2021 Fischer Ranger 115 FR

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lengths: 172, 178, 188, 196 cm
radius: 20 m at 188 cm
sidecut: 144/115/134 mm
price: $ 799.99

On the wide and surfy side of the Fischer line, the 115 FR is a notable performer and a super-fun ski, given the proper conditions. While more pigeon-holed as a soft and deep snow ski, the 115 follows the FR build in terms of construction, shape, and profile. When you hit the mountain on a powder day, you better have the right skis on, or you're getting left behind-it's as simple as that. Unchanged except for graphics for 2021, the Ranger 115 FR has the width to stay on top of any depth of snow, as well as the shape and profile to be playful and fun in any terrain, just so long as the snow's soft. These skis are harder to test appropriately, since we can't just dial up a powder day. We wish we could, but alas, nature oftentimes has other plans. Here in Stowe, we get a lot of snowy days, they're just not too deep and they usually don't last long. These are better suited for those deeper days and wider terrain, in order to really access the fun parts of the skis. Alta, Jackson, the PNW, and any type of remote terrain are best for these big sticks, allowing skiers to really take advantage of the fun shape and playful nature of the skis.

Rocker / Camber / Rocker
Aeroshape Wood Core
Titanal Binding Retention
Carbon Nose
Powder, Big Mountain

Built with a wood core, the skis have metal mount plates underfoot, and these do, in fact, double as a partial laminate to increase torsional stiffness underfoot. In the front of the skis, the carbon nose has a pretty specific job, allowing for light weight maneuverability as well as stiffness. With a bit of an extension heading to the toe piece of the binding, the carbon dampens vibrations and stiffens the forebody of the ski and into the shovel. Since they're able to keep the carbon thin over the edges, the narrowness of the sidewall allows the ski to be quick and maneuverable all while retaining flotation and stiffness. It's a pretty cool technique, and we've seen the benefits of it on the other Ranger FR skis such as the 102. Light, easy to turn, and incredibly fun, the build of the Ranger 115 FR is perfect for accessing the deep snow on the hill, whether you're on the lifts or venturing out into the backcountry. While light enough for a fat touring ski, it's got more of a resort mentality.

The shape and profile both lend to the soft-snow compliance of the 115 FR for sure. As the skis get wider in the model line, the taper and the rocker increase accordingly. By bringing the wider parts of the tips and tails closer to the mid-point of the ski, the flotation and smeariness increases. As a result, the 115's taper shape is more pronounced, allowing the ski to really stay on top of a bunch of snow. Deeper rocker profile lines also help with flotation, and the turned-up tail makes it easier for skiers to access the playful and surfy side of the ski.

If you're looking for a pow day ski and like what Fischer's putting out there with their other FR skis, the 115 will make an excellent choice. Smooth, quick, and incredibly fun, you better hit these on the right day, and if you do, you'll be rewarded with some of the most playful and rewarding performance from a powder/freeride ski that you can find.