2021 Fischer Ranger 107 Ti

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lengths: 175, 182, 189 cm
radius: 18 m at 182 cm
sidecut: 139/107/131 mm
price: $ 749.99

Anyone who has been on the Fischer Ranger 107 Ti would attest to the fact that this thing is a beast. Best suited for advanced and expert skiers who like to charge big lines and seek out deep snow, the 107 is an amazing ski. The extended metal plate underfoot hooks directly into the carbon that goes all the way to the carbon nose. This gives the ski a very consistent flex from end to end as well as a damp and stable feeling that's awesome for freeride and powder skiing. The tapered tips are on the more-dramatic side, and this gives the ski a surfy feel in the front while the tail is on the stiffer side which gives amazing feedback and support to the skier in any and all conditions. The added bonus of the stiffer tail is that it enables the skier to generate some power in the turns and makes the ski more versatile in a front-side format. Not many ~107's perform like this on the groomers. Not that you're getting it for groomers, but it does add a new dimension to the ski and makes it stand out in that application. Since they don't have a full (or two) sheet of metal, it is on the lighter side, so the flotation is superior as is the potential for using this as a touring option. Overall, the performance of the ski seems paradoxical. How can it be so stable and maneuverable at the same time? It is, and that's what makes it stick out and be an excellent choice for that soft snow ski with a ton of potential and versatility.

Rocker / Camber / Rocker
Beech Poplar Wood Core
Partial Titanal Laminate
Carbon Nose
Big Mountain, Powder, All Mountain

Connor Gorham was on the 182, and he had all 4's and 5's on his card, including 5's for versatility and overall impression. We're more impressed with his comments section though, describing the ski in only the way that Connor could: "Power Rangers come in all colors. Fortunately, the RED Ranger is the boss who backs down to no one. Similarly, these Rangers gave me super powers to fear no turn. Cut the spring mash with balance and bounce from left to right. Light enough to have all sorts of acrobatic moves, just like the squad fighting the enemy! I've always heard that Fischer's were heavy, but these move with command and purpose!" Well said, Connor, not sure anyone could have come up with the same thing. Marcus Shakun agrees, and he was on the 182 as well. He calls it a "big mountain freeride ski with a damp, silky-smooth ride. Happy in deeper snow and soft conditions, stable at high speed and has no problems ripping through the crud." Marcus noted also that the Ranger 107 Ti is best suited for strong advanced and expert skiers.

Phil McGrory was also on the 182, and just like the other testers, we see 5's for both versatility and overall impression. He notes that "the Ranger 107 Ti is built to power through anything you put in front of it. Two layers of titanal combined with a carbon fiber tip and gradual rocker profile gives this ski the versatility and stability to ski in every kind of condition. The ski, even with a flatter tail than the FR series, still manages to steer really well through variable terrain." Noting that tail, it does make a pretty big difference especially in reference to the FR series skis. Mike Thomas was lucky and got to ski the 189, and while he gave a measly 4 for versatility, we still see that 5 for overall impression. Mike states that "I own this ski, so yeah, I really like it. The 107 is a burlier ski than the 108 that it replaced, it's more planted skiing through cut-up snow and really feels glued to the ground on firm snow. Fischer's race heritage really shows through, but it is surprisingly quick in bumps and trees. There is a really nice amount of rocker, it doesn't take away from stability while on edge, but it can pivot at will with a flatter base. It does have a lot of sidecut for a ski this wide. I like it because it really makes the ski fun on hard wind-swept slopes, but western skiers looking for straight-line ability might prefer something with a longer turn radius."

Skiers looking for that hard-charging ski with a bit of width to it should take a square look at the Ranger 107 Ti. It has a great blend of soft-snow flotation and hard-snow carving; able to make clean and round turns as well as surfy and smeary skids. It's just a very versatile, high-performance ski that oozes quality.