2020 Salomon S Force Bold

The 2020 Salomon S/Force Bold is appropriately named. This thing is a rocket ship. At 84 mm underfoot and with race construction, the S/Force Bold is the flagship model of this new line. Many of our testers skied the S/Force 9 and then the Bold, and the differences were pretty clear from the time they clicked in. The Bold is heavier, stronger, and more damp than other skis in its class. Salomon really wanted to put the hammer down with this model, and for skiers who want something unflappable at speed, this is probably your best bet that’s not an actual race ski. For advanced and expert level skiers, the Salomon S/Force Bold has a pretty tight radius (17 meters at 184 cm length) and can get up to speed pretty quick. While certainly not an off-piste or adventure ski by any means, it is pretty wide for a front side ski, so it does have some off-road capabilities. That said, it’s a lot more comfortable remaining glued to the snow. The skis have fantastic edge grip and super-solid torsional stiffness. Let’s see how our testers felt about it!

On the appropriately sized 184, Bob noticed a huge difference between this model and the Force 9. “Even skating over to the chair from the tent, I noticed that this thing was a different animal altogether. While the Force 9 was quick and light, the Bold was considerably bulkier. For a high-performance carving ski, that’s a good thing, and when I started turning down the hill, I got to top speed pretty fast.” Bob gave top scores for stability which earned a 5, and edge hold and overall impression received 4’s out of 5. The 3 out of 5 for versatility is not surprising, as these things are designed with speed in mind. The little extra width helps with balance, and as Bob says, “the width gives it stability, but not too snappy.” The skis prefer to be held in the turn rather than forced through them. That said, “the harder you pushed, the more speed you could generate.” Sounds like a fun ski to us!

Rick Randall also took the 184 out for a spin and found it to be the right size. Rick scored it 5 out of 5 for torsional stiffness and edge hold, and gave it a 4 out of 5 for overall impression. It’s an easy ski to like, just so long as you stay on top of it. “Advanced level skier, this is a good demanding ski. Needs to be driven, otherwise it will ride you. Good edge hold, fall line turns are super stable from edge to edge.” Rick also astutely notes that you can feel the shorter turn radius: “In longer turns, sometimes the inside ski feels like it fights you a little bit and you need to change direction.” This shows that, at speed, the skis do want to be on edge.

Michael Rooney loved the stability of the 184, and also found that the extra width helped it float along through some different conditions. “The S/Force Bold is good in varied conditions and is very forgiving.” This thing will plow through broken snow, so it’s easy to see how Michael felt that way.

The 2020 Salomon S/Force Bold is a powerful on-trail ski that is here to compete with the strongest carvers out there. The stability due to the construction is what puts it on another level from its competition, and we’re psyched that someone stepped it up a notch in the wide carving ski category.


Michael Rooney

Age: 72Height: 6'0"Weight: 155 lbs.

Ski Style: Fast and precise with a racing background

Rick Randall

Age: 45Height: 5'10"Weight: 190 lbs.

Ski Style: Efficient and technical with a love for speed

Bob St.Pierre

Age: 41Height: 6'2"Weight: 215 lbs.

Ski Style: Adaptable, versatile, ex-competitive mogul skier and coach

4 Comments on the “2020 Salomon S Force Bold”

  1. Hey!! Love the content here! Would like to hear a comparison between this and the Dobermann 80 rb. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

    1. HI Dennis!
      The Nordica makes shorter, quicker turns a lot easier than the Salomon, which is on the clunky side. When you tip it and rip it, it’s about as smooth and stable as they come, but the Dobermann just has that more energetic personality. The Salomon prefers to ride the rails while you can still manipulate the Dobermann with greater success. Have fun!

    1. HI Reed!
      The Bold has more of a race-like shape and construction, and is a superior carver on firmer snow. The Enforcer has a freeride pedigree and is better suited to softer snow and a variety of conditions and terrain. If you’re on-trail most of the time, the Bold is the way to go, but for all-mountain versatility, the Nordica is fantastic. Have fun!

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