2021 K2 Freeride 18 Ski Poles

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2021 K2 Freeride 18 Ski Poles

The K2 Freeride 18 ski poles are an awesome choice for skiers looking for a light, durable, and sharp-looking pole without too many frills. Do not underestimate the importance of poles or your hands in the sport of skiing. There aren't too many parts of your body that actually touch equipment, and your hands are two of them, so it makes sense that the poles fit the skier. Poles do two amazing things in the sport of skiing: balance and timing. When the poles are evenly distributed, with dual-injected grips and adjustable straps, it makes it a lot easier to be able to balance yourself like a tightrope walker. By holding your poles in front of your body, you're making the sport a lot easier. When they get behind you, that's when bad things happen. For timing, having that pistol-style grip and the lightweight aluminum shaft makes it easy to pole plant on time with your turns, making your skiing more consistent and predictable, even on trickier slopes and more technical terrain. The K2 Freeride 18 poles have the strength, weight, and durability to satisfy the most demanding of skiers, instilling confidence and poise in all phases of the sport. From balance to timing and even looking good with these attractive K2 poles, the Freeride 18 is the way to go for adventurous and fun-loving skiers. If you're looking for a set of poles to make you a better skier, these are the way to go.


  • Aluminum Shaft
  • 18 mm diameter Shaft
  • Dual-Injected Grips
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Freeride Baskets
2021 K2 Freeride 18 Ski Poles
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