2021 Dynastar Intense 4×4 82

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lengths: 156, 164, 171 cm
radius: 11 m at 156 cm
sidecut: 130/82/110 mm at 156 cm

Unchanged for 2021, the Dynastar Intense 4x4 82 is an awesome choice for all-mountain skiers who are looking to hold on to the carving aspects of skis. With a more advanced level of build, these skis are a high-end product for all types of lady shredders. The build is pretty interesting, borrowing technology for the hybrid cores found in the M-Pro and former Legend lines. By incorporating polyurethane into the beech core, Dynastar has basically introduced a new high-end core material that isn't wood, foam, fiberglass, or metal. This PU material is basically the same type of plastic that's found in most 120-flex alpine ski boots, and surprisingly makes an awesome ski material. It makes the ski smooth, stable, and damp, but without the weight or bulk of metal. At 82 mm underfoot, the skis are on the wide side for pure carving, but also the narrow side for an all-mountain. It's getting caught in-between that makes the ski stand out. This thing just strikes a lot of chords right down the middle, and for a lot of skiers who don't necessarily know what they're looking for, this is a strong option because it kind of mirrors that indecision of the skier. Backhanded compliment? Perhaps. At any rate, these are some high-performance skis that are built for fun.

Rocker / Camber
Hybrid Paulownia PU
Titanal Insert
Groomers, All Mountain

Katrine Wolfgang took the 164 out for a few laps and had some consistent scores to mirror the ski's all-around nature. Her high scores of 4 out of 5 were given for quickness, maneuverability, and forgiveness. She notes that the "ski was good with softer snow and made fantastic intermediate-shaped turns. It turns very nicely and I found the tips and tails to be on the softer side, while the skis were strong and stable underfoot. These are another great option for the front side." It's definitely worth noting that the 3D profile of the ski does make the tips and tails more approachable for sure.

Allison Ruschp skied the 164 and found the length to be appropriate. She had a lot of 5's on her scorecard, including stability, quickness, playfulness, versatility, and overall impression. For an 82 that's supposed to be strictly a trail ski, these are some impressive scores. "Like skiing on clouds-a dream ski! Easy to turn, smooth and playful. From start to finish, the turn is smooth and easy. Handles a variety of snow conditions, from soft snow to ice. On said ice, it holds an edge while remaining playful in the soft stuff." An in regards to that score of 5 in overall impression, Alli notes that she "was impressed by how this front side ski handled with my strong skiing-it didn't mind either being pushed or relaxed upon." And that's what makes these skis so impressively versatile, they just do a bit of it all. Susan Dorn agrees. She skied the 164 as well and noted that "4x4 says it all! It did everything well. Very damp, making speed feel like I wanted more. Easy carver, did small turns and big ones with aplomb." Her scores back up her commentary, with 5's out of 5 given for stability, playfulness, edge hold, and overall impression. The other scores were 4's so having nothing lower than 4 on the card is pretty incredible. These two ladies were certainly very impressed with the overall capabilities of the 4x4 82.

Fast, fun, and fearless, the Dynastar Intense 4x4 82 is a great front-side/all-mountain choice for skiers who want a bit of oomph in their skis. Whether you're laying down tracks on the groomers or busting through crud in the bowls and trees, the 4x4 82 will be all there for you.

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