Welcome to the world’s most powerful ski test!  Now in our fourth year of delivering the most honest, informative, and comprehensive ski information to your fingertips, we’ve taken our efforts to the next level in helping you find the right ski for you.  Our test is a bit different than others out there, and we keep adding more skis, brands, and better content to put the power of ski knowledge in your hands.  2020 was a challenging year for sure, but we learned from years past that the more we did in terms of testing and research at the beginning of the year, the less we’d have to do come test time.  As a result, as a company, we here at SkiEssentials.com were able to compile an absolute ton of data before the ski resorts had to close.  This put us in a strong position to not only publish what we had, but also to use our extra time to include more videos, in-depth reviews, and feedback.  This also gave us an opportunity to reach out to industry personnel, professional athletes, and brand ambassadors to get their input on the development, construction, and performance of their skis.  This, combined with our commitment to getting on the gear ourselves, has made our 2021 ski test our best and most comprehensive yet. 

As always, we believe that there is no best or worst ski, just the ski that is right for you.  In that light, we invite you to explore and enjoy all the skis that we’ve tested, and to identify with a tester or two and see what they liked.  We love to interact with you, so feel free to reach out via the comments section of the product or tester to get a personalized response.   This is a judgement-free zone—we’re here to help and steer you in the right direction of a ski purchase, and our hope is that with all the options out there, you’re confident with your choice at the end of the day.  As always, feel free to give us a call at SkiEssentials.com to talk to a skier.  We’d love to hear from you!  There’s a lot of information in here, so sit back, relax, and have fun!


2021 Men's Skis

In the men’s ski category, you’ll find something for every skier. From light weight touring skis to beefy and burly powder crushers, there’s a ton of skis in here. Partial metal laminates are one of the big stories of 2021, as companies are coming around to the fact that not everyone wants the heaviest and stiffest skis possible. Instead, we’re getting livelier skis that don’t skimp on power. As companies continue to build brands within brands such as the Enforcer or Kore lines, skiers have the power to get similarly built skis in different widths, so when you find something you like, chances are the company makes that ski in a narrower or wider format and you’ll get a similar character and personality, just with a different application.

2021 Women's Skis

For the ladies in 2021, most of the buzz continues to circle around different graphics with similar builds. Most advanced and expert lady skiers can ski on “men’s” skis, and thus basically have their choice of color. Most women’s skis that are of similar construction to the men’s are offered in shorter lengths, but that’s about it. Companies are expanding their model lines and experimenting with denser wood cores and partial metal laminates in order to generate power while keeping the weight down. It’s a really good time to be a lady skier, as the options are pretty much endless.