Welcome to our second annual Nordic Ski Test! Well over a year ago now, we gathered a group of Nordic skiers at the famous Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe to test skis. Those two days of testing turned into our very first Nordic Ski Test. This past season, we were back at Trapp Family Lodge, although with a smaller group of skiers due to COVID-19 restrictions. That small group of skiers combined for an impressive amount of feedback on over 40 different skis from Salomon, Fischer, Alpina, and Rossignol. 

You’ll find our Nordic Test is broken down into 5 categories. The performance categories are generally geared towards skiers who will be racing, or those who want race-level performance. The recreational categories are home to a wide variety of skis, with some bordering on that race-level performance, and others focused on forgiveness and a user-friendly feel for beginner skiers. The backcountry and light touring category is home to skis designed for un-groomed terrain and skiers who want to make their own trails. There you’ll find the widest skis in the test. 

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly or leave a comment on one of the test pages right here. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may and help guide you to your new XC skis. Happy skiing!