability. His overall impression and playfulness scores of 4.5 out of 5 are not far behind. “One of my favorite skis in the ~110 mm category. Actually, now that I say that, I can’t think of any I like more, or even as much. Love the Enforcer blend of stability, power, maneuverability, and forgiveness. You can charge on them, but it doesn’t feel like you have to.” In terms of the sizing and performance, “Smooth maneuverability. Slips, pivots, and smears well. The 191 was a lot for me, especially in the trees. 185 is the sweet spot for me, although I do like the 191 for pure powder and open terrain.”

Connor Gorham had some fun things to say about his 177 cm test length. He scored the flotation of the ski a 5 out of 5 and included a “Woah” for emphasis. The rest of his scores were all 4’s and 5’s including a 5 for overall impression. Connor’s colorful description goes something like this: “Once in a Mazda commercial, these slay sticks put the zoom-zoom in afternoon-noon. Cutting’ through the cheddar mash with slabs of butter. Fun, fast, and functional. I’d dabble with these in pow shots as well. Hit a roller that felt like I was sent out of a potato gun. On a scale of 1 to 2, I’d give them a perfect 2!” Very lyrical feedback from Connor for sure!

Marcus Shakun skied the 185 and was a fan of the length. He’s a tall guy, so he could probably ski the 191, but it’s nice to have some maneuverability, especially here in the east. He scored 5’s for stability, playfulness, torsional stiffness, and overall impression. The rest of his scores were all 4’s, so it’s pretty safe to assume that Marcus is a fan of the Enforcer 110. He calls it a “big, playful, freeride ski. This is one of the most playful skis in its category. For such a wide ski, it’s so versatile.” It’s always nice to hear that the skis are still well-rounded given their enormous shape. “You can lay it over and arc big GS turns at speed or wiggle them through the woods. The damp shovel and tail make it so user-friendly and easy to ski for its width.” Again, having one quality stand out even though something about the build should make it not, is a pretty impressive trait.

Soft-snow skiers will love the performance and versatility of the 2020 Nordica Enforcer 110 Free. The build, shape, and profile all lend themselves towards being an accomplished freeride ski that has very few limitations. Those that do exist are predictable, as it’s pretty tough to make a 110 underfoot ski quick edge to edge. But Nordica has done a pretty good job nonetheless.


Marcus Shakun

Age: 39Height: 6'5"Weight: 225 lbs.

Ski Style: Powerful, but playful with the terrain

Connor Gorham

Age: 29Height: 6'0"Weight: 150 lbs.

Ski Style: Creative and inviting and always with a smile

Jeff Neagle

Age: 33Height: 5'10"Weight: 150 lbs.

Ski Style: Aggressive freeride with freestyle background

2 Comments on the “2020 Nordica Enforcer 110 FR”

  1. Hi!

    I have a pair of 177 cm Volkl M5 Mantras that I love as my one-stop-shop all-mountain ski, but I’m looking for a wider ski that floats a bit better in powder. I don’t ski many big powder days (unless I get lucky and it dumps while I’m visiting) but I’m always hunting for leftover powder in bowls and trees. I’m looking at the Enforcer 110s and 104s, as well as the Blizzard Rustler 11s. But I’m open to other suggestions as well!!

    I ski mostly in Jackson and Tahoe, but I’m making trips to Mt. Bachelor, Telluride, and Sun Valley this winter. I’m 5’10”, 160 lbs, 34 y/o, and an aggressive/fast skier. I ski mostly in-bounds but prefer off-piste and trees to groomers and hard pack.


    1. Hi Nick!
      I think the 110 is going to be a fantastic complement to the M5. I found it to make cleaner, rounder turns than the Rustler, which even though contains less metal, felt stiffer than the Enforcer. I think you should stick to the wider versus the 104, which will create a bit of overlap with the M5 (certainly when the 110’s are in the picture). I’d go with the Enforcer 110 in the 179. Have fun!

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