2021 Elan Wildcat 82 CX

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lengths: 146, 152, 158, 164, 170 cm
radius: 12 m at 158 cm
sidecut: 129/82/112 mm

For the ultimate in lightweight, on-trail performance, check out the all-new 2021 Elan Wildcat 82 CX. The Wildcat series is new this year, and contrasts the men's Wingman series. The 82 CX is a higher-end ski that has the build, shape, and profile to appeal to advanced and expert skiers who are looking to lay down some serious trenches on the front side of the mountain. Taking notes from the success of the Wingman series, the Wildcat 82 CX benefits from Elan's Amphibio rocker profile, true line technology, and carbon rods. For a ski without metal, these things rip.

Rocker / Camber / Rocker
Tubelite Woodcore
Carbon Rods
Groomers, All Mountain

With an asymmetric shape, construction, and rocker profile, these right/left-specific skis are as unique as they are fun. By stacking more material over the inside edges of the skis, Elan creates greater edge grip and more appropriate torsional stiffness for its frontside application. Carbon rods run the length of the skis, and these do a fantastic job of making the skis light and quick for all uses. Since they're three-dimensional in shape, they bend and flex in an infinite amount of directions, rather than a carbon stringer which really only flexes in two dimensions. This is what truly gives Elan a step up in terms of construction. At 82 mm underfoot, the skis are right in that sweet spot of strong carving and good balance. Not too wide that they lose torsional stiffness, and not too narrow that they're hard to stand on. These skis strike that nice middle-ground for many advanced skiers looking to step up their carve game.

While we weren't able to get our own testers on the Wildcat skis this year, we did get some valuable feedback from Elan ambassador MJ Carroll who has skied a wide variety of Elan skis this past year. For the Wildcat 82 CX, she skied the 164, which is a good length for her. As far as scores, she had all 4's and 5's, with the usual suspects singled out. The flotation isn't really applicable for these skis, as they're most certainly meant for harder snow and carving turns. Stability, quickness, maneuverability, and versatility all got the 5's. MJ notes that "this ski handled the hard pack with performance and precision. It was quick and nimble in all turn shapes and handled ungroomed snow with confidence. This is a great ski for an all-mountain skier looking to perfect their carve as you can feel the truline technology pull you into each turn and optimize your balance." Again, we see that word "balance" pop out, and it leads me to believe that it is a super-important aspect of the skis and their ability to be fun, versatile, and strong all at the same time.

For skiers looking to spend most of their time on groomed terrain and in a carved turn, the Elan Wildcat 82 Cx is a fantastic choice. These strong carvers are light, unique, and a ton of fun. Elan has re-built their reputation over the past few years on the basis of having fun out there on the hill, and these are a perfect reflection of that philosophy.

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