2021 Nordica Speedmachine 105 Womens Ski Boots

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2021 Nordica Speed Machine 105 Womens Ski Boots

For a fantastic blend of performance and comfort, advanced lady skiers should definitely check out the Nordica Speed Machine 105 women's boots. These things are all about balance, and you'll get the best of both worlds when it comes to how well the boot fits and how strongly it skis. With a 100 mm forefoot last and an average instep height to go along with it, the Speed Machine 105 has a middle-of-the-road fit for most feet. Ski boots should fit snugly at first for sure, but they do open up with a couple of days in them, so if they feel tight at first, that's okay-probably means you're in the right shell size. Generally, the liner takes a few times on the hill to break in, and these have some cool ones with cork in them. The cork not only molds to your foot, creating a custom-like fit, but it also has positive thermal properties that keep you warmer when the temperatures drop. In addition to that cork keeping you warm, the added space on top of the foot allows for proper blood flow and circulation, again keeping those toes warmer than if the boot was too tight and smashing down on the top of your foot. For skiers looking for performance, the 105-flex rating is enough for advanced skiers to get to the next level, whether it's groomer performance or off-piste adventures you seek.


  • Flex: 105
  • Width: 100 mm
  • Cork Fit Liner
  • Four Buckle Design
  • Alpine Soles
  • 35-mm Power Strap
  • Ability Level: Intermediate and Advanced Skiers
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