2021 Fischer Aerolite Skate 60

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lengths: 171, 176, 181, 186, 191 cm
sidecut: 41/44/44 mm

The Aerolite 60 Skate skis from Fischer are designed as fun, recreational skate skis that still have a performance-oriented feel. At less than $300, they are a tremendous value and offer plenty of performance for a lot of skiers. Fischer uses their Air Core Basalite construction, which keeps the weight down, as well as the price. They are efficient and smooth, while also being forgiving for new skiers, making the Aerolite 60 a fantastic choice for beginners or those who are relatively new to the sport. That said, through our testing, we’ve found that even more experienced skiers can enjoy their performance, so it’s also a good option if you’re looking for a cost-effective skate ski for enjoying your local touring center.

Jeff Neagle tested the 186 cm length in the Aerolite 60 and was pleasantly surprised by its performance. “To be honest, I didn’t expect much out of these skis based on their price and where the fall in Fischer’s lineup, but they’re a lot of fun to ski. It’s always cool to get on the super-high-end race skate skis and see how fast you can go, but these have a different appeal to me. They’re forgiving and really smooth, so if you’re not concerned with how fast you’re going and just want a ski that you can enjoy cruising around on, it’s perfect.” Jeff has a lot of experience on skate skis, including racing when he was younger, and his feedback on the Aerolite 60 is a good example of how it can be fun for a wide range of ability levels.

Basalite Air Core
Groomed Tracks • Nordic Center

Jeff also commented on the idea that you could use these as an intro-to-racing ski. “Thinking back to my junior high and high school race days, I think a lot of skiers would have benefitted from a ski like this. There weren’t really any options like this when I was racing. Sure, they’re not the fastest, so the high-level skiers probably would want more, but so many skiers at that level are in it for the fun, experience, and fitness more than a desire to win. In my opinion, the Aerolite 60 is a really good ski for someone like that. It’s so easy to ski and such a fun experience that I think it would satisfy most skiers in that situation.”

Whether you’re a recreational, fitness-focused skiers looking for a smooth, fun skate ski or a developing young racer, the Aerolite 60 is simply a lot of fun to ski and in our opinion, a great value. Ski technology has come a long way in recent years and this is a perfect example of how good a ski can be while still being relatively affordable too.

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