2021 Elan Ripstick 94 W

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lengths: 146, 154, 162, 170, 178 cm
radius: 16.2 m at 170 cm
sidecut: 136/94/110 mm

For the ultimate in light and fun all-mountain skiing, the Elan Ripstick 94 W gets a little boost for 2021, but otherwise carries forward the personality and character that skiers have really enjoyed over the past few years. The big difference is the addition of a carbon strip along the inside edges of the ski which Elan calls Carbon Line Technology. While the skis were asymmetric before, this additional material takes it to another level. By beefing up the inside edges of the skis, Elan increases carving power without sacrificing anything else. Carbon is incredibly light and stiff, and it doesn't take a lot to make a big difference, so this additional material is all positive in our minds.

Rocker / Camber / Rocker
Tubelite Woodcore
Carbon Rods
All Mountain, Groomers, Touring

The rest of the ski remains the same-same versatile shape, same carbon tubes that run the length of the ski, same vapor tips, but more fun! The asymmetric shape and profile of these skis is the big story, and it continues into 2021. The rocker of the ski is more dramatic on the outside edges, where the ski should be more playful, while the cambered inside edges allow for a more precise and exacting grip. When we first got on these a few years ago, we were very impressed with the way the skis rolled from edge to edge, not only in powder and soft snow, but also in the firmer stuff. This type of technology goes a long way for a lot of skiers to increase confidence and take your skiing to the next level.

This year, we weren't able to get our own testers on the skis, but we got some valuable feedback from Elan brand ambassador MJ Carroll who skis mainly in the western Rockies. On the 170, she gives the ski all 4's and 5's on the scorecard, with an expected 5 for versatility. These things really do it all, and MJ agrees. "If there's one Ripstick every female should get on it's the 94 W. It automatically has the personality and liveliness you want from a ski. You can feel the ski's construction rip you into the turns with ease and power, but the ski's quickness and responsiveness gives the confidence to go anywhere on the mountain. This ski is ideal for the every-day skier from crushing groomers on the frontside, the nimble 94 underfoot is perfect for carving and precision, while the wider front shovel takes on softer, deeper snow with float and ease when adventuring into the back bowls. It would also make a great light weight, high-performance backcountry setup. I'm always surprised by the fact that this ski is made without any metal. The new strategic placement of carbon truly does enhance the performance of the ski, leaving nothing more to be desired. This ski has been turning heads for years, and the newly updated construction and graphics will not disappoint."

All good things coming from Elan this year, and the new changes make for a beefier, livelier, and higher-performing ski. What was already a fantastic choice for true all-mountain versatility now gets a sweet upgrade that takes the carving performance to the next level.

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