2021 Elan Wildcat 86 CX Women's Skis w/ ELW 11.0 GW Shift Bindings

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2021 Elan Wildcat 86 CX Womens Skis w/ ELW 11.0 GW Shift Bindings

The Elan Wildcat 86 CX women's skis with bindings are a fantastic option for upper-end lady skiers who spend most of their time on the front side of the mountain, but who want some adventure built in. This is where the Wildcat 86 CX comes in handy. They're light, easy to turn, but have a high-performance ceiling due to the gratuitous amount of carbon that Elan builds into the core. Starting with a wood core, the skis start with a stable and snappy base, but when Elan adds that carbon laminate to the deal, especially at 86 mm underfoot, the skis take on a whole new life and personality. It makes carving extremely easy and fun, and it doesn't stop with the construction. The shape and profile of the ski add a fun and fearless dimension to the whole setup. Elan has never shied away from innovative ski construction, from back in their SCX parabolic days to today's Amphibio rocker profile, they've been shaping skis differently for quite some time now. By rockering the outside edges and cambering the inside, they've developed a way to get the skis to feel incredibly smooth and precise without feeling grabby or hooky. This gives the skier a whole new level of confidence, knowing that your skis aren't going to catch, unwantedly, in the middle of a turn. It works, and so does the rest of the Elan Wildcat 85 CX women's skis with PowerShift 11.0 bindings.


  • Sidecut: 129/82/112
  • Turn Radius: 12 m at 158
  • Wood Core
  • Carbon Laminate
  • Carbon Rods
  • Amphibio Rocker Profile
  • True Line Technology
  • SST Sidewall
  • PowerShift 11.0 Bindings
  • Ability Level: Intermediate and Advanced Skiers
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