2021 K2 Anthem 82

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lengths: 146, 153, 160, 167 cm
radius: 14 m at 160 cm
sidecut: 129/82/111 mm

There's a huge need in this world for a low-80's cruising ski, and K2 makes a good one. The Anthem 82 is the perfect choice for ladies who are looking to get out and cruise all over the mountain. Most skiers are spending most of their time on groomed terrain of the beginner to advanced level and should have the appropriate ski. The Anthem 82 is an easy-going cruiser that has both low-end compliance as well as a high-end ceiling. It's okay to be lazybones on this ski, and it's also okay to let it rip. With a top-end feel to it, the Anthem 82 has that higher-level build, while also allowing for skiers to learn and perfect the art of the carve. With a 14-meter turn radius at the 160 cm length, these things turn on a dime. One of the really nice things about the ski is the correct flex technology that makes the shorter skis more flexible and therefore better suited to lighter or smaller skiers. Without this tech, the shorter skis are too stiff for skiers to really learn how to bend the ski, and this really works well, especially for advancing levels of skiers. Our testers love the ski's ability to turn quickly and easily, and all note that there's a really large target market for a product like this.

Rocker / Camber
Fir/Aspen Bio-Konic
Bio-Konic Carbon
Shock Shield
Groomers, All Mountain

Allison Ruschp skied the 160 and while she noted it was a good length, she could also probably size up on a ski like this for her level. She scored it 5's out of 5 for quickness, maneuverability, and forgiveness. These top marks are great for a ski that's supposed to be easy and fun to turn. "Light and very forgiving. Easy to turn, meant for more of an intermediate lady looking to have a good time. Relaxed ski, not aggressive, the construction does dampen the ski but still a very soft ski." Again, we're hammering home the notion that skiing should be fun, and you should get the gear that's appropriate for you, not necessarily the burliest and fastest skis on the planet. Also on the 160, Susan Dorn scored the ski a 4 for stability with some 3's for forgiveness, versatility, and overall impression. She notes that it's a "good all-around ski. Light. Not too exciting, but I found that it liked medium-sized turns the best." While not a ringing endorsement, it's important to note that not all skiers crave the ultimate adrenaline rush out of the sport like Susan.

Katrine Wolfgang would have been better served on the 167, but she still had a great time on the Anthem 82 in the 160. She scored it all 4's right down the line, showing the all-around prowess of the ski. For a front-side ski, that's pretty impressive. She calls it a "super-light ski that's very easy to turn. The test day was pretty hard packed and it worked well, but I'd have liked to try it in softer snow because the tip would float nicely. Also is very fun in softer moguls." That softer ski in the 82 underfoot should be a great bump ski, and for skiers who are on the timid side when it comes to bumps, this build, especially with the corrective flex, will go a long way in building confidence and having fun.

As far as intermediate cruisers with a high upside are concerned, the K2 Anthem 82 should be right up there with the best of them. From mellow groomers to tight bump lines, the quick-turning Anthem is an absolute blast for pretty much any and all frontside adventures.

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