2021 Dynastar M-Pro 99

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lengths: 162, 170, 178, 186 cm
radius: 20 m at 178 cm
sidecut: 127/99/117 mm at 178 cm
price: $ 699.99

It's been a hot minute since Dynastar got some new blood in their ski line. The M-Pro series is replacing the Legend line, and while there were a lot of skiers that found something to like about those skis, the M-Pro takes it to a whole new level. The big thing is the build. With a poplar wood core running the central portion of the skis, Dynastar adds polyurethane (PU) to the exterior frame of the ski. This creates a smooth, stable, and damp feeling that really works and complements the wood core very well. On top of that, they use a Rocket Frame metal laminate that tapers in to the tip and extends out toward the tail. The arrow-shaped laminate allows for a playful tip and a business-like tail. It's an interesting way to build a ski, and it really works well, especially in this all-mountain format. While a bunch of skiers got to test out the 99, two of our testers put in some extensive work, and the results that came out of that time are pretty impressive.

Rocker / Camber / Rocker
Hybrid Poplar PU
Titanal Rocket Frame
Fiberglass Torsion Box
All Mountain, Groomers, Powder

On the 178, Jeff Neagle had a pretty darn positive experience: "The M-Pro 99 pretty much blew my mind. I didn't expect it to have nearly the power or stability it has. I'm generally not a huge fan of skis with lots of early taper, unless they're massive powder skis. At first glance, this seemed like it would fall into that realm of skis I don't necessarily love, but I was very wrong. The taper is gradual enough that you can achieve a long effective edge at a high edge angle. The stability and power from the rocket-shaped metal and the PU in the core far surpassed my expectations. At 99 underfoot and with its power and stability, it's going up against some heavy-hitters in the ski world, but it sets itself apart from those skis. The M-Pro 99 needs to be skied. A lot of other skis in this category kind of start the turn for you when you tip it up on edge. The tip shape of the M-Pro 99 won't bring you into a turn like skis with extended sidecut, but that's kind of really cool. It lets you do what you want to do. If you want to make some aggressive carving turns, it'll let you do that, you just have to commit and drop your hip. If you want to pivot and smear everywhere, it'll let you do that, too. It's pretty darn cool, but does require a skilled pilot to achieve everything it can do." Scores of 5 out of 5 for stability, versatility, and overall impression all support Jeff's robust commentary.

Bob St.Pierre got to ski the 186, and got his hands on it way back in early December. Our local sales rep brought some by and Bob got to spend a few days on them giving him a longer-term test than some of our other skiers. Additionally, he got to give them another go on a very snowy day at the end of February. "This is about as automatic as it gets when it comes to skis. It's like they have power steering, hydraulic suspension, and auto-pilot all built in. I've never really been on a ski that's as intuitive and capable of making any turn at any time in any condition or terrain. I skied these in icy woods, snowy woods, hard groomers, soft corduroy, and everything in between. They are flawless, and I don't say that about a whole lot of skis. Just a perfect blend of weight, stability, stiffness, and response. While I don't think they compete with the stability of the more metallic ~100's like Enforcer, Bonafide, Mantra, etc., they offer something unique and different that those skis can't touch. For skiers looking for one pair of skis to use any day, all day, I can't think of a more well-rounded ski than the M-Pro 99." Pretty ringing endorsement from Bob, who gets to ski on upwards of 50+ different pairs of skis per year.

In the end, it doesn't seem to make a difference if you're a big skier like Bob, or more average-sized like Jeff. Either way, you're going to be able to access all of the potential energy and performance from the M-Pro 99. For a first effort from Dynastar, they've pretty much nailed it.