2020 Salomon QST Myriad 85

The 2020 Salomon QST Myriad 85 stands out in a competitive field of all-mountain skis because of their versatility. They simply do everything well. At 85 mm underfoot, the skis are either on the wide side of narrow or the narrow side of wide, depending on your perspective. At the end of the day, it’s nice to have something on your feet that you don’t really have to worry about, and you can just ski. You won’t be having second thoughts about whether you brought the right skis or not, because with the exception of a super-deep snow day, the QST Myriad 85 is an ideal tool for the job. And if it is a super-deep pow day, great! Our testers loved the easy-going nature and the all-around composed character of the Myriad 85, with many of them being surprised at how much they liked them. With a poplar wood core, Ti power platform, and carbon/flax/basalt laminate, the QST Myriad 85 has a lot going on in it, but it all adds up to something really tasty. The 16-meter turn radius gives the ski the ability to make a bunch of differently shaped turns, again accentuating the versatile all-mountain nature of the skis.

Morgan Nichols skied the 161 and liked the size, but found it to be just on the short side. Perhaps a 169 for a skier like Morgan would work better. Nevertheless, she gave the skis high scores all down the line. Her top mark of 5 out of 5 was for playfulness, and we can think of no better category in which to score a 5. All other marks were 4’s out of 5 indicating a high-level of aptitude in all conditions and terrain. Morgan says: “Great ski! So fun! Super-forgiving, quick, responsive, and secure. I really enjoyed this ski both for quick short turns and big wide Super-G turns!” Sounds good to us, Morgan!

Carly Monahan also skied the 161 and found it to be an appropriate length. For an 85 mm underfoot ski, Carly’s score of 5 out of 5 for torsional stiffness and edge hold is a nice surprise. All of her other scores of 4’s out of 5 for the remaining categories speak volumes as to the versatility of this ski. She says it has the “perfect amount of stiffness to push the speed limit a bit without feeling overly aggressive.” Good point here, that although there are skis out there that are stiffer and better suited to speed, the Myriad 85 stands out because it does that, and other things too. As Carly puts it, they’re “playful and performed well with minimal effort.” Yes! A ski for lazy people! But really, it’s nice to know that you can push it if you want, but certainly do not have to in order to glean solid performance.

Sam Purnell skied the 161 and liked the sizing. Her scores were all pretty high, with overall impression earning a 5 out of 5 alongside flotation, stability, and quickness. Sam’s a very strong skier, so it’s nice to see that she’s impressed with the all-around performance of the Myriad 85. “I had a blast testing these! They had good rocker in the tips which made the turns much more fun. I liked the turn radius and could handle the speed and aggressiveness that I skied with. Perfect for intermediate skiers on fast snow! The weight of the ski is a bit heavier, allowing you to be more aggressive in the turns and speed.” Nice point by Sam, stating that not all weight is bad, and for a ski like this, it is helpful and fun to have a bit of energy and dampness underfoot.

The 2020 Salomon QST Myriad 85 hits a huge swath of the market dead center. It has a great shape, versatile radius, and smart build. These elements combine to make a fun, playful, and poised ski that can handle a huge amount of the mountain in any and all conditions.


Sam Purnell

Age: 26Height: 5'5"Weight: 130 lbs.

Ski Style: Strong and athletic with an adventurous spirit

Carly Monahan

Age: 33Height: 5'4"Weight: 135 lbs.

Ski Style: Athletic and active, but laid back

Morgan Nichols

Age: 37Height: 5'6"Weight: 175 lbs.

Ski Style: Smooth, fun, and playful with the terrain

3 Comments on the “2020 Salomon QST Myriad 85”

  1. I was asking about Rossignol nova 10ti few days ago but after a week of skiing, I realize that I’m not a hard charging person on the slope that would be looking after carving skis. I think I’m now leaning towards a fun, versatile all mountain skis that allow me venture off to ungroomed terrains, trees and bumps occasionally but still spending most of the time on the slope (70%). Do you think QST85 is a good candidate? and how would it do in comparison to the Head Total joy?

    1. Hi Gen!
      On the softer and easier side, the QST 85 makes a lot of sense. Also look to the K2 Mindbender 85. Being in that mid-80’s category opens up your options, and they’re all pretty good. Total joy is even lighter, and more trail-oriented while the 85’s give you quite a bit more versatility, and they’re equally as easy to use.

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