2021 Dynastar Intense 4×4 78

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lengths: 150, 158, 164 cm
radius: 11 m at 150 cm
sidecut: 122/78/106 mm at 150 cm

The 2021 Dynastar Intense 4x4 78 skis return unchanged from 2020, and for skiers who prefer a narrower all-mountain ski for carving up the groomers, the ski is a fantastic choice. With a lighter core than its bigger sister, the 78 is best suited to intermediate skiers who are cruising the trails at the resort and are looking for a higher-end feel and personality. The sapeli wood core is boosted by the polyurethane frame that keeps the ski smooth and stable. Light, quick, and easy to turn, this hybrid core of wood and PU is used on their higher-end skis, and the technology filters down effectively for sure. You never really know how these multi-material cores are going to respond to actual snow, but so far we've been very impressed with all of Dynastar's new core building, and this ski is no exception. In the 158, we're getting a 13-meter turn radius, so they certainly prefer to be on edge. If you're looking to perfect the carved turn, this is the type of ski that you need-they're smooth and precise, but light and maneuverable, creating a nice blend of performance and snow feel. Our testers are generally a ski level or two above these skis, but it's great to hear that they have a higher end than most expected. They were all positively surprised at the top gear of these skis while remaining light, fun, and easy to turn.

Rocker / Camber
Hybrid Sapelli PU
Groomers, All Mountain

Caroline Kessler is a couple of notches above this ski for sure, but she called her 164 a "super-fun carving ski. Smooth, fast turns, quick edge to edge, can absolutely rip." Her high scores of 5 were given for quickness, maneuverability, forgiveness, torsional stiffness, and edge hold. This is pretty impressive for a 78 with no metal. She continues by stating that the 4x4 78 "would be great for anyone looking for a fun ski for groomers and mild off-piste skiing. I had a very good time on these skis-very much underestimated their capability. Highly recommend." It's great to hear that such a good skier can find so much to like about a "supposedly" mid-range ski. Fellow sister shredder Kristi Brown was on the 158, and while it was too short for her, she did note that it skis a bit longer than the size indicates. Her scorecard was pretty high as well, with all 4's and 5's except for flotation, which doesn't really apply to this ski. "Wow! New contender in the rink! I cannot believe this Dynastar. The new construction gets the intense part right for sure!"

Darcy Mangan skied the 164, and like the other testers, had little else to say but positive things. "Love, love, love!" is a good way to start. Her scores were all 4's with the exception of a 5 for overall impression. "Rails big turns and plays on the side. Quiet and stable at speed, playful, and fun! My smile couldn't have gotten any bigger!" Good stuff there, Darcy! The only tester to really put a damper on the love fest was Nifer Hoehn, who skied the 164. Even though some high scores were found for stability, torsional stiffness, and edge hold, a powerful skier like Nifer did have some legitimate criticisms, especially for a skier of her level. "These skis initiate nicely but the tail of the ski wasn't as quick as I'd like it to be-a little lackluster. Nice hold throughout the center of the turn and they feel solid." So, not a ringing endorsement, but not a hit job either.

Skiers of the intermediate level will love the easy-skiing 4x4 78. With a light feel but a stable underfoot, the skis have a good mix of performance and accessibility. If you're looking to spend most of your time on groomed terrain linking beautifully rounded turns, this ski gets the job done.

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