2021 Dynastar M-Free 108

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lengths: 172, 182, 192 cm
radius: 20 m at 192 cm
sidecut: 138/108/128 mm at 192 cm
price: $ 699.99

All-new for 2021, the Dynastar M-Free 108 is an awesome ski, right out of the gate. On the wider side for all-mountain, it's best suited squarely in that freeride category. There are two main things that stick out about this ski. First, the shape and profile are entirely freeride-oriented. A very turned up tail leads to a good amount of splay, and the tip rocker is no slouch either. Basically, you're getting that very dramatic rocker/camber/rocker profile with a bit more bend than usual, especially in the tail. Second, from a construction perspective, Dynastar is getting pretty aggressive with their use of polyurethane in their hybrid core. While the central chord of the ski is made from poplar wood, the outer sides of the skis have polyurethane material, which is similar to what's found in most 120-flex alpine ski boots. This combination of wood and PU make for a very interesting flex, resulting in extraordinary dampness for such a wide ski. It's interesting to see what ski companies put in their skis, and even more so to see if it works. In the case of the 108, it does.

Rocker / Camber / Rocker
Hybrid Poplar PU
Titanal Binding Insert
Fiberglass Torsion Box
Powder, Big Mountain

On the 182, Phil McGrory scored mostly 4's on the ski with a lone 5 for overall impression. Dynastar has done a fantastic job out of the gate on the M-Free 108 for sure. He states that "the M-Free 108 is a fun and playful directional twin ideal for the skier who loves to ski off trail and search for soft snow. The tail is super playful and allows the ski to navigate through variable terrain and also provides a surfy feel for the skier who likes to slash and smear turns on the sides of trails or off-piste. Torsionally stable for a wide platform ski without a metal layer so the ski still feels stable while skiing on groomed or packed snow when the conditions are less than ideal. At 108mm underfoot the ski has plenty of surface area to stay on top of deeper snow and the rocker tip and tail profile add to the ski's flotation." Definitely, that smeary and slashy style is right in the 108's wheelhouse.

All 5's from Marcus Shakun on the big ski-the 192. We love it when these wider skis are offered in the 190+ size range for sure. Sounds like he's a fan of these smooth operators. "Best blend of so much goodness-like smoking a good sativa and skiing blower pow. Has to be one of my favorite skis. Wowed right from the start, even with the graphics-they nailed it on this one. Yes, seems like 108 is a bit wide, but this thing gets up on edge and rips out a variety of turns and holds its ground. Its playfulness draws an ear to ear grin with its damp ride, but pop and snap when loaded up. Its damp flex just lets it blow through mixed snow and eat up mixed terrain. The blunt but tapered shovel lets you point and go as it tracks through the terrain." In terms of usage and location, Marcus notes that "maybe a bit wide for most eastern skiers but most that aren't afraid of a little width will love this in the trees and honestly, all over the mountain. Advanced all-mountain skiers who don't mind a little width will love this." And a nice afterthought on the sizing, "Oh yeah, and the 192 doesn't seem too big at all but don't forget your gold Pivot 15 to make it go that much better." We always like when the companies make complementary binding colors for their flagship skis.

Fantastic first effort from Dynastar with this M-Free 108. Incredibly fun, playful, and active, the 108 is a soft-snow specialist that excels in that application. With just a tad of versatility, the 108 is a fantastic choice for all-mountain freeriders looking for a smeary, surfy ski that loves to rip around the mountain.